Assalamualaikum hello everyone!

I'm on mid-term break, yeehaw! Macam biasa-lah kalau dah dapat cuti seminggu tu, mesti ada plan nak buat something productive like reading (I have a pile of unread books but still want to reread Harry Potter zzz), or sketching and drawing in my sketchbook (I actually bought three and only one is being used, tu pun tak full lagi) or blogging proper stuff or watching TV series lalalala~

As it turns out, lol no, none of that, although I've found something similar to sketching and drawing and coloring!

Before this aku pernah doodle guna Photoshop, kan, and semestinya aku ni suka buat benda-benda melukis ni, especially kat laptop ni sebab coloring tools are more advanced and precise. Dan aku tak pandai sangat (or preferably tak suka) guna pensel warna. Ni doodles dulu-dulu (masa aku form 4 and form 5).

Guna Photoshop ni best sebab dia boleh letak tulisan and ada pelbagai features yang boleh mencantikkan tulisan tu. Cuma bagi aku tools untuk buat doodle agak payah sikit.

Jadi, Alya telah memperkenalkan Paint Tool SAI kepada aku! Kelebihan Paint Tool SAI ni memang dia untuk melukis. Alya punya doodles mostly dia guna Paint Tool SAI. At first aku tak suka sangat Paint Tool SAI ni sebab dia macam tak banyak benda, just boleh lukis and then warna. Tu pun masa tu aku malas nak explore brushes dia, sebab aku memang fail bab-bab water color, crayon semua.

But since masuk universiti aku dah kurang main Photoshop and other apps. Lately ni je guna Photoshop for posters and magazines (assignments).

And sejak masuk universiti ni dah jaraaaang gila nak melukis. Kalau ada mood datang nak melukis, mesti time nak exam, so terpaksa hold dulu. And it sucks bila terpaksa suppress idea nak melukis ni, so last week I sought out Paint Tool SAI online and found a free version (complete with many brushes including COPIC markers!!!)

I've been dreaming to own Copic markers asdfghjkl but they're quite pricey T_T

Well, Paint Tool SAI helped me solve my undying wish to use Copic markers!

So, here I'm gonna share with you guys my drawings. They're not really like, original straight from my imagination but I sort of trace the real pictures with tools on SAI and then color them myself. It's great practice, though!!!

Harry (Daniel Radcliffe)

Of course the first try would be Harry Potter. Rambut dia susah ok since Harry had messy hair that stuck up everywhere. And his lips, oh... Sangat on point hoccay! (I really like doing his scar)

The second one I did was Clary Fairchild from The Mortal Instruments (Lily Collins' portrayal of Clary).

...which looks badass. The hair's quite tricky but I loved doing it. Also the nose, bit hard. I didn't know where to put the lines so that the nose'd look OK.

My third drawing/tracing is Alya's chopsticks smile. Since she introduced me to SAI, I guess it'd be great to draw her.

Paling susah untuk part Alya ni ialah baju dia. Damnnnnn kotak-kotak shirt I won't be wearing one after this! The shirt looks like Alya had stained them with paint or oil or something.

I also drew Grant Gustin's Barry Allen, Slytherin Hermione (Emma Watson), Chris Evan's Captain America and Jennifer Morrison's Emma Swan. Barry's face was quite hard since I still don't know where to appropriately draw the lines, Slytherin Hermione was okay, and both Captain and Emma macam awkward sikit hidung diorang.

Honestly I enjoyed doing the Slytherin Hermione because I got to change some colors to my liking and alter Hermione's Gryffindor appearance. Might have to improve on Emma Swan though because she looks a bit chubbier than the real version *cries*

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the feels! Finally boleh lukis warna warni shadow everything with this Paint Tool SAI! With Photoshop, it's almost impossible to trace the real picture (for me it's impossible). Photoshop kena betul-betul power lah untuk tracing, doodle and coloring and semua benda.

Hm okay that's all hahahahhaha finally something productive kalau tak mesti mereput je main handphone.



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