Assalamualaikum and hiiii!


Okbye disclaimer teruk.

How all of you have been doing? I hope much better than me. I'm still adapting myself to UniSZA, my new course program, my new classmates and everything on degree life.

Surprise! I'd passed my orientation week (which was two weeks ago, I should've updated this blog last week but then I was busy doing nothing and everything so yea)! Almost 2000 people registered as first-year-degree students at UniSZA, so no, I haven't got the chance to know everyone yet. That seems impossible, don't you think? Lol.

The orientation week was mainly about a hundred taklimats about pengurusan universiti, kokurikulum, how the library is supposed to work, taklimat keselamatan and all that boring stuff. Huhu. It was blazing hot under the khemah besar. Ahem, no we didn't do these mundane taklimats in an air-conditioned building/hall, instead we did these outside so that we could feel the natural breeze swinging by (which was, not often, and UniSZA is near the sea SO YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THAT THE LAND BREEZE DOESN'T COME DURING THE DAY OK).

Our facilitators decided to create the hashtag #UniSZAPastiTahu for the whole week of Minggu Mesra Siswa. I still haven't got the slightest idea what the hashtag means, but heyyyyyy let's play along! Hahahahaha they made a video explaining the hashtag but I was seated far at the back and let's just say my eyes couldn't adjust to the screen much huhu

It was kinda hot, but the facilitators were all kind and cool. They didn't denda us whatsoever, but sorry, their management skill wasn't charming.

I KNOW, I KNOW! It's not easy to handle 2000 students! But I've been there, done that. I know.

Perhaps in the future, I'd sign up as one of the facilitators, and make myself useful. Hehe.

After a whole week of utter devastation of boredom, I finally went home HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA kbye

Home is nice.

The first week of lecture went well, though the lecturers only did some briefing and introduction this and that. I got really awkward and nervous since I am totally out of my typical-nerd-science-student zone. Huhuhu. My new course mates are all these speaking berhabuk berapi abugen kiddos and all that, and I won't lie, I am a bit scared. I still am. Huhuhu.

But I was never a speaker in front of people, anyway. Even in Bahasa Melayu. I'd lose all debates on the spot.

Truth be told, I have this mindset of seeing these 'language' students as 'bajet bagus'. Whenever they speak in English with complete makhraj and all (that means they don't sound like Malaysian la), also with such confidence and loudness in class, my devil in red would come and label them as 'bajet bagus'.

I am....


a judger...

I need to stop this.....

once... and for all....


Must be a thing with Malaysians, right. Labeling people. Huwaaaaaaa I don't wanna be typical.

💕 diy 💕Füge eine Beschreibung hinzu..

But, since I'm now one of the 'language' students... I have to greet these new surrounding with tolerance and perseverance la kan. Huks.

I like people speaking in English and I love how we are practicing ourselves every day to do so. So people, please forgive me if I judge you too soon. I will try not to judge. #StopJudging

HA! My programme is under Faculty of Language and Communication, that consists of only two bachelor degree programmes, Bachelor in English (BEN) and Bachelor in Arabic Studies (BAS). So, if people were to ask us, "BEN ke BAS?" let's just say we'd go with kereta. Hiks. Hambarism at its best.

The hostel is nice, also. The food is really really cheap. You can get a plate of rice with a piece of chicken and telur goreng and air teh pen for RM4.80. I thought the makcik kafe was mocking me, so I said, "Ha?" but no, she repeated the same price. WHATTTTTTTT


Above all, I am still adapting to this new life and new environment. I got a few of my friends and juniors from SHAMS studying here as diploma students. I met almost all of them these first three weeks. Hewhewhew it was awkward because it was them who noticed me, whereas me.... I don't look around at people during my walking to and fro I AM SO SORRY FOR THE HUNDREDTH TIME x)))

By the way, I am taking archery as my co-curricular activity. Koko is on Saturday...huh....that means...no going back on weekends for me for three semesters. But I'll go back anyway hAHAHHAHAHAHA and come back on Saturday. One of the perks of studying near your house (not that near la, it takes 30-45 minutes to get to UniSZA from my house)