Almost 3 weeks


I'm here in UM for almost three weeks. Unbelievable. I've stated before that I wasn't that homesick, but now I guess that feeling surfaces every Monday mwahaha -_- These two weeks have been so tiring, but too relaxing at the same time. Next week, the real struggle begins sebab kelas will start at 8am and end at 5pm with one hour break at 1pm. I'm a heavy sleeper so how am I going to survive the classes at 8am to 10am!!!

Okay, I need to chill and take a deep breath.

I can do this, I can do this.

Notice my header? Hoho. I only intend to show the Universiti Malaya sign at the back, eheheheh! The others are Wahidah my room mate, Nooreen my neighbour and Suzie, Nooreen's schoolmate from KK12.  We are basically together since we're all in Hayat 1 (there's another girl, Zika, but she refused to be in the picture, instead she volunteered to be the photographer, thanksss). I actually planned with Wahidah to go for a walk around UM (remember when I said that "I feel like running around UM") but we both ended up malas or letih or whatsoever hahahahhaa

I got my goggles at Pekan Siswa today and yay that's all, rasanya dah cukup kot keperluan untuk lab, kuliah semua! Except for MUET books. Hayat 2 had English class today and teacher told them 'bout extra books or something. More money, it seems. -________- But it's okay, kalau boleh habis beribu untuk novels, takkan buku pelajaran takbleh kot? K sentap tahap petala. K. K.

So far, dah banyak belajar. Biology seems okay enough, but memorizing facts is imperative so asdfghjkl People close to me must know how I despise memorizing things pfffft But I have to do this, I need to!!! Physics and Maths, on the other hand............. I need Sir Noormi and Teacher Asmalia and Cikgu Siti T_T Like, seriously. I need to do more research, and more studying (Wahidah and Amal are constantly studying that they give me the pressure so I have to study as well arghhhh xD). No more malas malas u.u

I'm experiencing self-transformation. I used to talk using 'saya-awak' with everyone even with guys but since I came here, I only talk 'saya-awak' with my ever so lovely room mates and my school mates. I feel secure and confident talking 'aku-kau' with the new girls and guys, all right. So, I'm me, having a new personality. I'm still adapting and making new friends. And I miss home. Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh?! Ekekeke

I need to go. NEED. TO. STUDY. OR else I'm going to feel left out since everyone is studying like it's exam week next week so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa -_- Can't wait to go back for Raya Puasa. And I'm having a hard time accepting the fact that I'm going to greet Ramadhan without my family and face Ramadhan with my new friends. Surely I'm going to be sad but happy at the same time. ASDFGHJKL dammit I really miss home and Terengganu and tho Terengganu is so boring but I still miss it! And Ummi and Walid and everyone and my room and everything T_T

Bye! Lots of loooooooooooooooooove, FIFIEY :3


  1. Terbalik la kita. I stopped using aku-kau after I went to college. Guna nama orang tu-kita or I-you.


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