Every week
Every weekend
Every moment passes
Those walks to lectures
The climbs to classes
The hours
Left behind
The tutorials that are sometimes hard
sometimes bearable
The stress of course
Of studies
Of friends
Of quizzes and tests
The question people keep asking
"Isn't there anything easy in this world?"
Nope, the answer is no
The syllabus
The time
From eight to five
Oh God it drives us crazy
The pressure
The practicals, especially Chemistry
The Physics practicals suck sometimes
The results
reflect us
Telling us in the face
"wow dude you're dumb, the dumbest of them all"
The weekend boring
So plain boring
So freaking mundane
So we got away
Go back home
or hang out
But still
Everything still sucks

Maybe 'cause
we don't know why are we doing this
If for good results, and then what
If not, then what
the questions are there
Some people don't have the answers
Some do
The environment doesn't help
The place
The state
Not a good condition for studying
Old man
Baby gasping
Each day with the haze overwhelming
and then it rains
The sun shines bright again
And the cycle repeats
'Cause people themselves are destroying the city

Wouldn't it be great to have more universities
in places with less haze and less air pollution
with more green and less buildings
Yes please because I'm suffocating

And then there's the peace
When you go to the surau
And you just stay there for a while
Taking in everything
And you pray
In your last sujud you let everything out
And in the end
You finally get it

"You can do this because Allah is with you."


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