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Di sini.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh :3

Dah sebulan lebih aku di sini, di Pusat Asasi Sains UM. How fast time flies. Nanti sedar sedar dah habis asasi T^T Okay takyah buat sedih lagi ah awal-awal ni kang lempang kang -_- Let's go to the happy topics! As I stated before, I am in Hayat 1 and my tutorial group is SH3 (the last alphabet of groups in Hayat 1 lol) We have 16 girls and 4 boys (girl power indeed) and nak lagi sedih seorang budak laki tu kena chicken pox so he was absent for one week and a half (by next week he'll be back insyaAllah).

Mula mula dalam kelas, semua sopan santun, baik baik je. Yang lelaki terutamanya memang senyap gila. Lepas seminggu.................................... -______________- What is air hahahahha yang girls pun dah bising bising dah and kiteorang semua memang dah start bonding ESPECIALLY time lab. Kalau kat lab tu tak bonding, habis ah... Memang habis. Sebab kiteorang kena bekerjasama dalam membuat 'discussion'. Ihik ihik ihik ~…

Mind reading

Sometimes I wonder if people around me could read minds. I never tell the things I want from them, and yet suddenly I found myself being given that very thing.

Not. Talking. About. Edward. Cullen.

But seriously, sometimes I do feel like these people around me CAN read my mind and I'm the only exception in mind reading. Maybe they are sensitive to other people's feelings whereas I'm always oblivious to those, so that's why I feel like I'm being read by them.

Sorry not sorry, but I have to keep my entry short since I don't have much time leisuring around with my laptop. Life as a PASUM student is.............................................hectic, busy, busy-body, and hazy.

Syukur, berhentilah mengeluh

Kita ni manusia, kena tahu bersyukur. Allah dah bagi banyak benda kat kita, kenapa masih nak mengeluh bila tak dapat sesuatu?

Dah kalau memang tanggungjawab kita, kenapa nak mengeluh kita kena buat benda tu?



Terpampang di Twitter, status Facebook, mengeluh tak suka itu ini. Kalau nak mengeluh pun, tak usahlah melebih-lebih. Tak payah, tak payah. Keluh dalam hati, muhasabah diri dan refleksi diri.

Aku tak kata aku tak mengeluh. Mungkin banyak aku mengeluh di Facebook dan Twitter, dan aku akan perbaiki.

Apa lagi yang kau nak, bilamana Allah dah bagi kau peluang hidup hari ini? Bagi rezeki makanan dekat kau? Kau tak kebulur, kau sempurna akal dan fizikal, kenapa perlu kau mengeluh panjang di Facebook atau kerap kali di Twitter?

Dah tiba masa kita tengok balik apa yang Allah dah beri kat kita, dan apa yang kita dah buat untuk menunjukkan kita ni rasa bersyukur dekat Tuhan kita.

Almost 3 weeks


I'm here in UM for almost three weeks. Unbelievable. I've stated before that I wasn't that homesick, but now I guess that feeling surfaces every Monday mwahaha -_- These two weeks have been so tiring, but too relaxing at the same time. Next week, the real struggle begins sebab kelas will start at 8am and end at 5pm with one hour break at 1pm. I'm a heavy sleeper so how am I going to survive the classes at 8am to 10am!!!

Okay, I need to chill and take a deep breath.

I can do this, I can do this.

Notice my header? Hoho. I only intend to show the Universiti Malaya sign at the back, eheheheh! The others are Wahidah my room mate, Nooreen my neighbour and Suzie, Nooreen's schoolmate from KK12.  We are basically together since we're all in Hayat 1 (there's another girl, Zika, but she refused to be in the picture, instead she volunteered to be the photographer, thanksss). I actually planned with Wahidah to go for a walk around UM (remember when I s…

Asasians! GO GO GO!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh

Woohoo I've been in KL now for more than a week, and to be precise, in Universiti Malaya. I'm currently staying in the eleventh residential college (all PASUMians were supposed to get a place each at the 12th residential college, but due to some technical transformations, so all of us are scattered around the university. But in a month's time, the other PASUMians living at 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th will be migrating permanently to 11th and 12th. So, I got to stay here, takyah sesusah angkat barang nak pindah (and I hope there'll be no such thing as pindah blok zzzt)

Basically at 12th, the necessities and accommodations are better. Ada klinik, koperasi, and so on. Most activities are held there, too, anyway sebab kolej tu memang dapat tampung so many people. Each room for two persons. Imagine the awkwardness if you had to move in with a total stranger from another state. At my college, 11th, or famous as Kolej Ungku Azi…