Farewell PASUM (Part 1)

A week left before PASUM ends.

Four more papers to go.

And then, Terengganu, I'm coming!

Seriously sungguh pun waktu sekejap je berlalu. Daripada tak berminat nak masuk Universiti Malaya, daripada tak tahu PASUM tu apa, sampai sekarang dah arif dah perihal PASUM dan UM (not really lah, I still don't know how the buses operate, but whatever). Seriously in my 17 years of living, I didn't even know the existence of PASUM. Suddenly I filled in my UPU form, and PASUM was my first choice.

Heck, did I really know PASUM back then?

Well, I did do a little research about PASUM, the Internet helped me, of course. I Googled something like "PASUM blog", "studying in PASUM", "apa itu PASUM" and found some entries that were well written. I also asked one of my seniors in SHAMS that studied in PASUM the session before, and she did warned me about the stress and pressure in becoming a PASUM student. My peers mostly didn't choose PASUM, of course, being the typical sekolah agama students, they'd put UIA or USIM as first choice(s). I, on the other hand, wanted something different. So I chose PASUM. Kekekeke.

What I found on the internet was such lies. HAHAHAHHAHAAH they told us stories about how heavenly staying at KK12 was. We'd get a room for two persons and there'd be enough necessities around. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA little that we knew there was going to be a transformation and taraaaaaaaaa I was placed in KK11...........and I got a double-decker.......and I got the top one. Smooth. Don't ask me to describe my feelings during my first days in KUAZ. Hahahahahhaaha it was horrible until my brother bought me a small fan *laughs awkwardly*

ze gang

The first two weeks were about adapting ourselves to PASUM. I got new friends, Wahidah, Amal, Jessie, Nooreen, Mazuni, Zaza, Sofi, Nana, Dee, Afi, Nadia, Aini, Ainul and Ema (these were the girls around my room and the first three are/were my roommates). And from Nooreen, I knew Ziqa and Suzie.

The five of us (Wahidah, Nooreen, Ziqa and Suzie and I) were inseparable during the free weeks, going to KPS and all. After that, the real 'hell' began when all of us were grouped into tutorial classes, anddddddd was I glad to be classmates with SUZIE YAY! Since then, I became obsessed with Suzie hahahahahhahaha (if Nooreen read this, she'd be "Mehhh" hahahahaha)


I miss them all so muchitos!

They say the S stands for "sembang". I can't say I disagree.....

ada orang sabotaj gambar ni, akmal tak masuk -_-
Okay when I first stepped into the classroom, I was greeted by four boys sitting at the back near the door (since I entered through the back door) with Suzie. OBVIOUSLY I only knew Suzie alone lols and then the first tutorial class started, Puan Azlina had us introduced ourselves. From there on, I got new friends from all over the countryyyy~

We have Suziana from Jempol, Negeri Sembilan. She's sweet, charming, funny and sometimes insecure but she's all there is to describe a good friend. We were almost inseparable throughout semester 1 that everyone got jealous lulzzzz I am very devoted to Suzie because I don't know, her easy-going personality gets through me and I feel okay and comfortable whenever I'm around her. She just has this golden aura that I like and if I could really read auras, hers are going to entangle with mine mwehehehe

Serious nooo Intannnn

Latest picture of us QH3 and RH1 from SH3

me ghosta
And then we also have Najihan and Nana from Perak. Jihan didn't stay long, went for the MARA programme in Kulim but I sempat satu group with her during Biology presentation (with Suzie sekali hehehee).

Nanaaaaaaa on the other hand was the light in the class, her outspoken quality and bising and kepoh is soooooooooo Nana! I miss her so much during semester 2 huhuhu every now and then I'd hear her shiny and happy laughter :)

Then ada Shikin, Ijan and Akmal from Pahangggg! This trio along with Qiela selalu together, I mean they bonded well with each other.

Shikin and Qiela are sort of the twins that repel. HAHAHAHHAHAHA but after some time they go along well.

Whereas Ijan as far as I can remember, he was absent for two weeks due to chicken pox and when he came back Suzie and I became instant friends with him. He was a nice sweet little dude until.........we got to know him better and he sangat annoying suka bash orang -_- but we are friends anyway, I mean, like, we bash him too hahahhaha

with our lecturer/demonstrator Fizik, Pn Norhafiza
ohhh don't forget Akmal, one of PASUM hotstuffs (though he doesn't like to be referred as one), who, of course, like Ijan, seemed like a good boy at first, but then you get to know him well.... hmmpphhh sama je

Arifah and Syera, from Kelantan. I go along instantly with these girls since I'd just speak Kelantanese with them ~_~ Arifah is a sweet innocent-looking girl who has a low voice that I sometimes have a hard time to hear -_____- whereas Syera is a playful-in-a-mature-way girl.

Next? Ada Syida, which is a quiet girl but ------------, she's an intelligent guru! Hehe. Diam-diam ubi berisi budak nih. She doesn't speak much, but whenever we encounter each other she'd say hi and greet me with a smile (of course la I greeted her first since I greet everyone that I know IN AN ECSTATIC MANNER u.u) Syida is from Johor, by the way.

Yanie, Insyi and Sherry. Yanie is the smallest in the class so I sometimes call her kecik lulz Walaupun kecik, tapi boleh tahan annoying jugak lah minah ni, rasa macam nak gomol-gomol macam adik. Almost everyone nicknames her 'adik' and call her 'underage' due to her height hahahahahhahahahah jahat doh semua orang. Yanie was close dengan Insyi, they both sat beside me but Insyi didn't stay long, she went for Sunway scholarship :')

Sherry is known as the lady leopard since she always wears that 'leopard' shawl of hers xD Yanie and Sherry are from KL and Insyi? Perak.

Another two boys from SH3 are Dani and Iqbal. These two were like Suzie and I...like, bromance? Hahahahahahhaha luls. Well, they are the two opposites that attract, I guess. Dani's the one who cracks the jokes, and Iqbal'd be the one laughing. Dani was so bising dalam kelas and Iqbal was the quiet one. Dani sat behind me and kacau semua orang dalam kelas ESPECIALLY Qiela and Nana *sighs* I got the 'fortune' to be in the same group with him every single time because of alphabet order. Iqbal, on the other hand, was my chemistry lab partner sekali dengan Suzie, and liked to mintak kertas kajang and stuff from me -_-

And then.....

The last group, goes to...

The ones that stay with me in QH3 :)

1. Intan Afiqah from Kedah. She's a cool girl and likes to cubit me if she feels like it. Partly because she geram since I'm so comel kannnnnnnnnnnnn -____- Sometimes I open up myself to her, telling her things that I shouldn't err err err, but don't worry everything that I've ever told her is no secret to Suzie because I make sure Suzie knows first ahead of everyone hehehee

Hikhok tetiba Erna masuk hahahhaha
2. Munirah or Moooon from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. A small girl with a big voice. She can be scary if she wants, too. Ever since we're classmates in QH3, I've been stuck as her group members in everything -..- She's pretty okay. She always confides me in with her crush problems ahahahahahhahahahaha I'm so screwed up I don't even know how to give love advice but hey, I can be a great listener ;)

3. Anis Fitriah from Penang. This girl never leaves her dialek behind. She's stuck with it, I guess. Everyone can tell she's orang Utara. I bonded with her at the end of semester 1, during finals. She's a quiet girl but I should've known better EVERYONE WHO SEEMS TO BE AN INTROVERT IS NOT ONE WHEN YOU GET TO KNOW THEM BETTER -___- mengada-ngada sangat dia nih tumbuk kanggg -..-

Ijan looks so...young in this pic hahahahaha oh that's our lab Bio demo
4. Maryam... from Borneo! Sabahan. Well, no I'm not going bah bah here. Unless I can really speak Sabah, I can do bah bah. Maryam is the one yang aku rapat dekat QH3 since Suzie dah takda en. She's so nice and sweet and always take the blame though she is not to blame *sighs* She can open up easily to me since I'd hear her stories during our walks and duduk together during classes. I also like to tease around. I like being around her. She always has something to talk about.

With these guys la I endured the first semester. During Bio lab usually I was with Syera, Ijan and Ifah. We teamed up. But anyways I selalu jugak tiru-meniru Munirah and Akmal and everyone tiru everyone also ahhahahahaa and then during Chemistry punya lab, I partnered up with Suzie and Iqbal. And for Physics, I was in the same group with Dani, Anis, Maryam and Intan. Satu lagi group pun ngan Dani, Maryam and Intan - group kelas IT. Then group Algebra dengan Suzie, Ifah, Dani and Iqbal -_-"

All of us were good, until things got somewhat distant in the end, and I have no idea why. Huhuhu but we made up la eventually. Then we dapat tahu that we had to separate during semester 2, and that news broke me apart T.T (but hey QH3 was awesome!) Masa semester 2 we still had dinner together when we had the time and our WhatsApp group is still active. We love to tease each other and get emotional all the time and then everyone got so emo and in the end I know that we miss each other and we express our feelings by being emo wahahaha

Okay so, done for part 1. Let's wait for part 2, 3 and 4! (or maybe more...)