How do we know we've found 'someone'?

We don't.

Sometimes, it's just the normal and ordinary feelings we have for someone. Like when we're with him or her, we feel safer and happy and content. We're very fond of that person. We like to talk to him/her, and in short we just like hanging out with them.

Maybe it's someone that we have known for years and even though we don't meet each other that often, but when we do, we feel so connected and have this 'zing' going on (seriously, go watch Hotel Transylvania) with them. We've talked and known each other for years and we feel perfectly comfortable with them, maybe that's when we know we're in love.

Maybe that someone is already right in front of us all the time, but we don't realise it because we're busy searching for someone else to be our perfect guy/girl. Been there all along, but like pepatah Melayu I can relate to, semut seberang lautan nampak tapi gajah depan mata tak nampak. I'm not saying that that 'someone' is an elephant, but you get the idea. Also, gajah is kinda cute. My boy Ahmad got one stuffed elephant as a present and it's very cute!

I'm off to 21 next year and I still don't have feelings for anyone. I am perfectly single and not crushing on everybody.

It is becoming a sensational talk amongst friends, family and uh, family's friends.

"Got boyfriend or nooooo?"

"Where's your boyfriend?"

"Bila nak kahwin?"

Oh, Allah. Help me please. Hahahahahaha

My friends and I were talking about this and by friends I mean my SINGLE friends. We could've been called the "ALL THE SINGLE LADIES" group. Although all of us joke about this a lot, it's suffice to say that we are all just a tiny bit worried. I mean, come on, everyone else has got a boyfriend and fiancee some are already married - we have got to feel something, right? Lol

Somehow I ended up saying to all of us,

"It's okay. Mungkin we haven't found our soulmates yet. Maybe some day but not today."

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Live young, girls! And to more vacations together! *throws confetti*

p/s: what am i doing i'm in the middle of the finals week i'm done bye
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