5 Muslim gathering ~

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh!

Howdy peeps? Hohohoho been a while since I'm here, roiiiight? I'm currently on my sem break and um so far I get to do what I planned to do before, which is...finishing the unread books mwehehe. But, before that, lemme tell you a tale of memory-collecting that happened on Sunday, yep.


So, my ex-classmates of 5 Muslim decided to do a trip to the school (sesiapa yang available lah, mostly bebudak PASUM, PALAM and UIA), nak visit cikgu cikgu :3 So, Amey decided the time and so on (sort of), and we gathered around 11 am.

Kiteorang pun masuk bilik guru karpet merah (the carpet's red, hence the name hahahaha), the bilik guru where most of the teachers that taught us in 5 Muslim last year are in.

Everyone went scattered around the room, talking to different teachers, lalalalala, and then we finally lepak buat halaqah dekat tengah tengah bilik guru when our class teacher came in, face-shocked (plus touched), and then wordlessly took out her phone and took our picture. Ahhhh seriously comell ok, ustazah! Then the other teachers be like, "Ha...dah datang dah mak dia."

Weehoot! Then we talked some more with Ustazah Asmah and Ustazah Hamidah so much loveee <3

And of course, some pics! :)

Then after, we went to Teacher Ida's room (our Biology teacher, who is quite close with the boys) and we of course, talked again, and cerita pasal belajar Bio at asasi and so on hehehehe! :D

Soon after, it was Zohor, sooooo the boys said they were going back to pick Izuddin (at which we made faces 'cause we thought Izuddin was sleeping the whole morning ok sorry hahahhaa) and planned to meet up again at Uncle Chua's restaurant.

Tuh-daa! We ordered food and while waited we joked and teased around, with Adib beside me telling stories about USIM (actually I asked him about Piah so he told me they're in the same class and so) and I don't know why I kept on teasing everyone.

Sarah and Yein ordered Iced Milo, so when their drinks arrived, I bluntly remarked, "Milo ais, kat rumah boleh buat.." which everyone ended up laughing, lels. I mean, betul what, gi restoran cenggitu, order la different drinks kannn. Yang takde kat rumah hahahahaha uh-huh and then the guys started calling me "Ipy" and "Ipu" -_______- WHOEVER MISSPELLED IPY AS IPU IS GONNA PAY (I know who, actually -_-)

Soon after we decided to head for the beach (oh my we're in Terengganu, of course there'll be no other place to hang out) and Adib excitedly asked everyone to choose a tree each to take pictures -_- Adib and pokok berpisah tiada. And so, once arriving, we headed for our chosen trees. Ngehehe

The Pokok Pose

Photo of the day

Then, Asar prayer came. The masjid was nearby, but we drove there still -_- Then, Amey asked us girls to follow his car to 'a mysterious place', and ended up at the other part of the same beach -__________-

And thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, we found more trees! (and Adib, of course, asked us to choose a tree each! xD)

The Pokok Pose version 2.0

Let's move on. So, erm, I took a selfie. Okay.

Hey there, 'sup?

Fifiey stop being Chinese-eyed -_-

We took these numerous photos and shared them on our 5 Muslim WhatsApp group where all the absence ones be like, "Sampainya hatimuuuu,", "Jelesnyaaaaaa," and those at overseas were like, "Senyap boleh dok," wakakakkaa and then there was this one part where Yein recorded a video of us and I... I... oblivious to people's feelings, I said, "Hai semua tak leh datang ke?" and Yein sent the video to the WhatsaApp group huwaaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahhahahaha k fifiey kejam kbye

The Pantai Pose (idea by: Yein as Adib with the Pokok Pose)

Fifiey isn't in the pic because she was being anti-social

The boys


*squints at Izuddin* -_-

Da gurlz


There were 11 of us but it felt like we were complete. But I wish we had more time, to trace back the moments and indulge ourselves having fun with each other.

I wish the others were there with us, too.

God knows how much we miss each other.

High school age has passed...and I'll be stupid to say I love college more than high school. I miss everything, everyone.

But, there's no point in dwelling on the past, so all we have now is, look forward and when the time comes soon, we'll be reunited once again.................. huwaaaaaa apehal ayat aku macam sedih sangat je huwaaaaaaaaaa tapi aku rindu dorang!!!!!