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Brush-lettering Workshop at Stickerrific @ JayaOne

Hi guys assalamualaikum! Long time no see! Probably a little late, but I'm wishing you guys a happy new year regardless!

I was busy with my finals somewhere along the New Year's Eve and I thought that blogging would be the last thing on my to-do list (I know it's been weeks since my last entry hehe) since I didn't have anything remotely exciting to tell here.

Anyway, 2017 was great (ha-ha) but who'd want to replay another year again, right? For 2018 I'm hoping for a fresh start (wow, so cliche) and I'm trying to change for the better! Really? Hahahaha. Okay, okay let's be serious. In 2018, I wanna do things that truly make me happy. I never realised that throughout my life I probably didn't do much stuff to make me happy, most of the time I was trying to make people around me happy. That didn't bode well ya know.

SO! This post isn't about new year's resolution or recapping 2017, no no. I want to tell about my first activity for 2018 that…