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Alya gemok gendut berasap

hi this post is dedicated to make time for her blog, guys. she likes to talk about farts, poops and other gross stuff (although she does not include these in her blog, only in daily conversation). i still don't know why we're STILL friends. she's really annoying and it would be best if you guys annoy her, too.

best regards, ipy

The Three Circles of Time!

Assalamualaikum everyone ;3

Have you heard about the three circles depicting our perspectives of time? *excuse my gobbledygook vocab, I've been watching Sheldon spitting craps on The Big Bang Theory these few days* *oh by the way I didn't learn gobbledygook from Sheldon, but it somehow exists in Human Communication subject*

OH I AM SOOOO SORRY this is all Sheldon Cooooooooooper.

Okay, basically these three circles. One time during our Human Communication class, Madam asked us to draw three circles. Randomly. On a sheeeet of paper. I never knew about these time circles until then, so I just drew three freaking non-overlapping circles.

So... I drew something like this.......... (after that, Madam made us label each of the circle with 'past', 'present' and 'future') I know, right? So noob. If you look at one angle, you could definitely tell Mickey that you've found a hidden Mickey.

The circles were supposed to be overlapping each other, but of course, …

Positive vibes

Assalamualaikum. Dah masuk 1 Mei dah. Selamat Hari Buruh, bruh! Hehehe

Recently I had Alya coming to my house, so that we could lepak together. The car that I usually use got some aircond problems, so my dad hantar kedai lah untuk check. Aku pun malas nak keluar, jadi ajaklah Alya datang rumah (wow) (miracle nya) (alya datang rumah) (alya keluar wow).

She brought crab stick popiah cheese (homemade) and we ate while watching Khurafat. And then we watched Munafik and Putih, the Malay animation cartoon when we were kids.

After Asar, we played a board game called Master Malaysia. This game was famous during our secondary school. It's a game mainly on Malaysian facts. If you're a real pro of Malaysian history, geography and EVERYTHING, you should play this game.

This game has dice and a board to play on. We can choose our own avatar (or what do you call them, the colourful things differentiating each player?) and then we roll the dice, and move our avatar. The board is square and e…