Asasians! GO GO GO!

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh

Woohoo I've been in KL now for more than a week, and to be precise, in Universiti Malaya. I'm currently staying in the eleventh residential college (all PASUMians were supposed to get a place each at the 12th residential college, but due to some technical transformations, so all of us are scattered around the university. But in a month's time, the other PASUMians living at 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th and 10th will be migrating permanently to 11th and 12th. So, I got to stay here, takyah sesusah angkat barang nak pindah (and I hope there'll be no such thing as pindah blok zzzt)

Basically at 12th, the necessities and accommodations are better. Ada klinik, koperasi, and so on. Most activities are held there, too, anyway sebab kolej tu memang dapat tampung so many people. Each room for two persons. Imagine the awkwardness if you had to move in with a total stranger from another state. At my college, 11th, or famous as Kolej Ungku Aziz, and we call ourselves KUAZians, a room is for four people. So whether all four of you are total strangers or not, it won't be awkward. And I have such great roommates, thank Allah for that :)

The first week was the best and I'm impressed with myself that I had succeeded in surviving throughout the Minggu Haluansiswa (MHS14). I read a blog for what it feels like a decade ago (please read: I read a blog when I was in Terengganu) that stated that Minggu Haluansiswa is actually a more of Minggu Helluansiswa. Hello! No such thing, okay? Never in my life had I enjoyed such a week (well, we had great friendly unbelievably kind LOs and FPs). My friends kept (they still do) having crushes on the FPs and LOs (Liaison Officer) and I was like, "Uhhh-huhhhhh," oh well it's just me being NOT me ekekekeke

During MHS14, we were taught the cheers that the UM students must know, they FPs (Fasilitator Pelajar) ajar kiteorang menari Xi Shua Shua and Gummy Bear. Awesome and healthy! Hehehe. Though I strongly disagree with the girls joget joget on the stage, but it's just the way it is today, isn't it? I'm not in my sekolah agama any more and I'm living a reality now, so I had expected it from the beginning. Thank God I wasn't called in front to do the Xi Shua Shua thing whatsoever x_x But I cannot deny that the dances are goooooooooooood!

So, thank you LOs and FPs for your hard work and awesomeness and patience and *the list goes on*. Especially to KK11's LOs, LO Izzaty (yang comellotte asdfghjkl seriyes she's so cute and cool and you know, a big sister but she's your bff as well) and LO DS. Diorang memang baik gila and sporting! They were in charge of taking care of us 36 students living at KK11 (and the Wifi here continues to act macam biskut, kejap ada kejap takda pfft but syukur alhamdulillah at least ada Wifi kan? k.)

I have three room mates. They are Wahidah from Sarawak, Akmal from Negeri Sembilan and Jessica from Sabah. 1Malaysia beb. They are all superbbbb! Best sangat jadi roommates dengan diorang. Akmal is the only child in her family, so her mother bought all kinds of things to keep us comfortable in this room (such as mats and super-comfy-softy carpet). Akmal's Mom made her go home every weekend (of course laaa anak tunggal, sunyi laaa mak ayah) and Wahidah and Jessy and I are like, "Untunglaaa boleh balik," especially those two yang duduk Sabah Sarawak tu x)

Life here has been great so far. I did feel a little homesick on our very first lecture day, which was earlier this week, but I think I can manage for another 9 months. Wahahhaa. Believe it or not, this is my first time on my own, I had never had such experience before, urus diri, masa and DUIT all by myself. Wahidah and I are the closest because we are both in Hayat 1 (there are Hayat 1 and Hayat 2, also Fizikal 1 and Fizikal 2 dan juga Alam Bina). Jessy and Amal are in Hayat 2. Jessy is a little bit quiet and shy but also mingling at the same time, and the four of us do okay today and insyaAllah for the rest of the semester and the second sem.

Uh-oh I need money, help! The reference books cost about RM300 and there's the lab coat as well as the goggles. I have everything already except for the goggles. KPM, bila hangpa nak bagi elaun kat che' niiiii! xD It's cool, though. It's only for this month. Next month dah Ramadhan, so perbelanjaan kurang sebab takyah makan apa semua (except for time berbuka tu la). But, it's still a long way to go and I'm ready! HEHEHEHE! InsyaAllah, dengan izinNya jua. Korang doakan sekali ea!

By the way, KK11 and PASUM are asdfghjkl sort of far away from each other. Takes about 15-20 minutes of walk to get there (and we have to walk there every day for our lecture sessions) so anyone yang nak merungut dia kena naik bas for 20 minutes silalah bersyukur awak takyah jalan kaki, k. Seriously, UM is so big and refreshing I feel like walking around the place for days non-stop (I say "I feel like", I don't intend to do it whatever so lololol). Hahaha maybe tomorrow if I reaaaaaaaaaaaally feeeeeeeeeeeel like IT.

There are a lot more that I wish that I can type into 12029823984509345043905923 words here today, but this post itself has been in draft for like a week -_- and finally do I have the time to continue editing this entry and publish it to my blog berkarat nih. I don't even know when will I update again, maybe not anytime soon, but who knows, it's Fifiey alright --'

Wish me the best. :3

p/s: Did I just type a full essay? -_-


  1. You'll be okay, insya Allah :)

    Terkejut tak dengan diri sendiri bila you know you can survive by yourself.


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