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Another year, gone.

Assalamualaikum everyone!!! Allahu lamanya tak ngeupdate blog tercinta ini. Kihkihkih. Well, it had been a busy semester (all with the lost souls wandering about) and OF COURSE I WAS LAAAYYYYZAYYYYYYYYYYY. My second year (or sophomore year, they call it) has passed! 21st May was my last examination paper, Introduction to Psycholinguistics (but we prefer calling it Psycho for short), and here I am, heavenly free from any academic responsibilities! (not quite, tho)

Since it's the end of my second year, I'm going to do a recap on Semester 4. And also, because I have nothing better to do.

In Semester 4, we had to take 6 subjects. They were:

Introduction to PsycholinguisticsCritical ReadingEnglish Morphology and SyntaxNegotiation CommunicationMedia IntegrativeIlmu Wahyu & Kemasyarakatan (for Muslims)Perbandingan Agama (for non-Muslims)
Introduction to Psycholinguistics This subject studies about language and its correlation with the mind, on which parts of the brain that are cru…