Kereta rosak


So today the plan was going to get Sofiah and 'Ainul's driving licenses done at JPJ, fetch my smartphone at the phone shop, buy new cover for the newly repaired phone and a few other tasks.

Supposedly I was to pick 'Ainul up at her house. But, the car had another plan. It decided to break down in the middle of the road whilst waiting for the traffic light. Kereta tu memang dah lama nazak, but oh well it's the only car in this house that is manual and my dad wouldn't allow me to drive an auto yet. The traffic light turned green and my left foot was already releasing the clutch and my right one slowly pressed the gas pedal, but the car didn't move -..-

I was like, "What am I going to do? I'm not going to push the car alone, where's my handphone need to call Walid right now," which I did. I called him and explained what was going on and he said that he would be on his way immediately (after I included that the car broke down in the middle of the traffic). So, I waited and turned off the engine and called 'Ainul and Piah telling them about what was happening (I didn't panic at all because I thought it was funny what the -_-)

Then a few moments of green and red lights, I thought of turning on the engine and trying the gas pedal if it'd work. Masuk gear 1, tekan pedal minyak, bergerak la encik kereta tu! Thankfully it was a green light and I drove the car to the nearest stesen minyak (U-turn sikit jer). I was wondering why la kereta ni berat sangat, when I parked inside the station baru aku sedar aku tak buat turun hand brake.........kay hambar kan xD I waited for Walid there. Nak call Ummi, asking for their whereabouts, tapi..........kredit habis saat itu juga. K.

Walid and Ummi arrived minutes later, and we only went to fetch Sofiah (sebab rumah dia on the way je) and had to leave 'Ainul behind. Sofiah and I went to JPJ to settle her license. But her name wasn't registered on the system yet, so we walked to Giant to get a new cover for my SII. I bought a pink one (obviously). Lepas tu we ate at KFC and my parents came to pick us up home. I stayed at Piah's house for a while to show her how to download movies or anything using torrents. (but I forgot to teach her how to install the subtitles -_-)