Favourite Cartoons During my Childhood -_-

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Hari ini sebab I have no recent events to update about, so I'm posting on something I think might be nostalgic to me aherrherr. During my younger days (I'm still young but you know I'm talking 'bout those times when I was a little kiddo), I remember Walid started to install Astro when I was seven, and Akademi Fantasia 1 was famous at the time, so I loved watching it despite Walid's warning that I shouldn't watch it :D So back then I was a good deceiver, I only bukak Akademi Fantasia when Walid wasn't around :3

Masa tu aku minat Khai wakakakakakaka, but oh well he got second place, I still liked him :P

But Akademi Fantasia wasn't my prior love, I was SEVEN, of course my passion was cartoons. And it was good to have Walid subscribing the Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon channels. Sooooooo, I constantly watched Powerpuff Girls and Totally Spies because they rocked so much. Mostly because they were cute girls and awesome ladies, beside that superhero things they did.


The Professor was their Dad, who accidentally created them using nice things bla blabla and boom Chemical X! Lol. I loved how the Professor always took great care of them, he was funny all the time, my favourite was when he dated their teacher (I don't remember her name haha). It would be perfect if the teacher became their Mom. She was cute, by the way.

Okay, now I'm going to tell you the obvious lollllllll I really liked Blossom so much because she was all-pink and her hair was super-long. Although those three, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup had the same faces, but I really adored Blossom. She was a brainy, the brightest amongst her sisters and most of all she loved reading. Besides being the leader and the eldest, her attitude was in balance. We all know that Bubbles was the soft and spoiled baby whilst Buttercup was the brooding type.

But they were all so sweet, especially Bubbles. I couldn't make myself to favour Bubbles -_- BECAUSE I FREAKING LIKED BLOSSOM, SHE WAS IN PINK I SAID!


There you go, my favourite girl - Blossom! She was also very witty. There were times when I didn't agree with her decisions (since she was the leader, she'd be the one to decide). With her smart brain, she thought she knew it all. Well, not all solutions come straight from books, Blossom. You need to hear others' opinions as well. That's a mandatory for being a leader, decisions are made with everyone's agreements.

Blossom sometimes could be very annoying, especially to Bubbles (but Buttercup annoyed Bubbles even more) but she was the caring type. Hmmm aku rasa aku suka si Blossom ni because she was a lot like me.

lLove her.

Sweet Bubbles was forever sweet. She loved everything, cared for anyone. She also was the most spoiled girl by Professor, when at nights she slept with that octopus of hers and needed some light because she was afraid that some fey would get into their rooms in the dark lolololololol

And Buttercup...well, let's say she was my least favourite. She despised everything, like everything in this world was shutting her off. Everyone pissed her off, especially Bubbles. Glad there was Blossom to ease things up with this youngest of the three. Really, Blossom was the most rational of the three, and she was always the one to stop Buttercup from harassing Bubbles. Buttercup wasn't always brooding, sometimes she could be very protective (she was all the time, actually) and cared for Bubbles, Blossom and Professor more than anything.


Their bond was unbreakable <3

Blossom Utonium is so beautiful ♥ | via Tumblr

(2) powerpuff | Tumblr

They had too many enemies such as Mojojojo, that red devil, Green gang ke apa entah, Amoeba eww eww tu, and a bunch more. Tapi yang paling aku benci and menyampah, ialah Princess. Yea yea yea, she was the princess and all that and her father gave her everything tapi tak perlulah nampak kurang kasih sayang sangat hahaha. Sometimes tu kesian jugak dengan Princess ni, but most of the time I was pissed off with her -_-

Fuck Yeah, Cartoon Network | via Tumblr

I like this version of them.
I still wished that they'd date the Ruff boys instead of beating them down aherrherr. Ohhh lepas tu dalam dua tiga tahun lepas there was this show called Powerpuff Girls Z, from Japan. I liked that one, too, they were awesome and pretty, but I guess there was too much dramas going on so I didn't really watched it. Their gadgets (in Powerpuff Girls Z) were cool, anyway!

That was years ago, I think I might have watched all the episodes of PPG because they kept repeating the same episodes on Cartoon Network and everywhere else. I don't remember/don't know since when the show stopped being on Cartoon Network, but I dread the day they made the show stop T_T Perhaps they ran out of new episodes, so they didn't put PPG on TV anymore, huuuu. Luckily today we have Finn & Jake (I seriously like this show, like, big time!).

Sekarang, jarang je dapat tengok PPG :'(((

Google http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/6700000/Totally-Spies-totally-spies-6783545-800-600.jpg vaizdų paieškos rezultatai

Almost a similar style/concept with The Powerpuff Girls, here's another show I kept on watching throughout my growing up process, Totally Spies. Three girls (with different looks) and that WHOOP (ohhhh the super-fabulous-stylous gadgetssssss) with their annoying boss, Jerry xD

At first I wanted to like Clover because she was in red (wellllllllll it was the only colour close to pink xD) but her hairstyle was so hideous I hated it -______- BESIDES, SHE'S BLONDE! (oh maybe that's why I couldn't favour Bubbles too lolololol) And then there was Sam, but she was greeeeeeeeeeeen not that I didn't like green but but but but I'm so forever-obsessed with pink pink pink! But there was another thing, Sam's hair was the longest (same as Blossom), so she became my chosen spy!

(and plus she was sort of like Blossom, the reader type, smart and all that)


Alex? Well, she was out of the question. I wouldn't even look at her, never considered her to be my fav. Hahahahaha I wasn't racist (or maybe I was), because she was tanner than Clover and Sam. Her hair was the shortest (though it was black, I like black-haired people). Alex was the straight girl type. Bodoh bodoh alang gitu, and that was what that made her cute.

As time went on, I started to despise Clover because she was so girly and suka sangat berfesyen. She had crushes on most cute boys at Beverly Hills High School and that was that -_- She was flirty and all. Well, it was that she dated David (he was Sam's!!!) that I disliked. So whatttttttt David was the one for Sam and Sam suited him perfectly <3 (now I'm being emotional xD)

Totally Spies! - Top rated/mommies037

This is Clover -_-

your voice makes me smile Ü

And this is David and Sam <3


See? Told ya Clover wasn't my type x)

Favorite TV Shows

And........this is Mandy. Okay, I admit it, she was the one with the most irritating attitude, and with Clover right after her. She was always rivaling with Clover whatsoevaaaa, mostly sebab beauty and fashion and all that kaaan. Muka jahat gila doe, si Mandy ni -_- That mole? Priceless. Only the devil had it, and it was her. Hahahahaha. Aku teringat, ada satu episod ni, yang Mandy became a spy, too, and she sort of ruined everything kan? -_-

Well, I haven't seen Totally Spies and PPG in a while, until recently Nickelodeon decided to replay Totally Spies and I was watching it this evening (and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason I post this :3). I wish there are more cartoons like these two. Nowadays, I only watch Adventure Time. Ehhhh waittttt, maybe I only fancy superhero stories, eh?

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