Truth or Dare.


Ever played the game called "Truth or Dare"?


What...are you like, from the past? -_-

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I've played this game, so far, twice. And the first time was so much better than the second one. Hahahahahahahahah I don't really like this game, but I sort of like it. You know, the mixed feelings... Hmmm. But whatever. It encourages you to be absolutely honest with your friends. That is, if you trust them with your whole heart.

Truth or Dare? More like "let's skip the dares" or "tell me who you like".


The first time I played this game when I was in form 5, during the Perkhemahan Perdana, with my girl classmates. We made a circle *fefeeling ada campfire kat tengah tu walaupun takde pun uhuks* and we played the game lah. Of course with my luck and everything, I didn't get to admit anything or do any dare for the first few rounds. Hahahahahahahah but it was fun, at least I could be honest, because they were all girls. And they were my classmates.

I miss them a lot. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH *not funny but I want to laugh anyway*

I chose "Truth". Tak silap aku, aku dapat soalan ni, "Siapa kawan lelaki yang awak paling rapat sekali?" and I answered, because they didn't know the guy. Aku jawab Aliuddin lah, my old best friend. We were best friends back then, tapi bila aku masuk SHAMS (or when we entered secondary school), we were just friends. Lulz. I'm not sad, okay. It has to be that way. We are still friends by the way. I'd bash him when I have the chance.

Sepanjang sekolah menengah, ada lah jumpa sekali-sekala. He came to my house to borrow my books and some other pelajaran things (-_-")

Last sem I went to his Abang and Kakak's weddings and he had this ugly haircut so when he came to have a conversation with me at the table (he was being a good tuan rumah), my greeting for him was, "Lawa rambut," sarcastically. You see, you don't say nice things to your best friends you know. Hahahahahahahahahahah

Okay macam lari topik je? Hahahahahahahah

One of my friends chose "Dare" and being the good girl I was, I dared her to do the Futterwacken dance. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH impossibru

Johnny Depp | via Tumblr

But she skipped that dare because aku pun tak tahu macamana hahahahahahahah so I dared her (I have this big brain of evil ideas, too, not just for Science stuffs lol) to mime the song "Gemuruh" by Faizal Tahir (apparently at the time there was a carnival near our campsite and they were playing Gemuruh) along with the gaya and all. It was fun and entertaining x))))

Okay, so I also got to pick a second time. I still chose "Truth" because I was to lazy to get up -_- So, of course lah, since I had escaped the "who do you like" question the first time, of course la I got it the second time.

Oh my God how embarrassing this is to say...


Pb is not plumbum or lead. It's Peanut Butter. There was this time when I really liked to hear that song by Auburn, "You can be the peanut butter to my jelly" I forgot the name of the song. Lolz. So Pb was/is the nickname for someone...........................whom I really liked. He's a nice guy. He was never the "bad guy" kind.

Only I couldn't stop making him be annoyed at me (but knowing him, he probably wasn't annoyed at me, just sad) aherrherrherrr *guilty but innocent* He doesn't know I had a crush on him and let's hope it stays that way.................

 OMG Alya, Piah, Ainul, Piqah and Kakti are so gonna bash me after they read this......................

By the way I'm not "jelly" to the peanut butter

Well, I HAD a crush on him, so after dah habis SPM, we lost contact *just kidding* HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. Ada lah dia contact for some urusan sekolah and those.

Aku masa sekolah dulu tak mesej lelaki except for my family lah, and my future brother-in-law. Kehkehkeh. And if aku mesej budak lelaki pun, itu semua urusan sekolah.

So after dah habis semua urusan sekolah semua, I never see him anymore, or talk to him or text him. And I'm glad I don't have to face him anymore because I won't be able to control my laughter if I see him again. (I just have this weird sense of humor after I am done crushing on someone lulz)

And to this day, ramai lagi rasanya gegirls in my class 5 Muslim yang tak tahu who Pb is. Dahlah, move on jelah k. Hihihihihihi

The second time I played "Truth or Dare" was with my SH3 friendssssssssssssssssss.

Thanks to Syesye sebab ambik gambo omey ineyh (ke aku je yang comel hihi)

Ni lah geng yang ada time Truth or Dare. Dari kiri bawah, Insyi, Yanie, Nana, Ijan. Start dari kiri yang atas tu, yang beria buat peace dua belah tangan tu nama dia Ipyz. Pastu yang hoodie tu (OMG SHIKIN ARE YOU THE ARROW? Lol bye fifi) Shikin, next to her is Maryam, Akmal Zayn, Iqbal and Qiela. And they HAD to play with the balloons. I hate balloons... I really do. Now you know one of my fears. #FifisFears

We played this game for some time. Lama gila weh main game ni. I shouldn't have said anything since we swore that night that what happened that night, will never be spoken of anywhere, anytime to anyone.

Ijan was the first "lucky" guy that night. He chose "Truth". And then everyone was like, "Nak tanya apa..." and then Nana asked him. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAH Dahlah I will never move on from this scene hhahahahahahahahahahah Nana tanya, "Aku cantik tak?" Bongok Nana whaahawhwhawhawhlksjfdsjgksgsfg seriously lawak okeh masa tu

Then, when it was Akmal's turn, he had chosen "Truth", too. Being the very sweet girl I was, I asked the simplest question, "Apa pengalaman kau yang paling memalukan?" and then Ijan protested, "Woi mana aci! Soalan dia senang! Soalan aku tadi susah gila!!!!" WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAA haddooooooooooooo dahlah I cannot

Ijan nanti ada cucu tanya camni, jawab macam pakcik ni eh

Okay moving on. There were a few moments of "Truth" yang really really really chilly and it was really uncomfortable. In the end everyone got the question, "Who do you like?" of some sort. But Dani showed up an hour late, and all of us made way for Nana to ask him the "ultimate" question HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA #NeverMovingOn

And then because everyone was playing safe (since the dares for Yanie and Qiela were both a bit 'daring') by choosing "Truth", in the end semua dipaksa buat dare. I got the dare to do a selfie and post it on my Instagram. For a fact, I don't do selfie (alone) and post them on my Instagram. Aku hanya selfie if I'm with my family or friends and muka tak dekat sangat or senang cerita, bukan muka aku sorang dekat skrin. K.

But that was the second choice they dared me to do. The first one was.....aku kena pecahkan belon. NO WAY. NO FRICKING WAY. IF SOMEONE CRIED THAT NIGHT, IT WAS GOING TO END REALLY BADLY FOR US LULZ (aku pun tak tahu kenapa aku takut sangat belon. aku takut bila belon tu pecah. I hate being "terkejut" by a really loud noise)


Actually the first time I heard of this game, I thought this game was a game related to paranormal. Lolllllllllllllll because of that word "dare". Then I finally got it, maybe from watching shows on TV. Seriously this game is dangerous, for the heart. I remembered that one scene from The Perks of Being A Wallflower, when Charlie was dared to kiss the most beautiful girl in that room.

Imagine if you're being asked that "who is your crush" question and your crush is in the circle?

Takkanlah nak confess pulak tetiba dalam circle tu -_- I can't imagine that happening, and I hope I would never have to face something like that, ever.

Well, I'm sorry to everyone who played this game with me before. I may have twisted the truth a bit... Hehehehehehehehe :3

There's a lot to gain and a lot to lose from this game. Mainlah bebetul. If you think you're not ready to tell the truth, then twist la the truth a bit, or just ask for another question. It's not that you don't trust these circle of people, it's just that you're NOT ready. Everyone has secrets of their own, maybe those secrets are eating them up inside but if you're not ready, then don't let them out.

Apa-apa pun just be brave. And trust your instincts. "Truth or Dare" game doesn't define you or who you are. It's just a silly game.

p/s: Ada jugak bila orang tanya "Truth or Dare?" lepas tu dia pergi jawab "or". Dia ingat lawak lah tu. Hmmm