My Life After SPM

Assalamualaikum anda!

It feels really weird these days, after SPM. Well, that has passed loooooooong ago (yea right it has been just only a week -_-)


Yeahhh the abnormal part comes when my Ummi doesn't even nag anymore; 'bout me studying. No more

"Fiiiiii studyyyyy ke studoooo"
"Adikkkk study dok lagi"
"Fiiii wat gapo tuh? Study keeee"

and some other things on studying

and also, "Banyok teh beli buku! Buku belajar ado dok? Tadok?!"

Or Kakak would be like

"Ni apa beli buku cerita banyak sangat! Buku study takdok pun!"
"Study lah Fiey ehhh jangan internet sajaaaa"
"Awak dah study PSI ke belom?!"

But now...

Takde pun orang bising aku nak buat pabenda. Beli buku banyak banyak pun slamber dek je -_- That other day when I just got back from KL, with all the books (there are 10 new books to be exact) scattered all around the floor of my room, my Kakak got into my room. I saw her face, with all the books kan. Then,

"Ni ke buku yang beli haritu?"

Aku "Ha'ahh.."

She didn't hover (or blabber) around, takde kata-kata sinis atau bebelan lagi. In fact she left the room with a smile. And with thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat, I felt not in place anymore. Hahahaha that's what you'll feel when SPM's over. Nobody will stop you from doing anything you like, not anymore. No one will nag at you to go study and leave all the novels behind (plus the laptop and internet).

Really, it feels weird. Of course laaaa kan, I'm still not used to it. For 13 years I was in school, had to score in every exams, studied like my life depended on it with people around me pushing me to be the best student, but now.......nothing at all. For three freaking months, I guess. Hahahaha. I almost can feel my life would be dim for a while, without those classes and friends and school conflicts. Aherrherr

Flying kiss

Anyway besides that bizarre feeling, I'm also at peace. Ngahahahhaa -_- I can read as much books as I want, wherever whenever whatever yepppp. Also I can edit my blog more seriously, now that I'm going to turn 18 in one month and a day, so this blog needs some maturity touch to it :> So goodbye cute-thingys and ahoyyy new worldddd, the world of school ending, teehee!

I had taken KPP class (some sort of ceramah on undang-undang jalan raya). It's a must in order to take any vehicle's license, before taking the computer test. Mine is on this Tuesday, insyaAllah if the system is alright and all -_- Soooooo for the mean time, I still need people to fetch and send me here and there, such as my Dad or my sister or brother, or... Piqah. Ehekkkks. Tu pun kalau nak keluar gi jalan-jalan with friends jer. InsyaAllah nanti we're convoying to Wani's house for her sister's wedding :D

  • Read books (novels, not buku pelajaran k)
  • Update blogs (or do some weird stuffs blogger do, like 10000-day challenge or something)
  • Take car's license (just car, Walid doesn't allow any of his daughters to TOUCH the motorcycle)
  • Some business with 'Ainul, Piqah, Auni, Alya, Kakti (Kakti will be the promoter hahaha)
  • Swimming classes (I think it's on, I'm going with Auni insyaAllah)
  • Drawing classes (I don't think it's on -.- because Walid wants me to go to a "hafiz" school)
  • Go to "Hafiz" school (I'll discuss with Auni again :3)
  • Go to KL (again and again)
  • Record TV programmes and watch'em later (IDK why but Walid just installed AstroBeyond that can record blablabla tu xD)

Right now, only the first and second and third and the last ones are on. Lewlz. I actually have plans with Auni but she's currently not in Terengganu until 20th December so what else can I do but wait uhuks. For now, I'm finishing my 12 novels because I've been waiting for this moment since forever! And! My cannot hold anymore additional books arrrrrrrrr so I am thinking of the place to put these new shiny novels once I finished reading them. Usually if I ran out of idea, I'd take all the non-English books (read: Malay books) out of the room and place them in the mini-library, hehehehehe and there will only be English books in my room. I don't like my English novels being away from me, they have to stay in my room, just with me -_-

Kakngah once said, "Nanti adik masuk U, Kakngah bolehlah jual buku-buku ni," and I was like, "No wayyyyyyyy! I'll bring them all with me! To Ireland!" Sounds like me, eh? Hehehe

Tootles! :D


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