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Fasilitator & Universiti Malaya.


Previous post has been about UPU result, so is this one. Hewhewhew.

Around two months ago, I had been selected as one of the FPs (Fasilitator Pelajar) for PASUM orientation week (2015/16's batch), MSKP. From there on, I got another huge big family, which are the FPs themselves. At first I was greeted with the sights of many unfamiliar faces. Most of them, I had never set eyes on during PASUM. Whew.

Being one of the FPs brought out the inner me. I become braver and more confident of myself. They, all of them, thought me that. They have been so warm and lovely and friendly.

We still plan hangouts after MSKP ended, and our WhatsApp group is always alive. Though I have no idea what topics are they discussing each time. *emoji gelak nanges* During Ramadhan, they managed an iftor at KUAZ, and almost half of us attended. The absent FPs include me, since I live faraway in Terengganu T_________T I was so devastatingly heartbroken at the time that I couldn't go because …

Kalau tak ambik Sains, tak berjaya eh?


Hai, sehat? Alhamdulillah kalau sihat. Hewhewhew kalau tak sihat pun alhamdulillah jugaklah sebab masih lagi diberi peluang untuk bernafas harini. Gi la klinik or hospital kay.

UPU results came out a few days earlier. Ni nak bagitau result aku kat korang ni. Sabar eh. Jap je lagi aku bagitahu. But first and foremost I need you guys to keep in mind that this is like some sort of miracle from Allah, and I am fully redha with my result, so I hope everyone else is, too. Also, Allah has better plans for us, regardless of what we want. When Allah wills it, it WILL happen and there's no other thing to it.

On the 11th of August, my Form 5 students started their Trial SPM examination. While they were busy facing their Sejarah Kertas 3, Piqah, Nad and I were anxiously waiting for the clock to strike 12 noon. I was so nervous that I went to have a walk alone, and ended up in Bilik Kaunseling, to talk to Cikgu Rose (who distracted me with other things, thanks Cikgu hehe). I l…


Assalamualaikum. It's been a long time without you my friend....... Lulz.

So... What's up? It has been Syawal for a while, and I can't believe my eyes that my days home are going to end soon. Huuuuu... UPU results are coming out this Tuesday. *rips papers apart* *cries*
I am now working. HIHIHI! As a substitute teacher at my old secondary school, SHAMS. Teaching Add Maths.......... I know, right? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH I can't believe it myself either. But, there's a but okay? I signed up for this with two other friends, Syafiqah and Nadhirah. So, we are the three teachers teaching in a class, got it? Hewhewhew but we only use my name for the resume and all. The gaji soon we'll divide three. I don't mind the money, as long as I have a job. And I can see Piqah everyday lulzzzzz And Nad, too, but she is sometimes absent (/.\)
I remember my English teacher in Form 5, Teacher Mahshuri, she had cursed me to become a teacher -_- just because I said that …