Day 1: Wakayama University


So I am now in a student-exchange programme under PASUM in Japan! It's actually Japan Educational Tour. There are 19 of PASUM students, a sensei, two senpai (who are twins by the way), and a married couple, sensei's friends.

Our flight was at 1am from KLIA2 with AirAsia X. We gathered at KLIA2 around 8.30pm and Sensei did some briefing. During the 6-hour flight, I was asleep most of the time and only woke up for Subuh and Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak. Although my sleep wasn't as peaceful (due to the cries of a baby -.-) but I was grateful for sleep.

We reached Kansai Airport, Osaka around 8.30am Japan time. Then we took the bus to Wakayama University for our exchange-student programme. Upon arriving there we had to practise a few steps of Jong Jong Inai and Kalau Rasa Gembira as part of our performance to the Tourism Students of Wakayama University.

We were provided with Japanese food, one that tasted right to my mouth was the Shakke, it looks like onigiri but hmm I don't know it's triangle? And the seaweed is so damn good? We also managed some conversation with the students, they don't quite excel in English but you have to talk really slow and repeat if possible. There was this guy who could speak fluent English with British slang, and his name was Yoshi.... *emoji gelak nanges*

After eating, our programme started. Representatives of Wakayama University did a briefing on interesting places in Wakayama, and we Malaysian students did a simple explanation on each state in Malaysia. Then we were divided into groups, each group consist of two of us and four to five of them.

My partner for this programme is Chew since we're roommates. We got Yumi, Yamamoto, Eri and Anna (I had to resist the urge to ask her, "How is Elsa doing?"). Yamamoto has been to Malaysia more than 10 times (he's an older guy) meanwhole the girls are maybe around my age. Anna was the most enthusiastic, I really like her huhuuuu and Yamamoto always saved the awkwardness whenever Chew and I ran out of topics to talk.

This is Chew and I before our flight departure

Eri was the most silent but she smiled all the time. Yumi is cute! Hehe. All four of them, although didn't understand English much, I had to try and explain and it was either they finally got it or....they didn't get it and Chew and I would get a different response u.u We shared a bit about Malaysia and Japan, it was so nice talking to them. A new experience, for me.

Yumi, Chew, Eri, Me and Anna!

Anna was asking me if us Malaysians have a unique way of taking pictures, so I showed her the 'swag' post ehehehehehe!

Then, we Malaysian students had to do our performance! Hahahahahaha after that some gifts exchange (Yamamoto gave Chew and I each a hand-made card with his own drawings I guess). They gave us origamis. Hewhew. Soon after, we had to bid our farewell and leave for our check-in at Toyoko Inn Hotel in Osaka.

Hew hew Jong Jong Inai much!

We rode the bus for a couple of hours, in which Suhaila and I were observing the scenery and pedestrians and buildings (with me commenting random things on everything) until everyone else fell asleep. We were the last ones to fall asleep and the firsts to wake up, to another session of me commenting on the pedestrians (they are all so cute!).

Upon settling in our rooms, we went out again for food-hunting since our last meal was at 12 noon. So, at 8pm we went to a mall via the commuter and searched for a place to eat. Then, we had to walk back to our hotel since most of us wanted to try walking around Osaka. It sounded fun in the first place, but not when you got lost in the middle of the city *cries*.

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH it was a long walk and then we got the wrong road and we had to reroute and U-turn but finally we reached the hotel in victory. In the room, Chew and I were bickering about our way back. My God, tomorrow is another long day to go, okay! :')))
Okay that's all for today. Pictures will be uploaded soon! Bye!


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