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So, today I was bickering on Twitter about Malay books/novels. I have nothing against my own language but the people who write those novels, it's them that I have something to say about. I'm not condemning (or maybe I am? But this is for the better...kot) or anything, tapi I'm just sharing my thoughts/opinions here. Mungkin this contradicts the fact that I'm gonna talk on Malay writings but I'm here writing in English aherrherrrherrr

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Okaylah I cakap Melayu. Ihiks!

So far from my observation/judgement/experience, novel-novel Melayu sekarang semua hampeh. Of course la, you guys already know that. Or not? Only people who truly appreciate literature and language would understand this sort of problem. Why? Because from what I've seen, Malay authors nowadays don't care about literature. Tak kisah langsung pasal 'bahasa'. They only care about their stories, their urge, the need to publish their love-struck tales. Some maybe do it for the money they'd get after their novels have been published and even better, being made into TV series or movies. *claps hands*

But if you really read those books, do you find any art in their words? Or you don't care? Well, writing isn't just about "having deep sentences", "how the couple finally achieves tranquility in the end", no it's not. In your writing, you have to have a good grammar, dexterous proficiency of language and an absorbing plot. You also have to consider how the story will affect your readers, and put in mind that you shouldn't use profanity as a way of expressing feelings (such as when any of the characters gets angry or something).

Oi tadi kata nak tulis Melayu?! Erm...

Books are supposed to open up the readers' minds. If you only write about kahwin paksa, the third wheel's planning some evil revenge to destroy people's marriage... I say no. That's so unhealthy to people's minds. Huhuhu. I never said that I never read these books. But I guess I've stopped reading these kinds of novels. I hope people would stop writing these bunch of rubbish, because we need something healthy to look forward to. Malays are already lacking of readers, and then all these readers are given these forced marriage books. *sighs*

We need new ideas, some refreshment to the minds. I found Fixi books awesome, their gratifying plots and these books sometimes could change us. There are certain things to think about after you read the book. For instance, novel Kelabu. So much wow. That book certainly dropped my jaw to the floor, seriously no kidding. I recommend you readers to read it. It's worth the read.

These fixi books are an interesting example of how the publishers promoting writing and reading amongst youngsters these days. That is good, and they publish good books, too. I mean, they choose the rarest plots and in the end you find yourself entertained by the read. But one thing that I don't agree with Fixi books are that they allow authors to use profanity and bad language. Bahasa 'slanga', they call it, and they allow it. I know it's a way to attract teens, but it's no way to preserve our language like that.

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Please ignore the fact that this person simply made a mess on this beautiful book T.T

I really like reading, love it, even. But there are some strict rules that I apply as to what I read. And that's definitely why I don't read Malay books anymore. I was only hangat hangat tahi ayam when I found out about Fixi books, and the first book I read was Kelabu, and it turned out great. For a moment there I thought all Fixi books were like Kelabu, the ideas so freshly baked, but then I was wrong. Huks huks. There are some other books who try their best to use perfect Malay but they insist on using bad words.

The words 'babi', 'shiz', 'fuuuu' and a bunch of other words that I had never known are widely used in their writing. I cannot accept this. I oppose this strongly. No. The teenagers, the adults, NOW, are using those words without feeling guilty already, and now you are encouraging them to SWEAR in your books? No, I can't accept it. No way I'm going to. Books are supposed to be pure, because they're going to teach people, don't use them to destroy what is still left of our heritage. *I feel like crying* I, myself, is not very good in Bahasa Melayu (but I still got A+ in SPM muehehe), but I really try to not use it wrongly and randomly. That's maybe one of the reasons I blog, so that I can still maintain my BM but I use slanga, too, but this isn't a novel, it's a blog. K.

And because I'm not good in BM, I don't really fancy writing in BM. I'm afraid that I'd be one of the people that'd lead Bahasa Melayu go down the drain. Sobs. I admit, Bahasa Melayu is a lot harder than any other language I've ever learned but I love Bahasa Melayu. Macam dalam cerita lama lama, novel lama-lama. All those novels that we had studied during our education in high school, those, those are the ones that are helping preserving Bahasa Melayu. Not the ones we read now. Their sentence structures and the bombastic words are at the right places. Although we claim the novels to be "boring", those are the ones that'd save our mother-tongue language.

I fancy Ramli Awang Murshid's books. I got to read one of his books once, and I really like it. And that was seven years ago, I guess. But at the time I was obsessed with AinMaisarah's books, erm, yep, I read those... OK, moving on, I haven't had the change to find out more about his books, and partly because, this is hard for me to say... because I think I've lost faith in Malay books *cries*. So many bad books rather than the good ones. I hope in the future I'd find new young authors that are willing to think outside of the box and publish their grand mind-opening ideas to the world. I certainly hope so.

Well, I am hoping that I will be one of the new young authors......

I don't dare to write this post in Melayu fully because... I don't know. Things come to my mind in English and when I type, and write, my fingers automatically type English words and then it leads to sentences. I know, I am no one to talk about the art of our language, let alone criticising people about their books, but I'm here to start a change. Maybe a little spark would do. But in the end, what matters most is what we are doing with ourselves. I may write about how corrupt the Malay writing has been, but it would be for nothing if I don't do something with the way I write and talk and socialise with people.

Every change starts within. So let's start towards good Bahasa Melayu from now!

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