Kalau tak ambik Sains, tak berjaya eh?


Hai, sehat? Alhamdulillah kalau sihat. Hewhewhew kalau tak sihat pun alhamdulillah jugaklah sebab masih lagi diberi peluang untuk bernafas harini. Gi la klinik or hospital kay.

UPU results came out a few days earlier. Ni nak bagitau result aku kat korang ni. Sabar eh. Jap je lagi aku bagitahu. But first and foremost I need you guys to keep in mind that this is like some sort of miracle from Allah, and I am fully redha with my result, so I hope everyone else is, too. Also, Allah has better plans for us, regardless of what we want. When Allah wills it, it WILL happen and there's no other thing to it.

On the 11th of August, my Form 5 students started their Trial SPM examination. While they were busy facing their Sejarah Kertas 3, Piqah, Nad and I were anxiously waiting for the clock to strike 12 noon. I was so nervous that I went to have a walk alone, and ended up in Bilik Kaunseling, to talk to Cikgu Rose (who distracted me with other things, thanks Cikgu hehe). I left Nad alone in the bilik guru, and Piqah was watching over 5 Ar-Razi for their exam.

I told Cikgu Rose I was hoping for UniSZA, course; Medic. And I'd felt that I'd get a place in UKM for Genetics.

I was ready with the the text 'UPU RESULT 960114******' tp 15888 and at 11.59am I opened the text and got my thumb ready to click the send button.





There was nothing for the first 15 minutes, but then, UPU replied with a text similar to this;






And then I saw that DB00 code, and I remembered that usually Medic codes start with the letter 'M'. So, uh, Cikgu Rose and I went to check for the codes in one of the scrapbooks, and...

I still got UniSZA of course.

DB00 - Ijazah Sarjana Muda Bahasa Inggeris dengan Komunikasi

And I was like, "Wuuuuuuuuuutttttt?" when did I put this DB00 in the list??!! I didn't tick the [YA] for 'Adakah anda ingin menerima tawaran lain selain pilihan di atas?', so I guess it must be one of options I chose, but the question is...

Pilihan keberapakah kos tersebut?

Maybe 8/9/10/11/12... Of course, if you had to choose for 12 options... Manalah cukup kos Medik sampai 12. Kenalah pilih kos lain juga kan. Huihui. And then BAM! Dia bagi aku pilihan yang ke berapa lah aku letak tu. Dapatlah English for Communication tu. It was a relief, though, since Medic isn't for me, then why not something I'm good at? Aherherher. English has always been my passion since the dawn of time.

Some are supportive, congratulating me and all. But the others, seem a bit too reluctant to accept that I may not be continuing my journey as a student in Medicine.

Hina sangat kot dapat course Arts je. Dapat course Sains baru mulia. AHAKS.

Hence, the title.

I don't know lah. For so long I've been trying to please people around me, going for Science foundation, taking Biology, Chemistry and Physics, studying those subjects like crazy, and me finally getting done with that freaking Physics. I never scored in those subjects. My SPM I got B+ for Chemistry, A for Biology and A- for Physics, and it's not enough. During foundation, Physics was out of the box, I literally gave up on Physics!

Well yeah I did score for Biology and Chemistry in Foundation, but it was too late. OKAY?

*me stressing over my life choices right now*

And when UPU gives you what you're capable of, then you go ahead. Allah has given me that one thing that I'm passionate about, so... CAN EVERYONE PLEASE LET ME GO? Let me follow my dreams and yes, I know, what about my future? What job opportunities are available for me when I graduated from this course? Really? Rezeki Allah bagi, kan?

I have accepted this with a willing heart, so all I'm asking that my dear beloveds do that, too. It's okay to not be a doctor, although it has been my dream for so long. Kat dunia ni tak semua orang kena jadi doktor, huhuhu. Kalau layak, bolehlah jadi. Kalau tak, dapatlah kos lelong. EH? Hahahahahahhaahaha kbye gurau je

Anyways, congrats to everyone! Be grateful for what you got, since there are still others out there who are waiting to get into a university. It's not a shame in not getting Medic, Dentistry, Pharmacy and other hard courses, because you're the one who's going to do all the studying, not everyone else. Screw pessimists! Heh. Do your best and most importantly, do what you're in love with, so that you'll enjoy every moment of your life.

Whith Dune 😌❤

Special thanks to my Asasi English teacher, Miss Su, who has given me a lot of motivational words and encouragement. And she's my inspiration as well, she's one of the reasons I'm interested in taking English hehe. Also, not to forget my cousin, Farha Jalila, who is always supportive of me, and even though she's a little bit of a fixer upper, she gives the best advice. And to everyone else, sorry I let you guys down. Sorry for not getting Medic. I'm a bit sad, too, but Allah has better plans for me, don't you think so? ;)

Bye! :*


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