Best class ever! (Part 1)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

Today I went to Besut for my second-cousin's wedding (whom I don't even know, all I know is her name is Ema -_-). The theme was pink, so the bride and groom wore matching pink outfits. Simple, no tabarruj whatsoever, because I think somehow they (the couple) came from sekolah agama, kot jer. But no, I'm not going to talk about them partly because I don't even know them that close (her dad is my Ummi's cousin, Uncle Sudin that I know of), and it has nothing to do with my entry's title -_- No one in my class has gotten married yet, thankyouverymuch *tetiba*

5 Muslim 2013, the best class ever. Eh eh eh most people (I mean, most of my batch mates) said (or still say haha) that our class is the most happening among the other classes *eyebrows knitted lols*. I mean, they all have their own classes to be proud of, instead they praised MY class. Oh I'm flattered, very. Hahahaha maybe I'm perasan or something here tapi well, all that I can say is, them saying that 5 Muslim is the merriest, betul betul betul, kan Ipin? Hihihi. I can't deny it, either, so I won't. Other classes have their own chakra points, but mine? Priceless. :)

5 Muslim 2013, our loving and caring class teacher; Ustazah Asmah.


At first, during the earlier of our Form 5 days, 5 Muslim was going to have only 5 boys; Adib, Amir Khair, Fadlan, Amir Muqri and Ammar. And girls? -___- There were 27 girls, to be freaking freaking. And to make matters worse, all of the boys were already entrusted with a jawatan each, with Fadlan topping the list -.-" He was the President of Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP), and so many other titles (siyes banyak gila jawatan). And then Amir Khair was the secretary of MPP, with Adib being the Head Prefect of Pengawas Pusat Sumber. Amir Muqri was a discipline prefect and Ammar was the s/u for Asrama Prefects. Pffffffffft.

The ratio was like 5:27. K.

Our first class monitor was Izzati, I don't remember who was the assistant monitor. But then, four students from 5 Bukhari which were Nabil, Asyraf, Izuddin and Adam decided to switch classes with four of our 5 Muslim girls (and I, being one of the girls offered to get exchanged... I refused). After several days of hardship trying to settle the exchanging thing-y, finally those four lucky Bukharians added the number to the boys' ratio. Two girls from 5 Muslim went to 5 Bukhari, bye soulmate, Didi, and Bayyin.

The Silent One


Okay, after the boys from 5 Bukhari masuk 5 Muslim dah (oh did I mentioned that I refused to change classes despite the fact that my teachers and classmates were always looking at me whenever the boys start complaining. They were like, "Fifiey...tak nak tukar kelas lagi ke?" and me, "Aherr...nope," blushing madly zzzzzt), we finally had 9 boys *yay sound effect*. Despite that, all the boys were still berjawatan, except for Nabil, so he automatically became our class monitor, Izzati his assistant.

Oh, no. Here comes the madness part hahahaha. I don't know why la, but these two kept arguing and quarreling with each other throughout the year. It was fun seeing them giving their best shots at annoying the other, mostly Nabil la, suka sangat buat Izzati marah wkwkwkwk. Nak kata malas....aku rasa tak. Most of the time, Izzati tolerated Nabil. Sometimes, Izzati mengadu dekat ustazah and ustazah akan nasihat/bebel kat Nabil. He'd be like, "OK I WILL DO AS YOU SAY, USTAZAH" for a few days and be on good terms with Izzati for a day or two. Yeah, then, the volcano erupted again XD

They gaduh gaduh biasa je, perang mulut and all that, gaduh on who should go call the teachers, fetch this and that, tapi yang aku paling ingat (and it happened all the time), senarai kehadiran yang perlu dihantar ke pejabat PKHEM. I was the postman (or Wani), and they'd argue with me in the middle, tossing words and commands and jokes. Aku ingat sekali ayat Izzati, kalau hari dia puasa, and Nabil was asking him to do some works, she'd say this;
"Kau lah yang pergi, Nabil. Aku puasa ni. Letih ahh..."
Miraculously it did the trick. Nabil did the job himself. Aku dan Wani kalau dengar ayat tu dari mulut Izzati, mesti saling menjeling lepas tu gelak tak henti xD One day, after Izzati was done using those words with Nabil (and he was out of sight), aku pergi membebel kat Izzati.
"Zati, awak tak boleh macam ni. Awak kata awak puasa. Mana tahu kot kot dia pun puasa! *and some more blabbers that I don't remember*"
After that, dia insaf xDDD She didn't use that trick anymore, instead they kept on arguing -__- It was okay, anyway. They were our suns in the class. Kalau takde diorang, senyap je rasanya kelas aku tuh. They weren't that lazy, they just loved quarreling with each other, I guess. We're a family in that class (Izzati tu kakak tiri xD). This seldom happened, but if both Izzati and Nabil were in bad moods, someone else would do the job. Thank God the boys were also good-natured, they'd do Nabil's tasks voluntarily (or after Izzati had asked Nabil a dozen of times but he just kept ignoring it -_-). The girls were rajin also. Kiteorang kalau malas dengar Izzati and Nabil gaduh, terus je buat benda yang sepatutnya diorang buat tu -.-


Sepertimana yang diketahui, Nabil was our class monitor. That one cocky and funny guy in class. Seriously, he was like, the clown of the class. I mean, he made jokes ALL THE TIME -___- And everyone'd be laughing ridiculously including the teachers. He didn't even crack a smile pun, his face remained straight. His seat was in front of me (along with Asyraf and Ammar) and Wani. Selalu je gaduh/berdebat dengan Ammar, on all things (note that Asyraf is Nabil's opposite). I don't know how Asyraf stands those two xD

Friend Indeed | via Facebook

There was this time, when Nabil wanted to give money to our treasurer, Yein (she's a she xD). At the time, I was keenly focused on what Wani was teaching me (something 'bout Mathematics bab yang bumi sebagai sfera tuh, I suck at that -.-), then out of sudden tetiba pakcik tu panggil Yein, "Timahhh!" dahlah dia tu duduk depan aku, tempat duduk Yein pulak betul-betul kalau Nabil pusing, across him and through me and Wani. At the time aku duk terpikir lah siapa pulak nama Fatimah, then it came out; Azrin Fatimah is Yein's real name.

Wani and I were trying really hard to focus, but he called for Yein again with "Fatimahhh!" and that was that. We broke off, laughing. I heard everyone behind us started to chuckle as well, some were even startled, Yein pun gelak jugak xD Uhhh that was the hardship Wani and I had to face all year, listening to his jokes (memang ah dengar, duk belakang je kot). We didn't want to be caught at eavesdropping, so we kept our laughs, and after a few minutes of Nabil and Ammar's making jokes, we'd be crying -_- Stresss! XD Though that, Asyraf remained the constant variable, being all quiet and I had never heard his voice whenever Ammar or Nabil talked to him.

Asyraf's a bit like this, tapi takde ah terlalu macam ni xD


Each different boys has their own attitudes. Izuddin....terkenal dengan bersinnya yang kuat lollll seriyes kuat gila mamat ni bersin, hampir luruh jantung semua orang -_- Then Adib is well-known for his massively loud laughter, and he loooooooooves to laugh, at almost everything. Bila Amir Khair emo emo sikit, Adib akan gelak tanpa perasaan belas pun kat Amir, but Adib selalu jadi penenang keadaan dalam kelas. And if Nabil and Izuddin think they'd never lose a debate, Adib would win all the arguments. Selalu macam tu. Eh wait, Amir Khair seorang lagi. Adib and Amir, no one wins a debate against them. {they were debaters by the way, so yeah -_-}

Ammar...well, he liked to show-off his Bahasa Arab marks pffft. Geram seyhh. Yeah yeah he's a total brainy in Arab, we all know that -.- (I'm not jealous okay, but yeah kinda xD) Everybody was like, memorizing the lines of essays for Arabic tests, but him? Oh God, he did those essays spontaneously in exams, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why he is ustazah's favourite (uuuuuuu cedeyh titew xD). Ammar sat in a row with Asyraf and Nabil. Izuddin, Adib and Amir Khair. The furthest row was Amir Muqri, Fadlan and Adam's.

All these three? They were similar to Asyraf, Adam being the most likely. At least Muqri bising lah jugak, and Fadlan responded to Nabil's teasing and all -_- Sebab Fadlan tu presiden MPP, so bebudak ni rasa best lah sikit buat kesalahan dalam kelas (???) Hahahahaha takdelah, somehow it rocked to have him in our class, he'd be the source of rujukan if anyone wanted to ask him about school rules (really? -_-) or religious talks, something liddat. And with him in the class, the boys would be all-disciplined and obedient lah aku rasa. Rasa peaceful je duduk kelas tu. Ennnnn?

Free   | via Facebook

These boys, they were all so sporting. Serious weyhhh. I heard one of the girls said that day, "Kelas lain semua jeles dengan kelas kita, sebab bebudak lelaki senang je bagi kerjasama kat kita," trueeeee. Diorang bertolak-ansur, layan je kerenah bebudak perempuan yang kekadang cerewet ni (diorang pun cerewet gak so 1-1, k). Tapi memang best dengan diorang ni. Senang je nak setuju kalau apa-apa. They were all hardworking, even the teachers claimed so :3

I remember during our perkhemahan perdana, oh my... They were the best, mantoppp! They helped us set up this and that. And walaupun asyik gaduh/perang mulut (ni menurun lah ni, Izzati dan Nabil yang ajar -..-) the girls versus the boys, tapi diorang still tolong bebudak perempuan ni. Teringat masa budak-budak perempuan marahkan boys sebab menyusahkan kiteorang, suruh masak, group yang bertugas, bangun pukul 4 pagi potong sayur dalam keadaan gelap, tup tup, pagi tu diorang dah masak sendiriiiii -____- Lepas tu call, membebel, suruh datang ambik makanan diorang dah makan pun. And they decided to send the most innocent people of the group. Yang baik dan tak membebel dan tak melawan (read: bukan Izuddin, Nabil atau Amir Khair).

Then the girls isolated them hahahaha. After a few hours, kiteorang berbaik balik lollll

So, that's them! Though we fought a lot, we still managed to control our limits. Uhhh, Fadlan and Sabrina wouldn't let us bergurau senda tak hengat dunia punya -_- Soooooooo, we were cool, all the time. One thing for sure, 5 Muslim boys are all understanding and respectful. And I've never been prouder :D


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