Inheritance....dan Iman.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

So today my class had an extra class, Biology. We are desperate to finish the syllabus because SPM trial is going to start on the first day THE SCHOOL OPENS AFTER RAYA. Well, it's nothing. We don't feel like celebrating eidul fitr much kan, so we're cool.


We still have one more untouched chapter with is Chapter 6: Variance. As for now, we're progressing on chapter 5, Inheritance. Get to know Mendel and all, the one who FOUND about genetics (yea right I don't believe it anyway, the West stole EVERYTHING from Islam and made it their own). Somehow today the teacher explained about traits that plants get from their parents. We are still in introduction to Mendel's Laws, haven't yet reach on humans' inheritance, 'cause Mendel only made experiments on plants when he first discovered phenotypes and genotypes.

But one of my classmates, Adib, asked the teacher if the traits were like chromosomes blablabla * I don't remember his question xD *, then the teacher explained further my drawing chromosomes and labeling them. She said that offspring produced would follow the parents' dominant traits, recessive traits are not destroyed, they are sort of like DELAYED until the next generation.

Example; Edward married Bella.

Edward is tall, has straight hair, black eyes.

Bella is short, has curly hair, blue eyes.

Basically all their children will inherit Edward's tall lean and black eyes, Bella's curly hair. Because all these traits are dominant. Recessive traits are overlapped by the dominant ones, therefore those traits are to be inherited to Edward and Bella's grandchildren with the ratio 3:1. That is, if their children married someone that has all Edward or Bella's traits. Meaning, if they have four grandchildren, only one of them is going to be short, has straight hair and blue eyes.

Omaigaadd is diz true? Or does this only occur to PLANTS?! Well let's just consider Bella and Edward are plants XD

Our teacher said, children will possess traits from their parents. Like hair, eyes colours, height. So one of my classmates asked, I think it was Nabil our monitor, "Kalau orang cerdik kahwin dengan orang cerdik?" teacher answered him by nodding. Means that children will also have the possibilites to have IQs like their parents. And again, Aisyah Aqilah, replayed the same question and the teacher answered patiently LOL

Out of the blue, we all heard Amir Khair's LOUD voice.

"Teacher, iman boleh diwarisi dok?"


Everyone laughed and Teacher Ida was speechless. She smiled, her expression saying, "I'm going to be patient jelah for today." I felt like singing. Sabrina beside me said, "Die tak rajin dengar ke lagu Raihan..." I glanced to Aisyah at the back, "Syah, nyanyi sekali..." Lol.

Iman adalah mutiara
Di dalam hati manusia
Yang meyakini Allah Maha Esa, Maha Kuasa
Tanpamu iman bagaimanalah
Merasa diri hamba padaNya
Tanpamu iman bagaimanalah
Menjadi hamba Allah yang bertaqwa
Iman tak dapat diwarisi
Dari seorang ayah yang bertaqwa
Ia tak dapat dijual-beli
Ia tiada di tepian pantai
Walau apapun caranya jua
Engkau mendaki gunung yang tinggi
Engkau berentas lautan api
Namun tak dapat jua dimiliki
Jika tidak kembali pada Allah
Jika tidak kembali pada Allah

Jom cari Lailatul Qadr! 


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