Day 4: Tokyo Disneyland!


Assalamualaikum again!


We, the rest of the girls who didn't go to USJ and I, went to Tokyo Disneyland! This was my second time since 2007 and I got pretty excited that I wore the same outfit as the one I wore during my USJ trip. Wahahahahahahahahah

So we started off as a group of 11 people, but then I wasn't really sure why some of us were separated. Suhaila, Shikin, Aida, Iqa, Ain Nazira, Erna, Chew and I remained with each other, but the other three, Hana, Diyana and Anis Mak Toyol were nowhere to be seen once we entered Disneyland. Hux hux we didn't even know we got separated

Anis Mak Toyol said that they spent the first one hour LOOKING for us. It was a big mistake. Hahahahahahaha

We went there on Saturday, so... the place was full of people that we had to line up for almost an hour or so for EVERY ride (except the ones that we managed to get 'Fast Ticketing').

The Eleven Group

This was at the train stop for Tokyo Disneyland

Our first ride was the Japanese Airlines plane... I don't know what it's called and I'm too lazy to Google it. We queued for abut half an hour and it was kinda frustrating to have to waste time like that for THE FIRST RIDE *sighs*

One thing about Disneyland is, the rides are not that extreme and erm, not quite as fun as the ones at Universal Studios. Partly because Disneyland is supposed to be for kids? Huhuhuhu.

The ride lasted for about two minutes. Hmm. Lining up for half an hour for a two-minute ride.... *cries*

Moving on, we then went through the streets of Disneyland to the ultimate place (and the most typical place to have a picture taken at), the palace!

We lined up (again) to enter the castle of Cinderella! Iqa was mostly the excited one, yeah, being the princess she was *sighs she's so pretty*(eee Iqa kau jangan perasan nanti aku tumbok kang)

The inside is kinda like a museum, Cinderella's museum. During my visit to Disneyland in 2007, I didn't get to see this castle. Perhaps my eleven-year-old self would be barry barry (read: very very) excited to have seen this Cinderella's museum, being the Disney girl I was back then :') Well, things changed. I'm a grown up woman now...


See, look at me. Suhaila being the sweet-looking girl she is, and me? Disneyland brings out the inner you lolololol I wasn't that childlike all the time, OK, just in Disneyland since it's a place for kitties :3

Sorry for the bad lighting. I didn't have a DSLR. And my mamarazzi is in the picture as well so yeaa.


After done playing Cinderella, I was eager to shop for pretty little things at the Princess' Shop. And to our surprise, there was a Prince Phillip (Aurora's Sleeping Beauty's husband) outside of the shop. Shikin and Su went to take photos with him. And here's how their conversation went with the Prince

Shikin: Where are you from?
Prince Freaking Phillip: Hello, I'm Prince Phillip. Have you met my bride the Sleeping Beauty?
Shikin: Unfortunately, yes.
Shikin must have done the "duh" face.
Shikin: You don't know your wife's name?
Prince Fricking Phillip: Come let's take pictures.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Suhaila said that maybe the Prince didn't even understand what Shikin was saying and he was only sticking to his memorised lines, hence, the weird responses to Shikin's questions HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH iKenot. He looked English, and not at all Japanese-like, I don't know, maybe he'd been brainwashed (Shikin said this, hahahahaha)

Next, we went for Space Mountain! But before that, we got ourselves some accessories. Teehee!

#RelationshipGoal Mickey and Minnie Mouse *with a lil busy-body Stitch on the left*

Shikin and her bizarre obsession with Stitch -_-

My twin Minnie Mouse, except that she's gorgeous and I'm a giant panda...

The Space Mountain ride was awesome, but it was all dark. I pretended to scream because somehow I didn't like being emotionless on a roller coaster. But seriously this ride seemed nothing compared to the Hollywood Roller Coaster ride. My tudung remained intact hahahahahahahahah alhamdulillah but it was quite dizzying. The ride was indoor, as it was as the one at Berjaya Times Square Theme Park. Except it was dark as hell, so it didn't make any difference if you kept your eyes shut huhuhu

After that, we searched a spot for solat..........which was not a simple task.......... Since we couldn't find a suitable place, maybe a little bit hidden space would do it but no, we were clearly in the open. And we used two compasses to search for the Qiblat and both compasses showed different results........ It's either we sucked at reading compass or the App was wrong. Hiks.

We had lunch which was some nasi and Ain's serunding (yummeh delicious). I ate my box of sushi *I guess, I don't remember much since I ate sushi all the time huhuhuhuhu* and bananas. I ate bananas.

We decided to watch the Disney Parade, which started at 2pm. Hihihi! Warning: A lot of selfies are involved.

That's Aladdin

Thanks Su for being in the selfies with me x) We waved the characters with such emotion and force when they walked by, we had to do that since we were at the back! And I think they waved us back since we were kinda noticeable (no one else wore tudung, kays). But sadly, I think Mickey Mouse didn't even see us... *sadface.jpg*

From thereafter, we went to the Haunted Mansion. I actually thought it was going to be scary, and Erna was tugging at our shirts and tudungs to not go inside -_- Seriously that was a waste of effort, Erna.

Our feet were already sore from so much walking in there that we hoped that the Haunted Mansion was a ride, not a walk-through (this would be much scarier, like the one at Berjaya Times Square huhuhuhu), and YAYYYYYYYYYYYY we were riding the Haunted Mansion y'all!

But seriously though...

It wasn't scary....

That I slept during the ride.


Erna beside me didn't dare open her eyes. WHAT. THERE WAS NOTHING IN THERE, NOTHING. Just weird-looking crazy ghosts *facepalm*

In a way it was funny since Su (her car was next to mine) shouted my name to wake me up from my peaceful slumber. *emoji gelak nanges* I was bored, OK!

When the whole ride ended, we kinda felt stupid for being scared in the first place. Huhuhuhu.

Our next destination was the Thunder IDontRememberItsName Ride. Kinda like a roller coaster ride but with less extremity around a desert/coal mine/IDK? Since we didn't get our Fast Tickets before, so we had to line up a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong line. To kill time, we played games of Ujian Pendengaran, Penglihatan, Kepekaan and zzzzt Black Magic -_-

We ran out of games but the queue was still a long way to go. Huhuhu.

I guess we wasted time there for about one hour and a half before an announcement was made in Japanese. We didn't understand what was said, but from the reactions of others around us.............we understood somehow. The ride (or maybe the system) was broken and YAY ONE HOUR AND A HALF WASTED FOR NOTHING YAYYYYYYYY


So, we were escorted out and they gave us an "Advance Pass" each. Thank God for that, so we searched for another ride, and it happened to be some Star Wars-related. 3D specs on! (Seriously I was in awe of how did they make the ride feel so real huhuhuhu)

Iqa and I. Do know that Iqa asked me to put a lot of her pics in this post. :p

Time flew so fast that we only had an hour left. Since the place was full of people, we decided to take a walk around and go shopping. I was excited to look for Mickey Mouse (or Minnie), since I wanted to have a picture with him/her, but....... we couldn't find those two, instead we found Mr and Mrs Incredible, so, yea... (even though I don't watch the movies)

Mr Incredible malu kot nak masuk since semua pompuan -..-

Thennnnn, we finally walked out of Disneyland huhuhuhuhuhu

Look at those tired faces

Seriously it was exhausting! Disneyland was so big, OK! Much bigger than USJ, and we had so many long lines to queue!

From Disneyland, we went to Shin Okubo via Yamanote Line to eat kebab for dinner (indeed, such effort to find food since the place was so far away from our hotel huhuhu) and then rode the subway back to Monzen-Nakacho, to our HOTEL to finally have a good rest!!!

Byeeeeeeee stay tuned for Day 5 and Day 6... Which (spoilers) consist of, a lot of food and shopping.

Kenapa kita kena move on?



I was just playing around in FP's WhatsApp group. They were talking about moving on, and I decided to playfully ask them,


Sekali jawapan diorang semua syahdu. Mood main-main tetiba jadi sedih. Uhuks.

sebab huhuhuhuhuhu Fifi
Semoga dengan berhuhuhuhuhu kau menemui jawapan yang kau cari cari selama ini

Wan jawab
For a better life maybe

Syakir jawab (tapi Syakir ni mengarut dia banyak, cuma malam ni boleh pakai skit hahahhaa)
It is the way of life my child
The law of this nature permits such events to occur

Lopa jawab
To move on is to grow

Mina jawab
Because we don't live in the past anymore

Syakir tambah lagi
Because the past is history
And tomorrow is the future
And I wish for a brighter future
For everyone
(Amende do Syakir...but still I'm posting this here, even though Petak cakap tu lagu -_-)

Lopa jawab lagi
Dia macam kalau kau tak move on dari tadika, kau takkan jumpa kawan sekolah rendah, tak jumpa kawan sekolah menengah, kawan PASUM apatah lagi kawan MSKP

Nabil jawab
(Nabil memang suka caps lock)

Qiela jawab
Move on but don't forget that we are a family
Family sticks together through thick and thin

Syakir (lagi) jawab
Takpe on the quantum scale, we're all connected to one another, since the day we're born till the day we die, till the end of the age of this universe, and probably till the next universe comes into being
(his words remind me so much of the scenes in The Flash -_-)

Mina post something then
"Life changes, and so do we. Staying where you are and living with guilt or fear is a guaranteed trip to nowhere. You're allowed to move on and miss it at the same time. Missing something or someone doesn't make you weak; it makes you real." - Elite Daily

I don't think I'll ever move on from good things and good people. You tend to remember these people for the rest of your life. Once you start to love them as family, I don't know, susah lah nak move on. There are so many things that I haven't been able to move on from just yet.

I guess if it leaves a comfortable spot in your heart, you never want to let go.

Dah, tak yah nak sendu sangat. Selamat berpuasa.

P/s: Tak post lagi pasal MSKP. Huks.

Day 3: Kyoto and Shinkansen



On our third day, we proceeded our trip to Kyoto, via train, or tram, or subway? Hehe. Upon reaching Kyoto, we took pictures around the Kyoto Station. We didn't have much time in Kyoto, so we only managed to shop for souvenirs at Kyoto Tower shop.

OOTD was pink

I bought some key chains, a fridge magnet for my Grandma, T-shirts for my parents and Azie, a snow ball for Amuh and a box of Japanese treats.

Kyoto Tower
I also found something rather different. Oreo biscuits with Green Tea flavour! I don't understand the need for Japanese people to make everything with green tea flavour. But I bet it tastes good since I've got my own chance to eat the Green Tea Kit Kat. Definitely worth it, don't have to go to Japan to get those, they have them at Mid Valley. Badum tss.

Then, Sensei brought us to a shopping mall where we could get our lunch (for we were going to be in the train for three hours). I bought two boxes of SUSHI!

Here, Oreo Green Tea!

At 2pm, we boarded on the shinkansen a.k.a bullet train, heading for Tokyo! We got separated since the seats were quite limited. I got to be with Anis a.k.a Naz's twin, Diyana, Erna and Ain Nazira (my mamarazzi). So, we took a wefie and a Japanese woman unexpectedly joined in. Hahahahahaha photobomb much

The journey to Tokyo took three hours and we took the opportunity to sleep throughout the ride, despite Sensei's encouragement (before we boarded) to not sleep huhuhuhuhuhu. Sensei said we could see Mount Fuji some time along the way, but since we were busy getting our eyes rested, Mount Fuji couldn't be detected anywhere hahahahahahah

Shinkansen or bullet train is one famous trademark of Japan. Its speed is 320km/h, so imagine if we have a Shinkansen in Malaysia, my dad would allow me to go to FPs' Iftor next week since it'd just be a two-hour ride from Terengganu to Kuala Lumpur! (but... just for your info, Terengganu doesn't have any train stations, or trains, for that matter, except the one at the museum hmmm)

We reached Tokyo Station and again, took the tram/subway/train/whichever to a station close to our hotel, which was Monzen-Nakacho Station. MONZEN-NAKACHO FTW! It was quite a walk to the hotel, actually, but... we had no choice. I didn't mind the long walk, though, since Japan wasn't as HOT as Malaysia. So, I'm cool with it.

Our hotel was once again the Toyoko Inn Hotel, another branch in Tokyo.

Wefie again!


That night, we went for a walk around the area. We strolled on the bridge of Tokyo, taking pictures and being the FPs we were, Damia and I did some Xi Shua Shua HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA SAMPAI KE JEPUN TAK MOVE ON ASTAGHFIRULLAH

FPs please move on

During our stroll, I asked sensei if the river was deep...yep, I planned on having a swim. Just kidding. *psychopath face* The air that night was really chilly and I liked it a lot. We had some real fun time, and pictures, everyone, pictures!

Hana, Amira, Ihsan and me (still in pink)

The last picture was taken by Sensei's Samsung S6, and it is indeed a good-quality picture.

We hadn't had much to do on our third day, only traveling and sight-seeing. Tokyo is a beautiful city, of course, Japan itself is a wonderful country. One of the reasons I wanted to join this trip because I needed to see Japan again. I had been to Japan before this, when I was eleven years old. The eleven-year-old me didn't see the same thing as my nineteen-year-old me.

For what it's worth, I recommend you guys to go to Japan once in their lifetime. Especially if you're a sushi lover, like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And if you want to see a very civilised culture and heritage, you definitely have to come here. JAPAN FTW!


Day 2: Universal Studios Japan


Assalamualaikum! I'm in my fourth day in Japan today.

On my second day here, I went to Universal Studio, Japan with 7 other girls. It was my first time ever and I was so excited I almost cried!

Haidah, Iman, Faz, Ain Sha and Sham the fabs!

We went there by train (of course) and with a lot of walking. There was another group with us from Malaysia as well, so we forged an alliance (hmm..). Reaching USJ, my girls and I went separately with the other group and headed first for the Spiderman 3D ride. 3D specs on!

It was a blast and a bit confusing since I don't watch Spiderman (although I'm a hardcore fan of Avengers). We were attacked by several villains and I was cursing to myself as to why Spiderman hadn't saved us yet -_- After those villains' attempts to murder us, finally Spiderman came to the rescue. I haven't had a clue on what he said since all of the talking was in Japanese.

Then, we walked around in search of the Hollywood Roller Coaster ride but ended up in Wonderland...... So we hung around a bit on a Go-Go Elmo ride... Kinda like the swinging ship. Since we hadn't spotted the Hollywood entrance, we tried to search for it during the Go-Go ride lol
We did some walking and finally asked a worker there on directions, and found the Hollywood entrance which was a loooooooong queue! Since we girls wore tudung, they provided clips for us (?) which we haven't yet discovered the function until now. And...whew, what a ride!

Our seats were in the upmost front and I was really thrilled at first but then the real horror came when the thing was at full speed. My tudung went berserk and my scarf inside came off! The 'before' and 'after' looks were totally different. But it was really worth it since I'd wanted to ride on a roller coaster really bad! #RollerCoasterFTW Haidah was actually disappointed with the whole ride, she said the one at USS was so much better. Oh well, our next trip might be to Singapore ngahahahaha

After Hollywood rollah costah, we went for Jaws' ship adventure, where we were attacked by the giant sharks. Although I managed to maintain my coolness during the whole ride, I was actually feeling helpless and hopeless. What if we were really attacked by the sharks in real life in a freaking boat? There's no way to run. And you are stuck in the boat and water surrounded by giant man-eating sharks. OK. Well, it was okay and I was glad it was over. Soon after we went to find a spot for solat.
Which was under some trees and a bit hidden from people's view.

When we were done carrying our responsibility as Muslims, the girls and I decided to go........ Harry Potter Wizarding World! We walked through the streets of Hogsmeade and I really wanted to taste the Butter Beer but of course, it would be's ok. Then, we joined the line to ride the Hogwarts ride. My, my! Upon entering Hogwarts, I almost cried! HUWAAAAAAA AND THE RIDE WAS THE BEST ONE OF THE WHOLE DAY

Hogwarts really made my day. I got my letter :') I took pictures with Ron's flying car, in front of Hogwarts, in front of Ollivander's, WHAT A DREAM COME TRUEEEEEE

But it was also my biggest regret. I ought to buy some things from the Harry Potter store but I didn't. I wanted to buy the robe, the sweater, the wand... but I didn't. Because I forgot that I was holding my mom's credit card *cries*. Well...maybe some other time. Maybe one day I'll visit the Harry Potter museum in the United Kingdom. *teary-eyed*

After Hogwarts, we headed for Jurassic Park....which is yet to open until 2016. K. 

I was disappointed but that feeling dissolved when I saw the workers' sorry faces when we walked by them (who stood by the Jurassic Park). Japanese people are a bunch of sweets. They are so polite and cute :)

So, we ended up in Waterworld, watching a Waterworld show in Japanese. Hmmm. Everything was in Japanese, that in the end we pretended we understood all thr things they were saying lolololol. The show lasted for about 20 minutes, I guess. And...what a 'hot' show at that!

After, we went for Backdraft or something and it was kinda boring but oh well. Sorta like your typical FIREFIGHTER DEMONSTRATION but with a little 5D effects.

Next, we headed up to the Institute of Future Technology, something liddat. Back To The Future much. Before the ride, there was a safety precaution board and one of the precautions was "No back pain". We were as healthy as we could be until the ride ended. We had some back pains then HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA K the seats were hard.

Soon after we went wandering through the streets of Universal Studios and I was aching to buy the Minion-shaped popcorn holder but I didn't find any! The Minion has two eyes that can move whenever you tilt it to the right/left! My second biggest regret, after Harry Potter.

Then Haidah and Iman led us to a Anime hall where we had to line up again and my God... it wasn't even worth the long line! Maybe partly because we were exhausted (since it was our last entertainment for the day). But hey, at least I found out about the Attack on Titan Anime. Ngahahaha.
The clock striked 6pm and we rushed to the spot where we were supposed to meet the other group. After getting our dinner and all, we headed back for our hotels, us the Toyoko Inn and them Kansai something I forgot.

It was indeed a full and exciting day! All of us USJ girls were worn out as hell and we headed for our rooms to shower and rest and all. Unfortunately we had to pack our bags to be sent via the hotel post service because the next day we were heading for Tokyo, but with a brief stop at Kyoto for some sight-seeing. Carrying our large bags around didn't seem like a good idea LOL

So, we called it a day! Stay tuned for more adventures in Japan!