So... Maleficent is good. What does Diaval have to do with it?


So now I've watched Maleficent thrice already. And it is very unusual for me to watch a movie more than once, unless that movie 1) is so good I have to watch it again 2) has certain actors/actresses that I really like 3) is from a book I enjoy reading, so with Maleficent, it is probably the former. Or maybe I just fancy watching shows with sorcerer/ss with his/her name starting with M -_-

I'm satisfied with the whole story plot, maybe because I am a female human being who likes heroines being portrayed as strong and bold and they don't need guys to save their asses or something. And also how guys suck every time. That Stefan boy. DOES ANYONE ELSE FEEL LIKE CHOPPING HIS UNGRATEFUL HEAD OFF

Uh but I'm not going to talk about Stefan. He was a jerk, a big one at that too.

Gonna talk about Diaval. Yep, the raven Maleficent made as her pet.

I wonder, what is exactly his role in this movie? I know he's Diaval, Maleficent's temporary wings whatsoever, but towards the end, the story seems to want to focus on him for something. It's so devastating that I can't put the pieces altogether about this raven.

Maleficent saved him from a filthy hunter and his doggies, to which Diaval complained but then made himself a servant to Maleficent, anyway. The story went on and on, and Diaval was sort of constant throughout the plot.

Okay I'm gonna be open. I actually thought that Diaval was going to be Aurora's true love's kiss. SERIOUSLY OKAY. I know it might sound odd but, this is the 21st century we're talking about, people! WAKE UP ALREADY! I mean, WE ACTUALLY DID HAVE A HUNTSMAN WAKING SNOW WHITE FROM HER POISON APPLE SLEEP WITH HIS KISS, RIGHT?

But hey, there was that useless Prince Phillip suddenly on a horse, with a medieval hairstyle oh my God my mind literally stopped functioning for a second there! He wasn't even Aurora's true love, how come he ended up where he was in the end? Just go back to your father already!

Do you know why I think he was useless?!
1) His kiss couldn't wake Aurora
2) He was asleep throughout everything
3) He was a bad-timer
4) His hair wasn't as dark as Diaval (whatthahell?)
5) He was stupid
6) He let the pixies hauled him out of Aurora's room DUMBFOUNDED
7) Oh for goodness' sake, HE WASN'T ANYWHERE DURING THE BATTLE AGAINST STEFAN'S FORCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8) He was a loser and a peasant

Hi I'm Prince Phillip and I am as useful as Aurora's Mother

Back to Diaval.

But wait, everyone noticed, right, how pointed his nose is? No, not just pointed, it's so damn sharp! Is it real? Or it's just a camera trick or just a make up?


The point is, I can't seem to get him, or how the filmmakers want us to see Diaval as. It's kinda blurry. It's like, he's a REALLY important character, but at the same time if he isn't highlighted, it wouldn't change anything. The story goes on, Maleficent is still both previously evil and good (well, maybe she wouldn't have a horse to ride on to the castle).

So, there must be a specific reason as to why Diaval is aggravatingly crucial in this film, am I right?

The way I see it, Diaval was one observant lad (or bird, whatever). He watched Aurora grew (took care of her even, um, this is the part where I thought he would fall for Aurora, and the love would be requited because he was one pretty bird). But most importantly, he observed Maleficent's growing love for Aurora. That's the most obvious thing he did. And to say that he cared little for Aurora is an understatement...

Though he and Maleficent make a great duo.

Now, I know you guys must be thinking that I'm absurd. Not all roles have to be present with a love interest. I know, I know. But let's face it. Diaval is one mystery dude. We don't know his past, his family or anything. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I know he's a little birdy raven, but at least, at least, something about him, please? He was important to Maleficent (though she wouldn't admit it for a million years)!

I'm just so curious. Wondering where would Diaval go when all of it was over? (I'm guessing he'd be staying with Maleficent and become his knight in shining armour or Aurora's)

Hi I'm Aurora

Uh, and I hope there's no love lost between Diaval and Maleficent, doesn't click together. They are just mistress and her servant. Though if there was, I wouldn't object entirely. Oh, believe me if I say Diaval/Maleficent makes a great pair than Aurora/Phillip. But hey, I'm still Team Aurora/Diaval!

Oh COME ON! I know the original Sleeping Beauty claims it's Aurora/Phillip, but hello! Maleficent herself stated in the movie that SHE WAS THE ACTUAL SLEEPING BEAUTY! Daa! So she should marry Prince Phillip instead. Uh... Okay that may be a little weird -_-"

Overall, the movie is great. I'd watch it again, no doubt. Sam Riley as Diaval is literally perfect, also Angelina Jolie as Maleficent. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love Elle Fanning! I love love love her! She's a sweet simple little girl, and she's Dakota Fanning's sister, ladies and gentlemen! Any cast from Twilight is my all-time favourite (well, except for JCB). Ahah, there's also Professor Umbridge, and she was in pink-red dress! Didn't know after Harry Potter, Umbridge became a pixie afterwards x)

And here's something I want to confide you in. CLICK CLICK CLICK IF YOU FEEL FOR DIAVAL

Team Diaval