Havoc Moments (whatever havoc means)

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

The day before yesterday, I was craving to try the new KFC Cheesy Cheese Balls (ke apa nama dia) and it had been long since I ate my last KFC chicken u.u So I instantly texted my Bonda Syafiqah to take me out yesterday. Aku suruh jugaklah dia ajak Piah, sebab takkan dua orang je kan, tak syiok ah berdua xD I also asked Kakti and 'Ainul but they were unavailable to some obvious reasons (they preferred sleeping at home -_-). Kakti la, 'Ainul maybe takde orang nak hantar kot.

So at 10am, Syafiqah arrived with Sofiah (in pink! I was wearing pink, too, lol, so the three of us were all pinkish) and I prohibited them from entering my room (not because it was a mess, whatever) but to save time hahahahahaha. Then, we were off to KFC Pantai Batu Burok. Sadly there weren't any cheesy balls because it was before 12 noon, so they only served breakfast sets. Huh.

Whilst making up our minds on the menus
Aku: Order Variety Bucket jelah senang...
Piqah: Mmecok ke? -_-
Aku: Ho xD
Piah: Ok gok op.. Kalau dok habis, boleh buat balik.
Aku: Bagi ke adik-adik. *jeling Piqah xD* Um... Takyoh ah. Mini bucket je, sebab ada doh cheesy balls tu.
Piah: Okayyy
Aku: Sape nok cakap ngan ye (cashier)? Saye pemalu!
Piqah: Saye pun pemalu!
Piah: -_-

After ordering, waiting for the food
Piqah: Patut ambik je Variety Bucket tu sebab cheesy balls tadok
Aku: Doh tukor ah -_-
Piqah: Dakyoh ah Fiey, siyyang ke ye.
Aku: Biar ah, padan muke ye! Dekpun takdok cheesy balls saye!

Kiteorang take away. Because I planned on having a picnic at the beach. A private beach indeed xD Alhamdulillah yesterday didn't even rain, the weather was cute. And we got to see the beautiful view of the sea warlahh. The howling wind blew its way to our faces. Soooooooooooooo syok! Hahaha. But despite that, the windy condition wouldn't allow us to take selfies and pics together because our tudungs tak menjadi or menjetattt xD

Berebut coleslaw dengan Syafiqah, nasib baik cukup. Aherr. Sofiah ordered a breakfast meal yang nama dia Egg Burger apa entah -.-" Five pieces of chicken, the forever saliva-melting cheesy wedges and that was all. We ate slowly, taking in the beautiful time together. Borak-borak. Gosip gosip (ahhhh you know girls). We laughed so hard about Pb and his special someone hahahahahahha xD *I'm not the jealous type lols*

Then after, Syafiqah invited me to learn to drive with her car. No one was around. We got the beach all to ourselves! Although tanah dia tak rata sangat, but I started driving anyway. I was so lembab on that reversing thing that the car went dead for a dozen times -___- That was reversing. I pressed the speeding pedal fully and Syafiqah beside me was like, "Fifiey!!!!!!!" freaking out loud. Hahaha then I released some of the pedal and the speed was normally slow. Fuhhhhh I got panicked myself xD

I circled around the grassy spot of the beach, excitedly. I still couldn't get a hold of the clutch and brake and speeding pedals. I know how they work but to control them at once, it's kinda miserable for me -_- Syafiqah then told me to try stop the car slowly and I did it perfectly well (sort of hahaha). We laughed so hard when I drove dangerously hahaha luckily Syafiqah was a patient teacher (she almost gave up during the reversing I did xD)
Piqah: Haa, sekarang berhenti. Awak pusing depan sana tu skit -
Aku: *berhenti terus tepi tong sampah*
Piqah: Dakyoh ah berhenti tepi tong sampah. Dakpe ah. Okay doh tu.
Aku: Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! *got out of the car with relief*
Lepas tu it was Piah's turn to learn. She started with reversing the car three times and it worked twice. The moment she started to reverse for the fourth time, a van full of Indians reached the beach. We got our things onto the car and rushed away from the beach. Paranoid gila rasa masa tu xD

We planned on searching for Auni's house but she didn't pick the phone and she was away (pergi kem). So, we destined ourselves to Kakti's curb (she didn't answer our calls either, pastu she claimed that we didn't informed her zzzt). Mula-mula sampai depan rumah Kakti tu, nampak ayah dia luar rumah, malu la jugak. Pastu aku suruh Piqah cover line sikit, pergi straight je and we hid our car somewhere nearby while reaching for Kakti via her house phone.

We ate and gossiped (things just got hotter when Kakti's around hahaha). We prayed and then left for the mission to find someone's house. Lollllllllllllll. Once knowing that someone's house, we decided we didn't have anywhere to go -_- Pusing pusing Losong, Paloh and all that, in the end we stopped by at 'Ainul's house yang jauh gila tu xD Makan sate ikannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn bessssstttttttt. Masa nak balik tu, Piah did the reversing and I pretended that I was sentap kbai xD

Well, that sums yesterday's moments. Kalau keluar dengan Piqah, memang akan balik rumah pukul 6 petang lah jawabnya. A tiring day but fun. I think my parents like it when I hang out with my friends. Tak call langsung -_- I'm like, "Hmmm...sejak habis SPM ni kalau keluar gi mana-mana tak telefon dah. Tak sayang dah saya..." and my friends akan gelak -.-

I'm still reading The Fall of Five. Zzzzzzzzt lambatnya habis baca. Semua cerita best, but I'm the one who keeps on delaying the reading. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.


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