Hai assalamualaikum! I haven't been around here since forever *hides myself* *emoji mata* since I'm too 'busy' being a first-degree student.

Nah, just kidding. I'm not busy. My schedule is not packed at all (and awfully messed up), my classes are only for 2-4 hours a day, so yeah. And I don't have that much of assignments (actually I do, but since procrastination is somewhat everyone's best pursuit, so..k). A 4000-5000-word essay for History of English, a 15-page assignment on Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi, other HEL presentations and Linguistics and Languages stuff.

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Yup. Bluffing would get me nowhere.

Since I have so much time due to UniSZA cancelling classes for three days (convocation stuff-related), which, sadly, those classes would have replacements and that's why I said my schedule is so messed up -_- I spend days and nights watching Once Upon A Time (season 1 to season 4, and yay I'm currently on the last episode of Season 4) and then before that I killed time reading The Maze Runner series and the day before yesterday I didn't switched on the laptop for OUAT but I SPENT THE WHOLE DAY READING MAGNUS CHASE AND THE SWORD OF SUMMER!

I would've talked about Hook and Emma (OUAT main two characters and erm their ship name is Captain Swan since Hook is Captain Hook and Emma is Emma Swan wth am I blabbering about) being together and how Emma now is the Dark One (okay sorry for spilling this out it's not my fault everyone on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook is posting about how Emma is now the Dark One), but I understand quite well that doesn't concern any of you BUT CAN I STILL RAMBLE ABOUT THEM IT'S FUN AND HEARTBREAKING

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Has anyone noticed that Jen M's hair is glorious? *sighs*

Oh yeah I also finished reading The Fate of Ten, the latest I Am Number Four sequel. I thought that was the last book??? BUT NO?? Still has a couple of books? Sometimes I hate authors, I really do. They go on killing our favourite characters and then making cliffhangers and whatsoever not!

I'm actually not feeling well. I mean, mentally. Physically I'm fine. I am just lost inside, and it's kinda stupid. I don't know what to do, I feel like giving up? It's absurd, but still, some people do feel that sometimes. I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing, and I think I'm so messed up right now. I let myself calm down by coloring, doodling, drawing, making mind maps (it's just me being messy), and I feel like I should just study, hold on to my pens and colored Sharpies, read books (history and stuff) and I'm just like, really lost here.

Hopefully this'll get better soon. In my head I've been thinking a lot of craps and junks, it's just so confusing to continue being normal as it is.

Let me break it to you: I don't feel like I have any REAL friends here. I am completely on my own, lost in my own world. I'm usually seen walking alone, and in group discussions (with the members that our lecturers have chosen), I AM HORRIBLY QUIET. You see, they HAD to ask as to why am I so silent. It's not my fault. Well, practically, yes. But I'm not used to being around English students, I don't know, the environment is just so different???

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Despite what I said in my previous post, I don't even know if I can even hold on for much longer. Deep down inside, I'm pretty sure I can go through with this, for, well, another 4 years. But RIGHT NOW, I don't feel like I could make it. It's far ahead and uh, I'm afraid I'd break apart right in the middle. I hope not.

I just hope that I won't disappoint my parents again. I've disappointed them enough over the years.

Thanks for reading. :)