I guess when the time comes

You really can't afford to be strong anymore.

It's just that when you pretend to be strong,

People look up to you to be tough

People keep on hurting you

They break you

They destroy you

They make you bleed

Your already bleeding heart, they still try their best to add the grief

When in reality

If physically

Your heart were to be taken out

There would be stitches, handiplus, cellotape, band-aid

But then,

Because your tears never show themselves

Kept sealed hidden underneath the wounded heart

You're strong, they thought

When in fact you're broken inside

You are beyond damaged

Your strength is like a string being pulled by a mega force

Waiting to be snapped in half

But in the end, you remain strong

Because you are a string made up of the steel of experience

Made up of an iron of patience, a copper of sufferance

You then keep on standing, standing up with the face of a lion.

They thought you were invincible

No, no, they thought wrong

Humans are humans

And you are human

Incapable of escaping the cruelty of others.

And then we are all waiting

Waiting for the time

When the string finally snaps

When the light wavers and dies

And until then,

Your strength collapses.