Sorry I've been busy


Hey thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. There has been lack of blogging lately because I'm too busy reading books, going to KL, finishing tasks as a freaking secretary (seriously who appointed me as one IDK la I'm gonna kill'em one day). I had to go to KL, and during my stay in KL, the pengarah of the programme was talking about submitting my task on Wednesday

Freak, stop, I hate you

And then I have a partner, but I'm doing most of the tasks, but oh well. I asked him to do ONE THING and he said he was busy and I was like are you freaking kidding me so you're busy????? YOU'RE BUSY?!?!!!! What a selfish reason and let's call it a stupid one, too

Since I'm not a person who scolds people on the spot, but rather spits on my best friends about why people are acting like germs and jerks and stuffs. I only asked you A FAVOUR ONCE IN A LIFETIME, IN A YEAR. Just a single invitation card (whereas I have to print out, like, 150 cards), and you said NOOO I'M BUSY

I was in freaking KL, if I were in Terengganu, I'd do it myself. I'd even print out all of the invitation cards and give them to 150 people on TUESDAY but I WASN'T in Terengganu

Kalau boleh aku buat sendiri, aku buat. Aku tak mintak tolong orang. Zzzzt.

I don't know if I can still tolerate this kind of stupid nonsense in the future. I have a feeling I'm not going to escape this path of leadership I've been walking into since primary school, asdfghjkl. Not that I'm complaining or SHOWING OFF (some people said I'm showing off and sombong, try putting yourselves in my shoes for once), but I think I've had enough of stupidity and idiocy

I guess once it runs in the blood, it'll never stop flowing

No idea why I'm bickering about some bunch of unimportant people in this entry but I have to let it out somehow. Who knows maybe one day these people who don't give a damn about responsibility and commitment will read my entry and they'll realize how ignorant they have been.

And then when I do the task ALONE, they call it "Fifiey you cannot buat kerja sorang sorang" WTH I have no one else to help me, so I have to rely on myself. I'm practicing on my own survival skills.

Okay, Fifiey, get a grip.

Breathe in.
Breathe out.

Thanks, 'Ainul, Alya and Kakti for being there for me, to hear my complaints and all.

Ugh I'm so mad and angry and moody these days, maybe because of the weather itself and I'm just pissed, okay? -_-

p/s: Oh, by the way, keep praying for MH370. Ignore all the stupid bomoh thing-y, semoga diberi hidayah lah puak puak tu. Bagi nyior kat aku takpe, aku suka minum air kelapa -_-"


  1. Fifiey buat apa je masa ctui sekolah ni? You sound so busy! Busier than me.

  2. @Farah tak busy pun SEBELUM ni. bila dah start busy, kena gi KL la apa pulak -_____-" nak dekat2 result (20 Mac ni) busy la sikit.

    I SOUND busy, but I'm not as near as busy as you.

    but still...zzzt -_-

  3. hey fifiey! Missed u like hell hihi.
    Sooo u work as....?
    Hihihih sorry but still blurr out here hehe. Sabar je lah. But yes. Me too, i just hate them so much. Ugh. Damn those stupid pplhehehe


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