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If this what it takes to forget, if this is the way to throw away the feeling, if this is not a joke, if this is everything you've been wanting me to do, if this is everything I wouldn't do, if this is a way to get over you, if this is the answer to all the questions, if this is why I won't stop, if this is stupid enough for you, if this is what everyone doesn't know, if this...this...if this hurts too much, then I will let go. I will stop. I don't a have real explanation to this, but I'm not going to find any more excuses to avoid this. Maybe I am or maybe I am not. People won't guess, they won't know. Some will but it's really hard to prove. Feeling hopeless, feeling hateful, feeling...feeling...disappointed, all in one. I will learn to forget. Time heals most wounds. I wish time would also take away all my memories of you. Let none be in my mind. I'll heal again, I'll live happy again. I will forget. But... I don't know if I will forgive. I'll live. I'll learn to...

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