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If you love Harry Potter and Percy Jackson...

Hi there assalamualaikum!

Excuse me, I'm getting my booknerd mode on, and please bear with it! HEH!

Sooooooooooooooooooo, is there any Harry Potter or Percy Jackson's fans hereee?

(Nope, I can't heaaaaaaaaar youuuuuu)

(Uuuuuuuuuu who lives in the pineapple under the sea!)


OK, I know there are like, a thousand billions of Potterheads around the world, including me. Except that I'm not thaaat hardcore, but I am somewhere in between a Muggle and a Wizard. If that makes any sense, since you know, it's either you're a Muggle or you're a Wizard. THERE IS NO IN BETWEEN THIS IS NOT THE FAERY WORLD WE'RE TALKING ABOUT (excuse me I'm still getting over the final book in The Iron Fey series *lies down* *tries not to cry* *gives in to mental breakdown*)

Also, there are also fans of Rick Riordan's UHHH-MAY-ZINGGGG series, Percy Jackson and The Olympians! (And the Heroes of Olympus) Everyone loves Percy Jackson, who wouldn't? That gorgeous sea-like c…

It's EnglishJer and Anwaq Hadi!

Assalamualaikum. Hi! I'm sorry for the emotional post before, but believe me, that was me being rather 'rational emotional' than 'emotional emotional'. Geddit? Lol.

So.... last night, I attended a forum...... paneled by Anwar Hadi and EnglishJer guy, Qayyum (the one in EJ's videos)! Of course, organised by our faculty punya society, FALCOM (Faculty of Language and Communication). They talked about English. Duh. It's EnglishJer, so of course that was what they talked about.

I might have gotten a tiny bit excited since I got to see Anwar Hadi face-to-face? And gotta meet the really cool guy Qayyum? Heh. They were so steady on the stage, with Qayyum, casual and I don't know, AWESOME? x) Oh and of course, Anwar Hadi being cocky and funny as he always is. I'm not really a fan of Anwar Hadi, but yeah, I did watch his videos first before MatLuthfi's. In fact, I knew MatLuthfi through Anwar Hadi. Heh.

Watching from below the deck (eh? hahaha…