Name: Fatin Athirah binti Azmi
Nickname: Fifiey
Age: 23 (2019)
Job: Student
Where: Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA)
Course: Bachelor in English & Communication
Obsessions: Harry Potter, The Flash
Hobbies: Bullet journaling, hand-lettering

Favorite beverage: Ice Blended White Chocolate with Macadamia crushed on top
Favorite person: With a sense of humor
Favorite person 2.0: probably you reading this *winks*
Favorite TV show of all time: MERLIN
Favorite TV show as of now: IT'S CHANGED TO SUPERGIRL
Favorite fictional character: KARA DANVERS
Favorite fictional characters 2.0: Harry Potter & Percy Jackson
Favorite fictional character 3.0: Hermione Granger
Favorite fictional characters 4.0: Barry Allen, Steve Rogers
Favorite movie of all time: TIGA ABDUL YES P. RAMLEE YES
Favorite movie as of now: Jumanji 2 (the one with Kevin Hart in it)
Movie that made me cry and wallow and depressed this year: Avengers Endgame what else :(

Favorite book series: Percy Jackson or Harry Potter or IDK I can't choose
Favorite book: I can't even choose a favorite series, how am I supposed to choose a favorite BOOK
Favorite book 2.0: Tales of Beedle the Bard
Favorite color: Pink, maybe, maybe la
Favorite real person in the whole wide world: Me Steve Rogers? ah sorry he's not real
Favorite song genre: Don't have but
Favorite song is: Crush by David Archuleta

Favorite thing to do: BULLET JOURNALING
What I really wanna do: Travel
Where I REALLY wanna go: Universal Studios at Orlando (to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter)
What exactly is the problem that prevents me from going right now: money
What I really wanna do 2.0: doodle, sketch and color i'm making the world more colorful
What I really wanna do but afraid to admit: inspiring people
What I really wanna do but I'm afraid to do: confessing my undying love ok joking  i've done that so i guess i need to find something else to do but i'm afraid to


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