Problems, problems and probbblemmmmsssss

Assalamualaikum and hi everyone. I was going through my Instagram yesterday and I belek-belek the old posts (with embarrassing captions) and I found one with something like, "What is life without a little bad storm and tornadoes?" stuff like that.
problem - noun
1. any question or matter involving doubt, uncertainty, or difficulty.
2. a question proposed for solution or discussion.
3. Mathematics. a statement requiring a solution, usually by means of a mathematical operation or geometric construction.
Throughout my life, I consider myself to be someone who's normal and doesn't have that much problem. It's not that I want more problems, though..... just saying. Some people have financial problems, some people have serious family problems and breakups and hardship la kan. But me? Setakat mengidam nak makan sushi tapi tak dapat (sebab malas nak drive and nak save duit) and moody masa period, that's all je lah kot.

See, I think having problems make our lives more lively, don't you think so?

Without problems in life, I have a feeling that we'd all be living a boring life. Like zombies. You know zombies? Their sole purpose in life (even though they're dead) is to find brains and eat those brains. Kinda pathetic, right? The only problem they'll be facing is, "Where to get more brains?" after everyone with brains are dead.

There are many types of problems, and different ages have different problems. When we were kids, our problems were not being tall enough to reach the highest shelf and wanting to grow up and missing our Saturday morning cartoons.

Then we have to deal with growing up as emotional teenagers and friends and trying to stay away from drugs and illegal stuff and studying to complete school.

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After that, university life. And then, adults having marriage problems, not having enough money to get married problems and having sleepless nights because of babies and when we're older and older we need to deal with health and wealth and jobs and everything.

These things that make our lives colourful, even though at times we may feel like giving up and despairing. It's the aftermath that matters. How we deal with those problems, and how we face ourselves and everyone else around in spite of those burdens.

Problems define the ups and downs in our lives. No ups? No downs? Nothing interesting, then. Have you seen the heartbeat line?

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If it's a straight line, it means you're dead. Hypothetically, you're dead inside.

So...what should we do, then, if PROBLEMS go through all the trouble to come at us?

Not getting straight As, not getting good results. What do we do? We can't turn back time and change our decisions and actions. We are definitely not in some kind of Legend of Tomorrow tv-series. What do we do, then? We wake up from our fall and do something about it la kan? We may not be able to change the past, but we can set our present and future in a better path...if we know how to wake up from our mistakes.

We shouldn't really despair or sedih or feel buntu or whatever lah when we are dealing with serious problems and masalah and all their adik-beradik.

For example, we've all learned Maths, right? Every question, every problem in Mathematics, everything has its solutions, right? Maybe that's what Mathematics is trying to tell us, that FOR EVERY PROBLEM THERE IS A SOLUTION (why does this sound a lot like Physics' "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction"? hahaha bye)

Every problem mesti ada jalan penyelesaiannya. Nothing is a dead end. In life, we have choices. Either we make the right choice, or we try again. That's all that matters. If all our life we've never tried hard enough, then it's time to get up and try harder. Pretty sure all of us have heard of J.K. Rowling and the publishers who rejected her Harry Potter manuscripts and Thomas Edison and his light bulb and so many others.

They faced their problems and they become legends.

Don't despair if problems find you. Heads up, and deal with them.

Pray to God to give us strength, because in the end, it is He who makes our lives better.

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And don't worry if you don't have enough problems to deal with, you'll be dragged into other people's problems as well and THEN you get a headache HAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA seriously if you feel like your life is easy and all, maybe it's a sign that you're here to help others with their problems.

(Also, I lied about not having that much problems. I just choose to ignore them most of them time hhahahahahahaha ok but seriously jangan lari dari masalah, ignore takpe. Haha bai :p)


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