SH3 -- Domino's!

My classmates here in PASUM. I sure do miss the havoc situation in 5 Muslim, but these people fill up the holes, though not perfectly, but I have come to make myself comfortable with them. They are loud, fun, happy-go-lucky, funny, naughty, and they are the best. My new family. 15 girls and 4 boys (though previously 17 girls and then 16 girls and now 15 girls).

Intan, Shikin, Maryam, Jihan (dah pergi KMK), Iffah, Sherry, Anis, Mun, Nana, Suzie, Yanie, Qiela, Shida, Insyi, Syera, Iqbal, Akmal, Ijan and Dani. Paling bising dan havoc dalam kelas dan group WhatsApp -- Qiela + Dani + Nana. Nanaaaaaaaaaaaaa Nana comell hahahahaha They make things bearable for me, huhu, alhamdulillah. Will try to love them as much as I love 5 Muslim :'))))

And here, my two side kicks who make my life happy every single day. Amal and Wahidah. Thank you, girls. Wahidah who laughs, plays around, studies, watches movies, jokes around with me. And Amal, our mother (she acts like a mother) who goes back home every weekend and upon coming back to UM (precisely to our room), she still says, "Nak balikk...." -______- And Wahidah Wahidah Wahidah my twin, my funny girl, who, without her I don't think I'll be this happy to be here :') [perangai sama kot aku ngan Wahidah -_-]

Thank you Allah for all these new people. :)


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