Why some people cry and some people don't

Hey there assalamualaikum

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So today I just got my mid sem exam result waiting for a month. Alhamdulillah, though I know it's not a very good result, or a good one, but I'm still thankful. My other friends got way better results than me but they ARE. SO. FREAKIN'. DEVASTATED. Ada yang nangis. So, if they were to cry, what should I do, then? Aduhai. I don't know, I don't feel like feeling down because maybe I'm tired kot of asyik down je bila result tak okay. Or maybe I'm immune now? Result time aku form 5 dulu takdelah pernah gempak sangat, so bila dapat result kat asasi ni, I sort of know where I stand.

Aku pun sendiri tak tahu macamana aku boleh jadi warga PASUM. Serious talk.

It's not that bad, tapi teruk jugaklah sampai tahap aku nak gelak. Never in my life aku dapat result MATHS paling teruk wahahahahhaa gilo laaa. Okay, I'm not surprised with my Maths because masa exam hari tu memang aku rasa tak boleh jawab. To be exact, my result really reflects back to my effort la aku rasa. And Allah gives me what I need, and through someone, Allah tunjukkan something. Something to be considered and then to be doubted again zzzzzzzzt cycle of life kan

Penasihat Akademik (PA) kelas aku pun told me that I shouldn't feel down, it's just that I have to work harder and double my effort :)))))))))))) She's so nice and she tries her best to make me feel light-headed. Katanya this result only affects 20% of the whole semester result but still 20% can still make much difference in getting 4 flat kan, but I will listen to her since she's my mentor and...............keciknya dunia she lives in the same neighbourhood as me -____________________-


Niat aku masuk asasi sains hayat ni, nak belajar, bukan semata-mata nak kejar 4 flat. *takes a deeeeep breath* So okay, that 4 flat IS important but my goal isn't 4 flat. That's why some people cry and some people don't. Those who cry when they don't get good results are because they aim for the 4 flat, for amazing results, and those who don't, let's say they aim for something else in particular. Or...those who cry when they don't get good results and they don't aim for 4 flat.......diorang rasa diorang sedang menghancurkan harapan mak ayah okbai

InsyaAllah I'm gonna be okay. Please pray that I'm gonna be okay.

Actually I thought of doing an inspirational post but hahahahahahhaha since when aku ni berinspirasi bagai meh Woopieee actually I'm back in Terengganu so maybe that's why I don't feel bad or anything about my result (I do feel a little bit terkebelakang when compared to my classmates and people around me mwehehe) because being home is the best medicine and it's raining oh God I really love it when it rains IN TERENGGANU and I super duper hate it when it rains in KUALA LUMPUR because KL atmosphere sucks and hazy and etc too much pollution

Tataaaaaaaaaaa I'm gonna do some tutorials ♥