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This isn't right

This is not right. Second semester is starting tomorrow and I'm feeling so down.It's a matter of gaining knowledge, right? I should be happy. But I can't stand being far away from my mom and dad and my room, as childish as it sounds.Oh hey that's normal. The homesickness.But I'm not normal.My tutorial group is gone. I'm going to be in another tutorial group. Coping with and adapting myself to SH3 were long enough, but at least I'm comfortable with them.Being separated with Suzie is another thing. This sucks. Big time.Doubles up my sadness.....Well hey. On the bright side, I still have my roommates with me and I got a new roommate! I'll love them with all my heart.I also have my gang alongside me. They're not near but they are in my heart. On WhatsApp, literally. LolThere goes my happy mode. All gone in a blink of an eye.Because,My sem break has come to an end.Thank you.PASUM student, and I'm staying until Sem 2 is over. Stay positive.

So... Maleficent is good. What does Diaval have to do with it?


So now I've watched Maleficent thrice already. And it is very unusual for me to watch a movie more than once, unless that movie 1) is so good I have to watch it again 2) has certain actors/actresses that I really like 3) is from a book I enjoy reading, so with Maleficent, it is probably the former. Or maybe I just fancy watching shows with sorcerer/ss with his/her name starting with M -_-

I'm satisfied with the whole story plot, maybe because I am a female human being who likes heroines being portrayed as strong and bold and they don't need guys to save their asses or something. And also how guys suck every time. That Stefan boy. DOES ANYONE ELSE FEEL LIKE CHOPPING HIS UNGRATEFUL HEAD OFF

Uh but I'm not going to talk about Stefan. He was a jerk, a big one at that too.

Gonna talk about Diaval. Yep, the raven Maleficent made as her pet.

I wonder, what is exactly his role in this movie? I know he's Diaval, Maleficent's temporary wings whatsoever, …

5 Muslim gathering ~

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh!

Howdy peeps? Hohohoho been a while since I'm here, roiiiight? I'm currently on my sem break and um so far I get to do what I planned to do before, which is...finishing the unread books mwehehe. But, before that, lemme tell you a tale of memory-collecting that happened on Sunday, yep.


So, my ex-classmates of 5 Muslim decided to do a trip to the school (sesiapa yang available lah, mostly bebudak PASUM, PALAM and UIA), nak visit cikgu cikgu :3 So, Amey decided the time and so on (sort of), and we gathered around 11 am.

Kiteorang pun masuk bilik guru karpet merah (the carpet's red, hence the name hahahaha), the bilik guru where most of the teachers that taught us in 5 Muslim last year are in.

Everyone went scattered around the room, talking to different teachers, lalalalala, and then we finally lepak buat halaqah dekat tengah tengah bilik guru when our class teacher came in, face-shocked (plus touched), and then wordlessly …