Fasilitator & Universiti Malaya.


Previous post has been about UPU result, so is this one. Hewhewhew.

Around two months ago, I had been selected as one of the FPs (Fasilitator Pelajar) for PASUM orientation week (2015/16's batch), MSKP. From there on, I got another huge big family, which are the FPs themselves. At first I was greeted with the sights of many unfamiliar faces. Most of them, I had never set eyes on during PASUM. Whew.

Being one of the FPs brought out the inner me. I become braver and more confident of myself. They, all of them, thought me that. They have been so warm and lovely and friendly.

My bureau - AKSI

We still plan hangouts after MSKP ended, and our WhatsApp group is always alive. Though I have no idea what topics are they discussing each time. *emoji gelak nanges* During Ramadhan, they managed an iftor at KUAZ, and almost half of us attended. The absent FPs include me, since I live faraway in Terengganu T_________T I was so devastatingly heartbroken at the time that I couldn't go because I had promised them T^T

Moving on, they also went for vacation in Port Dickson, which, of course, I was absent as well, since I had to carry my duty as a substitute teacher :(

The thing is, these guys mean so much to me. If I hadn't meet them, my life would be less delightful. They teach me things, and they are not mean, we always support each other no matter what the consequences are, visit each other (for those who live in KL Selangor Perak somewhere there lah, Terengganu Kelantan excluded huhuhu) and then they'd update everything in our WhatsApp group.

It's rare to find this kind of attachment towards a group of people, from all over Malaysia. All of us live in different states and yet we still connect. We'd go from making jokes and puns to discussing about the world's conspiracy, which is quite unique.


And it somehow saddens me.

Most of them are going to University of Malaya. And it's gonna be ages til I meet them again. I'd hope I'd get into UM, too, alas God has other plans for me.

It breaks my heart that the possibility of me seeing them again is reduced from 94.5% to 0.3%.

And yet I am happy for them. UM is the most prestigious university in Malaysia, so it's good for them. I wish them a happy good life in UM, the place where I left my heart. UM has grown up on me since PASUM and MSKP, so of course, it is kinda bit devastating to not get accepted there. But it's okay. I've passed my mourning stage. Huhu.

All the best to my fellow FPs :) Rindu korang. Ahaks :))))))))))))


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