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Assalamualaikum and hiiii!

Okbye disclaimer teruk.

How all of you have been doing? I hope much better than me. I'm still adapting myself to UniSZA, my new course program, my new classmates and everything on degree life.

Surprise! I'd passed my orientation week (which was two weeks ago, I should've updated this blog last week but then I was busy doing nothing and everything so yea)! Almost 2000 people registered as first-year-degree students at UniSZA, so no, I haven't got the chance to know everyone yet. That seems impossible, don't you think? Lol.

The orientation week was mainly about a hundred taklimats about pengurusan universiti, kokurikulum, how the library is supposed to work, taklimat keselamatan and all that boring stuff. Huhu. It was blazing hot under the khemah besar. Ahem, no we didn't do these mundane taklimats in an air-conditioned building/hall, instead we did these outside so that we could feel th…