Every week
Every weekend
Every moment passes
Those walks to lectures
The climbs to classes
The hours
Left behind
The tutorials that are sometimes hard
sometimes bearable
The stress of course
Of studies
Of friends
Of quizzes and tests
The question people keep asking
"Isn't there anything easy in this world?"
Nope, the answer is no
The syllabus
The time
From eight to five
Oh God it drives us crazy
The pressure
The practicals, especially Chemistry
The Physics practicals suck sometimes
The results
reflect us
Telling us in the face
"wow dude you're dumb, the dumbest of them all"
The weekend boring
So plain boring
So freaking mundane
So we got away
Go back home
or hang out
But still
Everything still sucks

Maybe 'cause
we don't know why are we doing this
If for good results, and then what
If not, then what
the questions are there
Some people don't have the answers
Some do
The environment doesn't help
The place
The state
Not a good condition for studying
Old man
Baby gasping
Each day with the haze overwhelming
and then it rains
The sun shines bright again
And the cycle repeats
'Cause people themselves are destroying the city

Wouldn't it be great to have more universities
in places with less haze and less air pollution
with more green and less buildings
Yes please because I'm suffocating

And then there's the peace
When you go to the surau
And you just stay there for a while
Taking in everything
And you pray
In your last sujud you let everything out
And in the end
You finally get it

"You can do this because Allah is with you."



Assalamualaikum ladies

Beautiful advices from Prof Dr Muhaya - Beautiful advices from Prof Dr Muhaya

Stay away from anger
It hurts only YOU and nobody else
If u are right, then there is no need to get angry
and if u are wrong then u don't have any right to get angry

Patience with family is love
Patience with others is respect
Patience with self is confidence and
Patience with GOD is faith

Never think hard about the past, it brings tears
Don't think more about the future, it brings fear
Live this moment with a smile, it brings cheer

Every test in our life makes us bitter or better
every problem comes to make us or break us
The choice is ours whether we become victims or victorious

Search for a beautiful heart and not a beautiful face
Beautiful things are not always good but good things are always beautiful

Do u know why God created gaps between fingers?
So that who is special to u
comes and fills those gaps by holding your hand forever

Never forget this advice....
Happiness keeps Us sweet 
Trials keep Us strong
Success keeps Us Glowing


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Why some people cry and some people don't


Hey there assalamualaikum

/spaceebound | via Tumblr

So today I just got my mid sem exam result waiting for a month. Alhamdulillah, though I know it's not a very good result, or a good one, but I'm still thankful. My other friends got way better results than me but they ARE. SO. FREAKIN'. DEVASTATED. Ada yang nangis. So, if they were to cry, what should I do, then? Aduhai. I don't know, I don't feel like feeling down because maybe I'm tired kot of asyik down je bila result tak okay. Or maybe I'm immune now? Result time aku form 5 dulu takdelah pernah gempak sangat, so bila dapat result kat asasi ni, I sort of know where I stand.

Aku pun sendiri tak tahu macamana aku boleh jadi warga PASUM. Serious talk.

It's not that bad, tapi teruk jugaklah sampai tahap aku nak gelak. Never in my life aku dapat result MATHS paling teruk wahahahahhaa gilo laaa. Okay, I'm not surprised with my Maths because masa exam hari tu memang aku rasa tak boleh jawab. To be exact, my result really reflects back to my effort la aku rasa. And Allah gives me what I need, and through someone, Allah tunjukkan something. Something to be considered and then to be doubted again zzzzzzzzt cycle of life kan

Penasihat Akademik (PA) kelas aku pun told me that I shouldn't feel down, it's just that I have to work harder and double my effort :)))))))))))) She's so nice and she tries her best to make me feel light-headed. Katanya this result only affects 20% of the whole semester result but still 20% can still make much difference in getting 4 flat kan, but I will listen to her since she's my mentor and...............keciknya dunia she lives in the same neighbourhood as me -____________________-


Niat aku masuk asasi sains hayat ni, nak belajar, bukan semata-mata nak kejar 4 flat. *takes a deeeeep breath* So okay, that 4 flat IS important but my goal isn't 4 flat. That's why some people cry and some people don't. Those who cry when they don't get good results are because they aim for the 4 flat, for amazing results, and those who don't, let's say they aim for something else in particular. Or...those who cry when they don't get good results and they don't aim for 4 flat.......diorang rasa diorang sedang menghancurkan harapan mak ayah okbai

InsyaAllah I'm gonna be okay. Please pray that I'm gonna be okay.

Actually I thought of doing an inspirational post but hahahahahahhaha since when aku ni berinspirasi bagai meh Woopieee actually I'm back in Terengganu so maybe that's why I don't feel bad or anything about my result (I do feel a little bit terkebelakang when compared to my classmates and people around me mwehehe) because being home is the best medicine and it's raining oh God I really love it when it rains IN TERENGGANU and I super duper hate it when it rains in KUALA LUMPUR because KL atmosphere sucks and hazy and etc too much pollution

Tataaaaaaaaaaa I'm gonna do some tutorials ♥

You fight, or you keep fighting -- you never give up


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

When was the last time that I wrote something proper here? Hahahaha everything's so messed up around me (especially myself) that I tended to publish rubbish and nonsense as my previous entries, so, I apologize for the inconvenience (though I doubt that this blog has any readers left). I wish I had time for pictures and events and stories to post here, because this blog has been lacking excitement since I ENTERED PASUM. What have you done to me, PASUM? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT HAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEE YOU DONEEEEEEEEE

I'm glad I have my roommates, they cheer me up almost every day and all the time.

As for my classmates, I'm not sure what status are we in now. Say, we were happy a month ago, but now it's a really undefined situation. Everyone keeps having whiplashes and mood swings and I don't have the guts any more to joke or greet anyone except Suzie -_- I only do the unthinkable and crazy things with Wahidah, and that's only during lectures because we're not classmates (I wonder how things are going to be if we WERE classmates, probably everyone else would be invisible lol)

I went back to Puchong during the Merdeka holiday because Ummi, Walid, Kakngah, Amuh and Kakak made plans to have their holiday in KL. I miss home, I miss Terengganu. But if I went back to Terengganu, and then Kakak came to KL, what difference would that make? So, I guess meeting them was more than enough, even though only Allah knows how much I miss my room and my house and everything in it. But I won't feel good enough until I step my two foot into my house and my room, THAT!

And, I'm thinking of going back this next weekend, insyaAllah. Seriously I miss home that much :'(

The Reality of Life.


Hey there! Haven't posted in here for a while. But things are getting out of hands these days. I'm having too much mood swings and I super hate these. Keep thinking of giving up but I know it's an incoherent thing to do because this is only just the beginning. Besides, I'm not going to waste my time, my parents' money and effort by giving it all in to the darkness.

Thinking of going back home and settling myself just in Terengganu. There are too many pressure, affairs, scandals and other things that rips my heart opens, leading to frequent mood swings and one thing about me you should know that I don't react well to mood swings. I may be mad at something else, but someone will have to be the black sheep of my outburst.

I miss my parents.

I need them here with me.

I desperately need to see their faces every day .

I want to see my sisters' and brother's faces.

I just need familiarity and love.

I'm also at the point where I don't even know what's good and what's bad for me. I'm starting to doubt the path I'm taking right now, whether it's the 'thing' for me or I'm just doing this for my family. Shame on me, my class did a group discussion recently and I had made  my point on doing what you love , and not because of others / things because you're going to live with it your whole life, but my friends said we shouldn't be SELFISH. They did have a strong arguement there, but...

I want to do the right thing, do something I have interest in , but in the same time I want to live to my parents' (and family's) expectations because disappointing them seems too cruel and ungrateful to me. I LOVE THEM and RESPECT THEM to the point where I don't care what happens to me as long as they're happy...

I've expressed this to my roommates and they are very understanding but they can't help me any more than they can help themselves. I did some trivia, quizzes and tests online to find something suitable for me, where I'd stressed myself after finishing those. They didn't even help! HELP!

But there's one thing I'm sure of in the end, no matter how hard, I will endure this. I won't give up, that I can promise you, yes, you. So that one day if I ever gave up, you'd step in front of me saying, "You promised you wouldn't give up!" and then shake me on the shoulders, waking me up. I can tell you that I'm the one who endures every pain and hardship until the end. I don't have that breaking point , I never had and I hope I'll stay that way until the very end.

Being a hormonal-imbalanced teenage girl and living in PASUM certainly don't do well for me, but if Allah wills, with His blessings, I'm going to survive this phase. Insya Allah .

Yelah, takkan nak duk rumah tunggu orang masuk meminang je kan......! LOL.

Bye. =)