Thankfully (and shockingly) (and also suddenly), I'm 21!

Also, today is also the birthday of................................. GRANT GUSTIN!!!!

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Abang said to me once, "Abang tahu kenapa Fifi suka Barry Allen/Grant Gustin. Sebab birthday sama kan?"


Today is Kaksa's birthday, too! (My sister-in-law)

We went celebrating (not really like celebrating la, just went out for makan-makan and family gathering) last night at WestPlate Factory, Shah Alam. I ate like a horse???? Salmon plate and beef burger for the birthday girl, please!

Abang was also the birthday boy last night because he's turning 33 on 16th January.

Excuse me while I choose the worst picture taken :))))

Everyone was there, except Kakak and Kakngah. It's okay. Maybe gonna go eat once more in Terengganu I guess?????

Alhamdulillah for the people around me, family and friends.


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