High School Graduation



Today, a graduation ceremony was held at Convention Hall, Taman Tamadun Islam. This was the third time it being held, starting from 2011 (I was Form 3 at the time and had nothing to do with graduation) at Terengganu Equestrian Resort (TER). Last year was done at the same venue, Taman Tamadun Islam. I was involved last year, somehow, because I was on the cyber brigade team (I still am, though as SPM is approaching I have to leave those pinky tasks behind).

I was first to arrive...kot. Majlis was supposed to start at 8.30am but I got there before 7.30am lol the spirit xD I brought along the rough guide of Ireland, just in case I'd be too bored waiting. I didn't read much pun, I was merely looking at the maps, locating where Trinity College was. So, at about 8.30am all of the graduans were asked to line up.

The perarakan masuk graduan starting with 5 Farabi until 6 Atas Anas (or Ammar, I don't really care about form upper six lol), we took seats and sat obediently (really?). The two guys in front of me didn't really duduk diam tho. Yang si Izuddin tu kalau bercakap, I bet the whole dewan could hear him, save for the background music playing tu je tak dengar suara budak tuh.

Before perarakan masuk, we snapped some pics. As always.

Each class dah tempah baju corak sama, except for one or two classes. Mine was blue. The pattern; similar to kelas Bukhari punya, but different colour. They chose pink instead of bleuuw. Personally I think ours are prettier. The combination of colours lebih cantik yang blue punya. Weiittt not because it's my class' baju! Hahaha. First time kot aku admit blue is better than pink. Lalala.

This is me and my twin sister, Raihanah. Everyone keeps saying we look the same blablabla. Aku tengok tak pun, lain je -.- But in this pic we sort of, look like twins! With baju the same pattern but different colours! But I'm not as smart as she is. She got 9A+ 2A for trial SPM. And meeeeeeee? Mee goreng lah woi xD Aku dapat 2A+ 5A 1A- 1B+ 1B 1C. Banyak gila gred lol. InsyaAllah SPM nanti I'll get my straight As, if possible and Allah wills it, straight A pluses!

Epal Pink

I look 10 decades older -____-" Noooo, nampak matang semua. After fitting in the robes -..- Especially Alya. Huaaaaarghh. Time flies so fast! Dah graduate dah kiteorang. I will always be the only F in this four, because they're all Athirah, Ainul and Alya. Zzzzt. Kakti looks gorgeous in all the pics today. There must be a specific reason. And I know exactly what that is.

Then we proceeded to the seating inside the dewan. I sat between Izzati and Etty. In front of me was Nabil who got sandwiched by Izuddin on his right and Nurul on his left.

I look like I was saying, "Hello guys. I'm showing off right now. I'm gonna graduate in a few secs." dengan penuh riak -.- Zati comelll xD

Izzati (ohhhh I forgot to tell yaaa she's my assistant monitor), Maizatul and Afifah my mentorrrr

This is Etty trying to take self pics tapi muka dia sendiri tak nampak lol, so suruh orang depan tolong ambikkan =________________="

We asked Izuddin to take the picture for us. Ya Allah malunya aku masa tuh. Nak hambek gambhaaa je pun en. Suruh dia segala bagai. Habis segala orang nampak and then sengih sengih. Tengok Sarah, Fakhruddin duk gelak sengih sengih. Sabrina always nak spoil the pic xD At the time when I mumbled "Ya Allah malunyaa..malunya...", Izuddin had said, "Takpe takpe. Wat rilek je." Haha rileklah sangat -.- Nabil sitting beside him duk tahan gelak. Lempang kang.

And then after three speeches from YDP PIBG, Ummi Mudiratul Madrasah and YB (the VIP perasmi), it was time to queue and get our graduation certificates.

Lucky I was placed at the end of the row, so I could take their pics. Pictures of me lining up takde, ada dengan adik-adik cyber. Thanks Azam tolong ambikkan, lol. Alya naik dua kali. First untuk yang kelas, second time for anugerah straight As SPM! Bangga, even tho diri sendiri tak dapat, but tumpang gembira untuk kawan baik hako nih ;3

Anugerah Pengetua SPM (something like tokoh pelajar, aktif kokurikulum and cemerlang akademik). Dua orang yang aku kenal rapat dapat, a boy and a girl. The girl was Auni Baharin. Memang tak boleh sangkal lagi. And how proud I am to be her friend. When the MC read her biodata, menitis beberapa bijik ayaq mata aku nih. Entah ah. Rasa emo tetiba -_- The boy was Fadlan. Hah. Pun tak boleh disangkal. The most touching part was when Ustaz Zubaidi read this, "...pernah memegang jawatan sebagai pengawas siber."

Pecet hidung tahan sebak. Hahaha. (of course lah, time jamuan akhir tahun cyber he wore pink uniform despite being an MPP hah terharu gila xD)

Lepas dah habis semua benda tu, perarakan keluar dewan. I had texted Alya, Kakti and Ainul to take pictures together. So here they are! *macam banyak sangat padahal dua je xD*

Zzzzzzzzzzzzt geram Kakti comel gila. Berseri-seri wajahnya bak pengantin sehari. Hahahaha. I love the first picture. Candid sangatttt, with 'Ainul laughing and Kakti grinning like kerang busuk. ALYA! Though she seems to spoil the picture, but nampak candid and real. Ngehngeh. Yang sorang lagi tuh duk junjung sijil macam dah grad U. Whadddddaaaaaaa.

Then, some pics with other peopleeeee.

With Auni, who got the anugerah Pengetua, mahal tuuuuuu plak xD

With my beloved classmates and teacher, 5 Muslim, though most of the boys and a few of the girls aren't in the pic because they were busy EATING -_- (I look cute by the way lol)

With Wawan. She got flowers. I bought my own flowers -_-" but then Ummi had bought two bouquets of them. Ros hidup tuh. Wangiii. And air dia jatoh atas sijil holder Wani. Lolz.

Finally, with my Ummi. Walid was in the car already -__-" That moment when pelajar straight As naik pentas terima plak and sijil second time, I was in the verge of tears. Macamanalah parents aku kat bawah, tengok ANAK ORANG LAIN naik pentas? Their own daughter sat still. Huhu. InsyaAllah I'll do my best in SPM. Du'a, people, du'a! :D

One day, I'm gonna graduate as a medical student from a prestigious university! InsyaAllah. Hihi :D Last but not least....

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Love'em! <3

Mitosis (a type of cell division)


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

*literally Edward doesn't give salaam, but...hmm yeah xD* Hello! So today I'm gonna share some things on Mitosis, a type of cell division, learned in Biology class. The first time I met Bella was in Biology class and I did the most ridiculous thing ever by covering my nose when she entered the lab! She thought her hair smelled bad, but it was her blood. Anyways she's a vampire now, so let bygone be bygone.

I didn't want to stay with her in Biology, but... Physics and Biochem were full.

Yeah, that was what she said. So I ditched school for a week or two, drove all the way to Atlanta to meet Tanya who had a crush on me, tried to stay with her family, but realised that I couldn't. I couldn't leave Carlisle behind...or Bella. I had to face her sooner or later. So I had to 'endure' it, being in Biology with her. Our first conversation started when Mr Montana had asked us to do some experiments.

See the way Mr Montana looked at us? I was so curious about Bella's thoughts, since I can't read hers, so staring at her hoping that my gaze would tore into her mind was my best choice. I'm a creepy vampire. -_-

Okay, let's start our cell division now!

Mitosis is the process by which a cell, which has previously replicated each of its chromosomes, separates the chromosomes in its cell nucleus into two identical sets of chromosomes, each set in its own new nucleus. It is a form of nuclear division. [Thanks Mr Wiki]

The first stage of mitosis is PROPHASE. As you can see in the diagram below, chromosomes (sister chromatids) become visible as they contract and shrink. Centrioles have appeared at the opposite site of the nucleus. Spindle fibre starts to form and the chromosomes become shorter and fatter. (and perhaps cuter) LOL

Nuclear membrane breaks down and the nucleolus disappears.

Then, the mitosis of cell moves on to the next stage; METAPHASE.

If you have onion root cells, and a electronic microscope at home, please try it yourselves. Whoever finishes in a short period of time, I'd give him/her a golden onion! xD

In Metaphase, all you have to remember is...the chromosomes arrange themselves on the equator plate (or you can call it metaphase plate) of the cell. They obediently line up.

The next stage of mitosis is ANAPHASE.

In this phase, the chromatids separate at the centromere and migrate to the opposite pole of the cell.

Yes, yes, thank you Bella. Like I said. xD

There's another stage after anaphase, which is TELOPHASE. The movie extended to only ANAPHASE stage, so there's no still of us experimenting TELOPHASE on the onion root cells.

In TELOPHASE, the cell starts to constrict across the middle. Nuclear membrane and nucleolus are reformed in each daughter cell; one at each pole. Spindle fibre will disappear, and chromosomes regain their thread-like form. The cell returns to resting condition.

At the end of telopase, cytokinesis, the division of cytoplasm, occurs.The plasma membrane constricts around the equator of the cell dividing the cytoplasm into two daughter cells.

And that's MITOSIS! Short and simple. Mitosis usually produces cells for GROWTH, MAINTENANCE and REPAIR of BODY TISSUES. Mitosis happens to all the somatic cells in our bodies. Somatic cells are all the cells in the body except for the ones in the reproductive organs. These organs undergo meiosis. But I'm not describing in full of meiosis today, LOL. It's a long process and has parts (like Breaking Dawn xD).

Bye, everyone! Till then! Wish Fifiey the best in her SPM! I'm Edward Cullen, from Forks. Goodnight. :)

SPM alert.


Assalamualaikum. :)