Salam :)

Alhamdulillah today I've been super blessed with varieties of good food for iftor. And good food means happy stomach. What does a happy stomach mean? Home!

Hehe yesterday my cousin, Amek, who is studying/working in UM, offered me a ride back to her house (Cuani's house) to sleepover and berbuka semua. I had to decline sebab pagi tadi I went to a movie date with Wahidah :3

FINALLY WATCHED THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!!! OH MY THE TEARS!!! I cried a good deal, but Wahidah was much worse -_- Uuuuu and we got two beautiful magnets themed TFiOS!

After the movie, Wahidah and I departed separate ways. I took the KTM and taxi to reach Cuani's curb (the trip was 2-hours long phew). Before I forget, I have my copy of Four book, Divergent! *does the Futterwacken dance* *the only Four book available on the newly arrived books*

Thennnnn, it was iftor time. Abelong and family were here, too. Yong and PC Awie. Yong is Ummi's sister that looks like her the most and I kept waiting for Ummi to show up or something. You know that longing-feeling? I'm delighted to spend time here with my cousins (tempat melepak para sepupu yang duk KL ni) and aunts and uncles because they make me feel like home :')

There were Cuman's family as well, with cute lil babiesssss and awwwwhhhh :3

I got to spend time with Acik Ferhe and Sue (my two BFF cousins hehe). Weeeeeeetttt~ And Cuani was like, "Fifiey please eat everything" lololol

Later on after the guests (Cuman's family) left, aku and cousins aku tengok World War Z (which Acik hates like, big time hahahahahha) annoying kot cerita tu. How come zombies are sprinters now zzzt

After this boleh la hangout/sleepover selalu kat rumah Cuani hehe :3 But tutorials kena bawak sekali ah. Camni la hidup student PASUM ennnn. Takpe, for me and for my future. Good things don't come easily. Remember what Imam Syafi'e said? If you can't bear the hardship of seeking for knowledge, you will suffer the pain of being ignorant.

Still, don't forget our brothers and sisters in Gaza. Fight with them in your doa. The second phase of Ramadhan is making its way to the third now. Lailatul qadr we seek.

Gaza in our hearts.

Allah destroys Israel Zionists and helps Palestine.