Day 3: Kyoto and Shinkansen


On our third day, we proceeded our trip to Kyoto, via train, or tram, or subway? Hehe. Upon reaching Kyoto, we took pictures around the Kyoto Station. We didn't have much time in Kyoto, so we only managed to shop for souvenirs at Kyoto Tower shop.

OOTD was pink

I bought some key chains, a fridge magnet for my Grandma, T-shirts for my parents and Azie, a snow ball for Amuh and a box of Japanese treats.

Kyoto Tower
I also found something rather different. Oreo biscuits with Green Tea flavour! I don't understand the need for Japanese people to make everything with green tea flavour. But I bet it tastes good since I've got my own chance to eat the Green Tea Kit Kat. Definitely worth it, don't have to go to Japan to get those, they have them at Mid Valley. Badum tss.

Then, Sensei brought us to a shopping mall where we could get our lunch (for we were going to be in the train for three hours). I bought two boxes of SUSHI!

Here, Oreo Green Tea!

At 2pm, we boarded on the shinkansen a.k.a bullet train, heading for Tokyo! We got separated since the seats were quite limited. I got to be with Anis a.k.a Naz's twin, Diyana, Erna and Ain Nazira (my mamarazzi). So, we took a wefie and a Japanese woman unexpectedly joined in. Hahahahahaha photobomb much

The journey to Tokyo took three hours and we took the opportunity to sleep throughout the ride, despite Sensei's encouragement (before we boarded) to not sleep huhuhuhuhuhu. Sensei said we could see Mount Fuji some time along the way, but since we were busy getting our eyes rested, Mount Fuji couldn't be detected anywhere hahahahahahah

Shinkansen or bullet train is one famous trademark of Japan. Its speed is 320km/h, so imagine if we have a Shinkansen in Malaysia, my dad would allow me to go to FPs' Iftor next week since it'd just be a two-hour ride from Terengganu to Kuala Lumpur! (but... just for your info, Terengganu doesn't have any train stations, or trains, for that matter, except the one at the museum hmmm)

We reached Tokyo Station and again, took the tram/subway/train/whichever to a station close to our hotel, which was Monzen-Nakacho Station. MONZEN-NAKACHO FTW! It was quite a walk to the hotel, actually, but... we had no choice. I didn't mind the long walk, though, since Japan wasn't as HOT as Malaysia. So, I'm cool with it.

Our hotel was once again the Toyoko Inn Hotel, another branch in Tokyo.

Wefie again!


That night, we went for a walk around the area. We strolled on the bridge of Tokyo, taking pictures and being the FPs we were, Damia and I did some Xi Shua Shua HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA SAMPAI KE JEPUN TAK MOVE ON ASTAGHFIRULLAH

FPs please move on

During our stroll, I asked sensei if the river was deep...yep, I planned on having a swim. Just kidding. *psychopath face* The air that night was really chilly and I liked it a lot. We had some real fun time, and pictures, everyone, pictures!

Hana, Amira, Ihsan and me (still in pink)

The last picture was taken by Sensei's Samsung S6, and it is indeed a good-quality picture.

We hadn't had much to do on our third day, only traveling and sight-seeing. Tokyo is a beautiful city, of course, Japan itself is a wonderful country. One of the reasons I wanted to join this trip because I needed to see Japan again. I had been to Japan before this, when I was eleven years old. The eleven-year-old me didn't see the same thing as my nineteen-year-old me.

For what it's worth, I recommend you guys to go to Japan once in their lifetime. Especially if you're a sushi lover, like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! And if you want to see a very civilised culture and heritage, you definitely have to come here. JAPAN FTW!