Seronoknya belajar! Hewhew

Assalamualaikum. Pa habaq semua? Hiks! Haritu aku janji nak tulis pasal definition of an active blogger kan? HEHEHEHEHEHE tak jadi kbai

I'm gonna share a little bit something on my studies lah harini since it's been a long time aku update pasal benda takdak faedah kan :') Ok this new semester I have to complete 18 credit hours of studies, so dalam 6 subjects macam tu lah. We have Language & Society (LangSo), Intercultural Communication (ICC), Intro to Human Communication (Human Comm), English for Communication II (EngComm), Phonetics and Phonology (PhoPho...comel kan hahaha) and TITAS.

Yup it's ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOUT COMMUNICATION BEBEH!!!! and Society. Basically this semester is about mengkaji society lah, all with the ICC, Human Comm, LangSo and TITAS. Yang paling aku suka ICC kot sebab assignment dia macam menarik tertarik kau memang da bomb.

Our first task was to make our own name tag in any creative way possible, and then we had to present it in front of the class pastu people got to ask questions about us (especially if you're famous) (as for me I'm not famous so no one asked me any question so yelah sampah je kita ni huks).

Ni aku punya

Since my creativity runs wild only on an A4 paper, so ni jelah aku mampu buat. Madam asked us to provide 5 things in our name tags: 1) Full name; 2) Nickname; 3) College/Uni life in one word; 4) Dreams and 5) Where do you see your life in 5 years.

My dream is to travel the world because you know, traveling helps me ease off my emotional pain ok sebenarnya memang nak gi tengok dunia luar cemana but being me, still studying and stuff, I have to save first la. Takkan asyik nak habiskan duit mak ayah je huks tahun lepas pergi Jepun pun bukan duit sendiri hehehe.... And actually my other dream is to bring all of my family members for umrah and haji and travel together with them. But susah sikit nak lukis huahuahua

I described my university life as OK, like a so-so. It's quite boring to be honest because I'm stuck in Terengganu EEEEEEEEEE MENGADANYA DULU SEBOK NAK BALIK TERENGGANU TENGOK AH INSAN BIASA YANG TAK BERSYUKUR NAMA FIFIEY NI LEMPANG SKET BAGI KESEDARAN HUH!

And where do I see my life in 5 years? Erm, probably working or pursuing my Master or something. But I'd like to become a novelist, write stories and books and everything since all I do is read and read and read (I'm rereading Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson-related series hehehe). I haven't got the time to create and write new stories yet (and when I do, I usually waste it to do nothing and reading hahahahaha so me), but yeah, I'd like to publish a book (or more) one day. PLEASE BE THERE TO READ THEM

at, girl, and reading image

Since my obsession is with Merlin/Arthurian legend, uh, I'm probably going to write about that... I already have one story (only two chapters lol). And another one is on Wattpad (last update: 1996 jk 2014 kot) which involves murder and stuff. Yes, I'm cool like that :)


For our individual assignment we have to do this film review stuff, but on cultural elements. I LIKE REVIEWING STUFFS OK IT'S JUST THAT I DON'T SHOW IT ENOUGH HOHOHO. So then I choose Seniman Bujang Lapok as my film because I AM SO OLDSCHOOL AND I LIKE P. RAMLEE'S MOVIES VERY MUCH! See, the interesting part is that, we can choose any types of films/movies, from Malay to Arabic la. But apa yang Madam nak tengok is how we see (and explain) the cultural elements in the film.

In Seniman Bujang Lapok, of course la it consists of mostly Malay cultures. DUH.

One of the elements is the lifestyle of practicing polygamy hahahahaha

But Madam said we cannot choose Malay movies yang sekarang ni. Macam Mat Moto ke Mat Cupcake ke, Adnan Sempit ke whatever shit not tu cannot ok, CAN-NOT! Don't do rubbish stuff k!

(OK sebenarnya esok kena hantar assignment ni hehe)

(yang sedihnya aku dah print assignment ni sebelum ni tapi lupa letak page, tadi aku nak print lagi dakwat hitam dah habis like hmm k la guna tangan jela buat page numbering tu -..-)

Overall I really enjoy this ICC subject! For group assignment nanti we have to do an interview with someone from an entirely different culture (can't be Malay, Indian or Chinese -_-) and to top the cake, we kena rakam that interview session :''')))))))))))) Madam, mana nak cari madam, manaaaa? K nanti 1.5M Bangladeshi coming, can choose one of them kk :')

On the other hand, LangSo pun best jugak. It's the study between society and language. Does language affect the society or society yang affect language? HAAAAAAA hang pikiaq la pikiaq! Madam tasked us with writing our own journals (in a book, or type then put in file) for each lesson we learn every week, we have to write our own experience as examples to what we've learned. Madam said, before we study other people, let's study about ourselves. Okay, Madam. My diary-writing skill pun dah berkarat dah ni huhuhu

I was tempted to start my journal with "Dear diary..." but takyah lah buat lawak hambar kat Madam kan kesian Madam tak mampu nak paksa diri untuk gelak. :')))

Whoever is interested in applying for BEN (Bachelor of English with Communication) studies, be sure to check out our FBK (Fakulti Bahasa & Komunikasi) website, k! Also, this year our faculty will be introducing a new course, Ijazah Sarjana Muda Bahasa Melayu dengan Komunikasi. Ok, tu je! Promote universiti sendiri ni hehehehe :3


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