Assalamualaikum. It's been a long time without you my friend....... Lulz.

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So... What's up? It has been Syawal for a while, and I can't believe my eyes that my days home are going to end soon. Huuuuu... UPU results are coming out this Tuesday. *rips papers apart* *cries*


I am now working. HIHIHI! As a substitute teacher at my old secondary school, SHAMS. Teaching Add Maths.......... I know, right? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH I can't believe it myself either. But, there's a but okay? I signed up for this with two other friends, Syafiqah and Nadhirah. So, we are the three teachers teaching in a class, got it? Hewhewhew but we only use my name for the resume and all. The gaji soon we'll divide three. I don't mind the money, as long as I have a job. And I can see Piqah everyday lulzzzzz And Nad, too, but she is sometimes absent (/.\)

I remember my English teacher in Form 5, Teacher Mahshuri, she had cursed me to become a teacher -_- just because I said that I didn't want to be a teacher........ It was true. Erm sort of?





We started off on 26th July. Yeah, it has been 2 weeks already. Our service will expire on the 22nd August. We're replacing Teacher Asmalia for a while because she's undergone a surgery :'( We hope she'll be in the best of health after her 6-week rest.

I want that pink calculator, too -_-

The first week was a bit hard. We were adapting. Everyday got tired everybody ah. So stressed. Maybe because the body had been trained to lay all-day long in bed in the months before and then suddenly it had to wake up early every day and do some work. Form 4 and 5 classes are not on the ground floor. Form 4 tingkat empat and Form 5 tingkat tiga. Thank God the bilik guru is on the second floor. Tu pun bila sampai tingkat empat tu mengah macam baru lepas merentas desa. Memalukan.

Me when entering 4 Bukhari the first time (after climbing the stairs), "KENAPA KELAS AWAK TINGGI SANGAT NI HA?!" -_______________- *continued to pant*

If we were teaching a much simpler and lighter subject, I'd think the first week would go off smoothly. But Add Maths. Hewhewhew I admit, Add Maths isn't easy (who said it is...), but hey, actually it isn't. After Asasi, I've had a high tolerance towards Add Maths. Sebab lepas belajar Asasi, everything clicked, everything in Add Maths Form 4 and Form 5 makes sense.

But, I didn't think I'd find it quite fun to be teaching these kids. They're like, two or three years younger than us.


The other teachers are all supportive of us, and I'm really glad. We're so new and teaching is so... out of the box. But our teachers (they taught us, too, before) helped us every day. I'm so touched and as every day goes by, my love for the teachers deepens.

FEU Tamtam

The students are okay, too. I love them all. I love all of them. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH! It's a bit harder teaching the kelas-kelas depan. Their questions are so advanced... *sighs* And then when we answer their questions, they'd ask the "whys".............. T_T

Basically Nad and Piqah do the teaching (in front of the class) all the time. I do that, too, but not quite often. I like to wander around the class and help the students when they call me for private tutor. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH you know la some kids are embarrassed to admit that they don't understand when the teacher in front ask out loud, so yeah when they make eye-contact with me, I know la where to go and then from there I'd explain to them :))))

Now that I've experienced being a teacher, it makes me feel more grateful towards them. Not that I didn't feel that way before this. It's just...yeah, it teaches me things.

Like, if you don't know anything about something, don't condemn or say bad things. Maybe there's something going on that you don't know. Don't judge and most importantly, be understanding.

Know what?

I searched for "teachers" on weheartit and none of the pictures are positive things said about teachers. Why? You don't value your teachers, hah? They do so much for you, and you don't give a damn.

Oh, and then when your results don't come out good, you blame the teachers?


And everything that happens at school is the teachers' faults? K.

Parents nowadays (who always point fingers to the teachers) should open their eyes. You yourselves cannot take care of your children THAT well, then you expect the teachers to do it for 1000000 students? Wow. The MENTALity.


Eh eh eh. Alamak. Lari topik. Hahahahahahaha.

But please, take this seriously. Change, people, change. So that you can change the country. And the nation. And the world. And the prime minister.......................



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