Touchfive Marker Pens for Doodling!


Assalamualaikum haiiiii

The previous post was about Paint Tool SAI, this one is about markers!

Remember that I mentioned Copic markers in the previous post? Haaa, since Copic markers are quite expensive, so I found another cheaper brand. On Lazada. I searched for Copic there, too but the price masyaAllah boleh lepas yuran satu semester.

Browsing the website (Lazada) for markers similar to Copic, I found this one brand, TouchFive. Being Fifiey, I usually don't go for small numbers la I go big. Go big or go home. So, I go big. I found the 80 color set for RM109 something. I consulted Alya beforehand, tho, whether TouchFive could be trusted (for doodles and sketches) and she said something like YES I SAW TUTORIALS ON YOUTUBE PEOPLE USING TOUCHFIVE BUY FIEY BUY!!!

So I tried to buy the one with RM109 but I tried and tried and tried, tapi tak boleh. I don't know why. There was a lot of options to choose from, just search for TouchFive on Lazada. I wanted the 80 color set so I found the right one for RM135.

This the one, you can see my review on the product (scroll down)

I took a screenshot of the product today, so the price has gone lower now hmmmmm go buy la. If you wanna make sure the product is the same as mine, you can scroll down at the bottom and see two people giving reviews. Fifiey Azmi is one of them yeahhh

It states there the item ships from overseas, so it might take some time for it to reach your doorstep. I got the markers after 10 days like that. The package actually arrived at a post office in Terengganu a week after I confirmed my booking, but it got stuck there for days. I called the post office and went there myself to pick it up (tak sabar ok).


I'm satisfied with the markers because I finally can color my drawings with something other then COLOR PENCILS!!!!! AND WATERCOLORS!!!! I suck at coloring (both using color pencils and watercolors) but alcohol-ink based markers are what I *think* I'll be good at! I don't know. We'll see.


I need more pink/red/orange/yellow/green/blue/purple shades T_T

OK sila bersyukur please

But anyway, I got excited and... I didn't know what to DOODLE, and if there's no DOODLE, no COLORING, no USING TOUCHFIVE MARKERS. I asked Alya on what to do with this, so she suggested that I do the erm listings of the colors?

This one

24 freaking shades of grey

My first try of using these markers was doing the seven days of the week using different styles or fonts or typeface I don't know the specifics guys come on. I mostly tried to blend the colors and it worked great for the one with Pastel Blue and Turqoise Blue, the others are just hmmmmmmmmmmm I need to try blending more.

I also can't brain the three shades of purple, Pastel Violet, Azalea Purple and Pale Purple (refer the previous image). Those are ALL PINK I DON'T SEE PURPLE ANYWHERE help

sunday got lightning bolt because harry potter

Here are the colors.

Product details:

  • Set includes 80 colors pens, provides you smooth and wonderful writing experience
  • Ideal for personal arts and crafts, costume and landscape designing and so on
  • Double pen points (1mm / 6mm), ideal for sketching and scribbling
  • Alcohol-based ink dries acid-free and non-toxic
  • With a black storage bag, convenient for you to store and carry
  • Material: plastic + oil-based paint + alcohol-based ink
  • Bag Size: 20 x 10 x 16.5cm
  • Pen Length: 15.5cm
  • Nib Size: 1mm / 6mm
  • Pen Shell Color: black pen shell
  • Package:
  • 80 x Paint Marker
  • 1 x Storage Bag

Dakwat dia macam lebih serap kat kertas, so if you're gonna use them, make sure lapik kertas kotor under the one yang you nak warna guna marker tu. Pro tip for blending: make sure to use the darker color before the lighter one, and don't wait until the dark one (not Rumplestiltskin) dries to blend with the lighter one, it won't be as good.

Since I didn't know what to draw and I was craving for pizza, so I drew pizza... and Shinbei from Ninja Boy. Who doesn't love pizza? :P

Yang sebelah tu aku dah lama buat, cuma baru warna je. Saja nak test warna guna marker tu. Still tak smooth warna muka tu, macam orang ada penyakit kulit huhu.

By the way, aku kan ada koleksi Sharpie banyak warna jugak (takdela sampai 80 ahaks) and I was searching for grey Sharpies since forever hah sekarang dapat 24 jenis warna kelabu guna la sampai puas

The markers also come with a bag. Simple je beg dia. Muat-muat je untuk 80 batang marker pen tu. Ada pemegang lagi. Cuma dia macam messy sikit la marker-marker dalam tu sebab beg tu macam pencil case biasa je.

Overall, I would rate this product 3.5/5 for quality but because I'm excited let's just give it a 4.5/5! I'll try to get a couple of Copic markers to compare with these. And stay tuned for more doodles! Hehehe




Assalamualaikum hello everyone!

I'm on mid-term break, yeehaw! Macam biasa-lah kalau dah dapat cuti seminggu tu, mesti ada plan nak buat something productive like reading (I have a pile of unread books but still want to reread Harry Potter zzz), or sketching and drawing in my sketchbook (I actually bought three and only one is being used, tu pun tak full lagi) or blogging proper stuff or watching TV series lalalala~

As it turns out, lol no, none of that, although I've found something similar to sketching and drawing and coloring!

Before this aku pernah doodle guna Photoshop, kan, and semestinya aku ni suka buat benda-benda melukis ni, especially kat laptop ni sebab coloring tools are more advanced and precise. Dan aku tak pandai sangat (or preferably tak suka) guna pensel warna. Ni doodles dulu-dulu (masa aku form 4 and form 5).

Guna Photoshop ni best sebab dia boleh letak tulisan and ada pelbagai features yang boleh mencantikkan tulisan tu. Cuma bagi aku tools untuk buat doodle agak payah sikit.

Jadi, Alya telah memperkenalkan Paint Tool SAI kepada aku! Kelebihan Paint Tool SAI ni memang dia untuk melukis. Alya punya doodles mostly dia guna Paint Tool SAI. At first aku tak suka sangat Paint Tool SAI ni sebab dia macam tak banyak benda, just boleh lukis and then warna. Tu pun masa tu aku malas nak explore brushes dia, sebab aku memang fail bab-bab water color, crayon semua.

But since masuk universiti aku dah kurang main Photoshop and other apps. Lately ni je guna Photoshop for posters and magazines (assignments).

And sejak masuk universiti ni dah jaraaaang gila nak melukis. Kalau ada mood datang nak melukis, mesti time nak exam, so terpaksa hold dulu. And it sucks bila terpaksa suppress idea nak melukis ni, so last week I sought out Paint Tool SAI online and found a free version (complete with many brushes including COPIC markers!!!)

I've been dreaming to own Copic markers asdfghjkl but they're quite pricey T_T

Well, Paint Tool SAI helped me solve my undying wish to use Copic markers!

So, here I'm gonna share with you guys my drawings. They're not really like, original straight from my imagination but I sort of trace the real pictures with tools on SAI and then color them myself. It's great practice, though!!!

Harry (Daniel Radcliffe)

Of course the first try would be Harry Potter. Rambut dia susah ok since Harry had messy hair that stuck up everywhere. And his lips, oh... Sangat on point hoccay! (I really like doing his scar)

The second one I did was Clary Fairchild from The Mortal Instruments (Lily Collins' portrayal of Clary).

...which looks badass. The hair's quite tricky but I loved doing it. Also the nose, bit hard. I didn't know where to put the lines so that the nose'd look OK.

My third drawing/tracing is Alya's chopsticks smile. Since she introduced me to SAI, I guess it'd be great to draw her.

Paling susah untuk part Alya ni ialah baju dia. Damnnnnn kotak-kotak shirt I won't be wearing one after this! The shirt looks like Alya had stained them with paint or oil or something.

I also drew Grant Gustin's Barry Allen, Slytherin Hermione (Emma Watson), Chris Evan's Captain America and Jennifer Morrison's Emma Swan. Barry's face was quite hard since I still don't know where to appropriately draw the lines, Slytherin Hermione was okay, and both Captain and Emma macam awkward sikit hidung diorang.

Honestly I enjoyed doing the Slytherin Hermione because I got to change some colors to my liking and alter Hermione's Gryffindor appearance. Might have to improve on Emma Swan though because she looks a bit chubbier than the real version *cries*

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the feels! Finally boleh lukis warna warni shadow everything with this Paint Tool SAI! With Photoshop, it's almost impossible to trace the real picture (for me it's impossible). Photoshop kena betul-betul power lah untuk tracing, doodle and coloring and semua benda.

Hm okay that's all hahahahhaha finally something productive kalau tak mesti mereput je main handphone.


Langkawi Day 2: Island Hopping


Assalamualaikum setelah seminggu lebih (ke dah dua minggu? HAHAHAHAHA) baru nak update Day 2. Ish, dahlah pergi 4 hari. Uhuks (Dah berbulan-bulan rupanya ...)

Ok ok, hari kedua kami bangun dalam keadaan kesejukan melampau sebab aircond bilik kami tu remote dia tak berfungsi, so suhu dia kekal 16 darjah Celsius. Aku bangun subuh tu kaki dah cream cramp. Lepas tu gerak insan-insan lain tak bangun bangun -.- Aku pun solat lah dulu, and after aku solat, baru lah kejut diorang sekali lagi dengan nada cemas, "SEMORANG BANGUN SUBUH NAK HABIS DAH NI!!!"

Padahal baru 6.20. Ahaks

Second day ni Kak Alia dah bagitahu akan ada van datang ambik kami kat hotel dalam pukul 9.00 pagi. Kak Alia kata 9.30 dah tercongok kat depan hotel. Ok so kami macam rilek rilek la dulu. Sekali pukul 9.01 tu pakcik yang nak datang ambik kiteorang tu call cakap dah nak sampai!!!

Habis gelabah satu bilik ha, cepat-cepat turun. Ingatkan dah sampai, rupanya tunggu dalam 10 minit jugak la baru pakcik tu sampai. Van tu dah penuh dah dengan tourists lain yang sama-sama nak pergi ke Jeti Island Hopping. Lupa pulak nama dia (sebab aku tengah type ni dua bulan lebih lepas trip ni HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

Jeti Island Hopping tu ada lah dalam 5 minit kot dari hotel kiteorang. Perjalanan patutnya smooth je tapi van yang kami naiki tu masyaAllah buruknya kondisi. Memang van yang betul-betul lama punya, aircond tak function, lepas tu jalan nak gi jeti tu ada kena naik bukit sikit.


Tapi alhamdulillah walaupun dengan kelajuan 10km/j berjaya jugak van yang berat tu mengangkut kami tiba ke jeti. Aku syak masa van tu tengah sangkut nak naik bukit tu, tourists tough kat sebelah aku dah bersedia nak turun tolak van tu ahahhaahhaha

Pemandangan kat jeti island hopping

Sampai-sampai tu kami kena diberi sticker untuk menandakan kami ni dari agen mana-mana. Kami of course la FA Agency lepas tu kena tunggu giliran untuk naik bot ke tiga pulau yang tertera dalam itinerary.

Bot-bot yang bakal dinaiki

Sebelum naik tu sempat la selfie dua tiga dan sila abaikan muka Fatin Athirah sebab dia cuak nak naik bot. Aku memang kalau naik menda-menda yang balance dia gedung gedeng ni tak suka sikit. Dahlah bawak telepon dalam beg kan so takut beg tu terjatuh ke apa.

Masa dalam bot pun sempat jugak ambik gambar. Kiteorang naik bot sama ngan pasangan yang pergi bulan madu ada duk depan kami secocok je. Sebbaik tak sweet sweet.

Merenung destinasi

Pulau first kami pergi ialah Pulau Beras Basah. Pulau ni je boleh main air. So kiteorang pun main lah air dengan batu-batu karang mati tajam even nearby the sand. So kena berhati-hati la sikit. Masa main air tu duk ajar Piqah Piah Mirah cara-cara nak terapung. Aku ngan Aisyah je yang reti mengapung-apungkan badan ni. HELLO WALAUPUN I BERAT I TERAPUNG HOCCAY

Tips terapung ni yang paling penting kena tenang. Dan confident. Kalau kau cemas masa tengah feeling badan nak naik apung tu, mintak maaf mintak ampunlah, kau akan tenggelam. Setelah 50 kali bagi tunjuk ajar beserta bantuan dan demonstrasi, akhirnya budak bertiga tu berjaya jugak mengapungkan badan sekurang-kurangnya sekali. Ada yang sekali buat boleh lepastu kelam-kabut balik tak jadi lah hmm

Gambar-gambar di Pulau Beras Basah.

Gambar ni pasangan honeymoon tu ambik ahaks

Seronok main air berendam macam badak ughh.

Kat Pulau Beras Basah ni, boleh berkelah makan-makan, main air. Benda-benda yang kita boleh buat kat pantai biasa la. Tapi kena hati-hati sebab kat sini banyak monyet/kera suka curi makanan. Makanan tu bawak dari sebelum naik bot la takkan nak beli masa tengah-tengah naik bot tu yedok?

Abang bot tu tinggal kiteorang situ dalam sejam gitu la kot, after that dia ambik kiteorang menuju ke Pulau Singa Besar, untuk tengok Eagle Feeding (dari dalam bot sahaja).

Abang bot tu je yang bagi makan ayam kat helang-helang Pulau Singa Besar tu. Aku cuma tak faham la kenapa pulau tu nama Singa Besar sedangkan banyak helang yang menghuni tempat tu. Mungkin ada singa sekor kot duk situ? Hmm entahlah, tak sempat pulak tanya sang helang sebab dia tengah sibuk menyambar ayam yang diberi secara percuma.

Lepaih tu, abang bot kayuh bot pi Pulau Dayang Bunting pulak. Kayuh? Kbai. Kat Pulau Dayang Bunting ni ada Tasik Dayang Bunting. Kat sini la boleh berenang-renang dan berkayak dan ada pelbagai aktiviti menarik yang boleh dilakukan jika anda loaded dan hari tak hujan zzz Cuma nak sampai ke Tasik tu mencabar sikit sebab kena daki bukit sikit

Allahu lemah kaki, dengan sejuknya (sebab hoooojan), lepas tu tak warm up dan dah lama tak train kaki ni mendaki (biasa daki tangga kat PASUM tu hahahaha) memang pain in the legs la

Masa kami sampai di tasik tu, semua aktiviti terpaksa dihentikan sebab hujan. Tak dibenarkan mandi ke main kayak ke apa-apa jelah. Kaki aku dah ketar masa tu. After some time, hujan berhenti kot tapi kami malas nak sewa jaket ke apa so mandi kat kolam yang dibuat kat situ jelah. Kami kan suka mandi kolam.

Lama jugak hujan tu, and by the time kami dah siap mandi tu and kena balik ke bot turunkan kami tadi sebab abang bot pun ada jugak bagi masa untuk kami kat sini. Jadi, kita selfie dulu.

Tudung tetap on point walaupun basah :)))

Lepas tu nak kena daki bukit lagi LAHAIIIII DAH LAH TINGGI CURAM tangga dia. Sabor jelah. Dengan basah kuyupnya. By the way kami bawak towel hotel je datang sini HAHAHAHAHHA

Bye Dayang Bunting

Kami naik bot dan kembali ke Jeti yang awal-awal sampai tadi lupa pulak nama. We reached the jetty around 1pm kot, and after that proceed to Pantai Cenang untuk parasailing, banana boat and semua aktiviti air lah. Tapi hari hujan lagi, diorang tak jalankan semua aktiviti tu kalau hujan. Kami pun pulang ke hotel, tukar baju semua and solat.

On the way balik

After that kami keluar pergi cari makanan which was dekat warung depan hotel tu je. Naik kereta jugak lolz al maklumlah letih sangat lepas daki bukit Dayang Bunting.

Maaf ler takde gambar saya sebab mesti awak semua dah bosan tengok gambar saya merata-rata kat blog ni. Kami makan nasi goreng kampung (yang ada telur tu). Yang ada sambal tu lupa lauk apa SEBAB NI DAH BULAN MAC 2017 BARU NAK SAMBUNG UPDATE PADAHAL PERGI BULAN JULAI 2016 ASTAGA

Sedap jugaklah, since we came back for breakfast the next morning hehehe. Lepas dah kenyang (kan tak makan dari pagi so kebulor la), kami pun decide nak pergi Underwater World Langkawi since tempat tu memang betul-betul depan hotel kami.

Since we all dapat open ticket, so bolehlah pergi bila-bila masa. But kena redeem dulu dekat kaunter.

Asek bergambar je

Masuk masuk tu haruslah ada ambik gambar yang diorang akan print at the end of our visit boleh beli (faham tak ayat ni hahhaaha). Aku pakai selipar je masa ni sebab kasut basah weh kan tadi gi Pulau Dayang Bunting tu hujan huhu. Dahlah dah memang lenguh dah kaki, pastu pakai selipar lagi sakit wei. Selipar toilet masa PASUM dulu pulak tu /nanges/

Pink + blue is my combination

Mula-mula masuk tu jumpa dengan sejenis lizard yang tak geli sangat. Dia kurus je.

Usha awek ke bro

Kalau korang expect aku akan ingat nama biawak/cicak tu, sorry lah. Dah berbulan-bulan dah ni mana nak ingat. Aku nak tulis dalam diari kisah pengembaraan di Langkawi, bebudak ni kata panjang sangat. Hmm

Semua muka dah start nak menunjukkan terbakar huhu

Hello good fish

Sebelum sampai part underwater, ada tempat penguins. Kesian tengok diorang, ramai-ramai dalam tu macam tak ada arah tuju hidup. Hambar gila. Cuma ada-lah sekor ni attention seeker kat cermin tu duk main ngan Piah.

Piah apa lagi kemain seronok la dia. Rasanya kalau boleh bawak balik sekor untuk bela, dah naik feri dengan penguin dah rasanya.

Look at them cuties

Tak sure lah apa ethical opinion regarding these penguins here. Macam dekat zoo lah. Seriously they looked like they could live in a better place.

Mestilah bergambar sini ok

Lepas tu, before kita masuk yang part underwater, ada satu exhibition animation gitu. Promoter kat situ beria-ia ajak kiteorang masuk. Of course lah, nama pun promoter, mestilah kena beria ye dok!

Exhibition tu macam ada satu aplikasi ni kita lukis dekat port screen kita tu and bila dah siap lukis (or color) tu, we hit "Finish" and the drawing/coloring that we did akan keluar dekat screen besar.

Look at piah coloring the fish

The result

When we discovered how the app worked, Piah apa lagi, terus tulis nama kiteorang and then muncullah ikan bertulisan nama kami kat screen besar. Staff dia kat situ macam gelak amazed kat kiteorang mampu buat mende tu lol

Sofiah piqah ipy aisyah mirah ❤

There was also another section that they took our pictures and then they edited it with a lion in it. I bought the picture for RM10. Beli jelah sebab aku memang suka singa hewhew

Look at me so jakun wearing slippers ughh

There was another exhibition/promotion show on 3D something but we didn't go because it was quite pricey. I didn't mind the price but yeah the others might. Hehe

So we continued to see the underwater creatures.

Menatang apa tah, ambik je semua gambar hahahahaha bajet photographic la tuw

That's some big ass crab right there ;p

Afterwards, there was another section. I couldn't remember but the only picture taken is this.

Probably the outside-of-water section.

It wasn't that exciting for us, maybe because some of us had already gone to Underwater World before and there wasn't much to see, either. Kalau trip sekolah rendah/menengah seronok la kot hahahaha besides, for me, I've seen a better aquarium with a giant white shark. It was fun because we were together. Haruslah -- kalau tak bosanlah jalan sengsorang ye tak

Dah habis pusing Underwater World tu, mestilah ada kedai souvenir. Time ni la kita boleh dapatkan printed picture yang diambik masa mula-mula kita masuk tadi. Aku beli satu dengan keychain sebab kalau sekeping gambar RM35 and sekeping keychain RM15 tapi bila beli dua-dua jadi RM40 :')

Then dah keluar Underwater World tu, we, of course, being Malays and Malaysians, dilema nak makan kat mana. Memanglah makan kat mulut tapi restoran atau the venue tu kat mana.

Kami pun pusing la kawasan Pantai Cenang tu cari tempat makan. Tapi macam semua tak berkenan plus parking pun payah.

Then we remembered Pak Cik Van this morning punya suggestion to eat at Restoran Wan Thai kat Pekan Kuah sana. So, apa lagi kami start enjin kereta and VROOOM drove all the way to Kuah in just 20 minutes. Boleh Waze or Google Map je kedai tu sebab dia famous.

Waiting for food

The food was tasty, nice gila. Recommended la, especially for those yang suka pedas sebab SUMPAH PEDAS tomyam dia. Aku order Nasi Pakapau which was nasi putih with some kuah (pedas gila nak mati innalillah) and ayam goreng kunyit with some kacang panjang plus telur dadar. OH. MY. GOD.

Sedap GILA!!!!! tapi masa makan tu kena stop kejap lah nak lap peluh and air mata sebab pedas hm

I forgot what the others ordered tapi semua makanan ada dalam gambar tu. Harga dia pun boleh tahan la. Tak silap aku Nasi Pakapau tu dalam RM9. Air kami minum air masak je bukan sebab tak mampu nak beli air manis tapi sebab tak nak minum manis. Lagipun air masak free je hehe

Kenyang perut senang hati

Lepas dah makan kenyang apa semua, kami pun drive balik ke Pantai Cenang. Since the night was still young, Piqah, Piah, Aisyah and Mirah decided to take a walk dekat pasar malam sana. As for me, I REAALLLYYY COULDN'T GO ANOTHER 10 STEPS WITH THE SLIPPERS sakit kaki ok and selipar tu dah macam nak putus -_-

And aku tak suka window shopping or shopping or even pasar malam sebab it's...full....with... people... Ok. After we parted ways, aku jalan je 5 langkah selipar terus putus :')))))))))))))))))

Walaweh mujurlah hotel dalam 15 langkah lagi, tapi sebab aku risau takde footwear dah nak pakai untuk hari-hari seterusnya, aku TERNAMPAK kedai Adidas betul-betul tepi hotel tu. Dia macam shining *shing shing* gitu depan aku. Aku pun apa lagi terus la masuk kedai tu.

Pusing punya pusing ternampaklah kasut yang aku berkenan, warna apa kawan-kawan?

Eh of courselah pink. Pink hitam. So dengan duit yang still ada aku bayar-lah. Harga dia dalam RM180 kot. Sampai sekarang aku pakai (sekarang = Mac 2017) and the shoes are still in good condition. Tak sia-sia duit terbang RM180. Hehehe ayah aku memang dah bagi duit belanja plus untuk beli kasut sekali
Friendly reminder ayah aku obses nak belikan kasut kat aku. ALL THE TIME. Even dah beli bulan lepas, eh bulan depan tu kalau lalu depan kedai kasut ayah aku akan kata, "Eh jom beli kasut awak." Sabar jelah. Nasib baiklah saya ni jenis anak yang tak suka habiskan duit mak ayah lalu saya pun kata, "Takyahlah." Kalau ikutkan ayah aku, maybe setahun 12 kali beli kasut, tapi aku setahun sekali je beli kasut ataupun 2 tahun sekali :')
After paying, I went back to our hotel room and that was the end of day 2! WOW AKHIRNYA HABIS JUGAK LIKE TERHARU GILA K

Nantikan Day 3 mungkin lima tahun lagi kot hahahhaa just kidding