You fight, or you keep fighting -- you never give up

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

When was the last time that I wrote something proper here? Hahahaha everything's so messed up around me (especially myself) that I tended to publish rubbish and nonsense as my previous entries, so, I apologize for the inconvenience (though I doubt that this blog has any readers left). I wish I had time for pictures and events and stories to post here, because this blog has been lacking excitement since I ENTERED PASUM. What have you done to me, PASUM? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT HAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEE YOU DONEEEEEEEEE

I'm glad I have my roommates, they cheer me up almost every day and all the time.

As for my classmates, I'm not sure what status are we in now. Say, we were happy a month ago, but now it's a really undefined situation. Everyone keeps having whiplashes and mood swings and I don't have the guts any more to joke or greet anyone except Suzie -_- I only do the unthinkable and crazy things with Wahidah, and that's only during lectures because we're not classmates (I wonder how things are going to be if we WERE classmates, probably everyone else would be invisible lol)

I went back to Puchong during the Merdeka holiday because Ummi, Walid, Kakngah, Amuh and Kakak made plans to have their holiday in KL. I miss home, I miss Terengganu. But if I went back to Terengganu, and then Kakak came to KL, what difference would that make? So, I guess meeting them was more than enough, even though only Allah knows how much I miss my room and my house and everything in it. But I won't feel good enough until I step my two foot into my house and my room, THAT!

And, I'm thinking of going back this next weekend, insyaAllah. Seriously I miss home that much :'(


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