Sadly, I'm a 21st-century Child

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh.

iPhone and a smoothie

Ever heard of this?
“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”
― Albert Einstein
So, here's my story. (I made this in April, for my school magazine of 2013)

The Talking Girl with Her Laughing Friend

The shopkeeper gave me my balance and I went outside the store. The cold wind blew in my face, making me shiver briefly. I hopped on to the lower ground and began walking. The pavement I stepped on was carved with various stunning patterns. I studied those patterns while grabbing for a Dessert pill in my jacket pocket. I threw it in my mouth and its nourishing flavor melted against my tongue instantly. Technologies these days were awesome.

We didn’t have to eat pieces of food in platters or munch everything using our teeth. The experts had somehow found a way to make food become simpler by creating pills containing all of the nutrients our body needed. The pills were specific. There were Breakfast pills, Lunch pills, Dinner pills, Dessert pills and a bunch more. The desirable one was of course the Dessert pills because they melted in our mouth with rich and juicy flavors, just like desserts (they even came in various shapes). The sportsmen were in favor of Energy pills, giving them all the strength and power they required.

My feet brought me all over the city, the quiet city of Hi-Tech. I was the only one walking in the streets, while the others were kept shut indoors. I could see their heads sticking to the computers, laptops and smart phones from outside because all the walls, windows and doors were transparent, made out of crystals and glasses. I knew they could see me walking down the streets but they barely glanced at me. I gazed at the horizon above me and a few cars were slithering along the skyscraper road. All transportations were above me since the authorities had made it clear for the vehicles to stay out of the ground below, the one I was stepping on. I didn’t think it was bizarre, the ground was packed with glass buildings and crystal houses and multi-patterned pavements. The only part covered with green was the French Park. I had a feeling it would not be long before the park turned into something glass, too.

I let my feet take me where they wanted to go, wandering across the city with freedom. Minutes passed and a couple mysteriously appeared out of thin air from a corner and both were busy with their gadgets. When we were passing each other, I managed a smile, but they didn’t even notice me. I made an effort to say something to them, “Hi,” and I was given cold stares from them. The stares quickly changed into frowns and I noticed the hesitation in their eyes. Nodding awkwardly to me, they hurried their steps away. I sighed and shook my head with disappointment. Had they lost their ability to speak? I didn’t think so. I knew their problem; the lack of communication skills, since all they did was punching their so-called smart phone screens and laptops.

Turning left, I went straight into the Supa Tekhnologia, where all kinds of electronic accommodation were accessible in this place. The building was the same, glass-made. The place was full of people with their passive but elegant uniforms, white and grey with different patterns. No one even bothered to look at me when I first stepped in, so I went straight to the counter to see my only one talking friend, Sarah. It was hard not to look around, anyway. No one used computers or laptops here. The computer system was clustered to the wall and we could control it with a slight touch. They are called the Walcomp. There were rows and levels of Walcomps, almost reaching a thousand units. Before, we had those touch-screen smart phones, we still had them now, but due to the increasing excellence in the minds of humans, they created the Walcomps. Some of the citizens had upgraded the system at their houses by installing the Walcomps, but the others were still testing it in this Supa Tekhnologia. It was a matter of time before the government would make them have at least a Walcomp in a house. I was tempted to use one of the Walcomp on my way to greet Sarah, but she was seeing in my way and her dimple showed up. I smiled back.

The watch-phone – one of the new technologies – which functioned as a cell phone, beeped once and a projection of Sarah’s face appeared. It was the reminder I set to meet Sarah. She reached for me and hugged me tightly. We talked about several ‘girl things’ – talks like this were very rare and uncommon among the people here – and chuckled at our jokes. I felt alive again, it was like a century ago since I last laughed, but here I was, with my best friend talking and giggling with me, it felt so human and not robotic.

I thought, everyone here in this world was nothing but robots, with their hearts’ contents were all poured into technologies and gadgets they themselves created. Technologies had robbed all of the pieces of humanity in each of them. They made us ignorant and indifferent of the world and its contents. The people rarely talked and to see them laughing at each others’ jokes were everything but reality. They had forgotten something, a very special thing, called ‘love’. There was no more love for families. They felt no passion in humans, they only worshipped their glory of technology. I did not despise technology, but the affects they had on humanity.

I woke up from my thoughts and glanced around and saw someone else, who was mysteriously staring at me and Sarah. I frowned upon meeting his eyes and something inside me melted a little bit. I didn’t know what it was, but something else vibrated in me when he walked straight to me – I mean us – with curiosity in his deep blue eyes. His dark hair was alien to me, I had never seen anyone with dark hair around here. When he stood half a meter in front of us, he hesitated. I sighed. I had thought he could be different than any other people here, but he was just the same – he didn’t know how to communicate with people, just like the couple I met earlier. The hope that was blooming inside me just now faded in an instant. I turned to talk to Sarah again.

“Why are you turning away? Why do you look so disappointed? Can I not be your friend?” his beautiful voice sounded hurt. I couldn’t answer since he continued, “I saw you outside the building, greeting a couple who then stared and nodded at you without a word. I watched as you stepped inside this building, your eyes wandering around the place, your mind somewhere else – I presume – and you were tempted to use one of the gadgets but you stopped yourself when you saw your friend here smiling at you. You went to her and talked and laughed. You finally realized I was staring and when I stood in front of you earlier, hesitating, you turned away, dismissing me because I hesitated. I know what you think of me, but no, I am not like the couple you met earlier. I’m just another talking person on this planet. And it feels good to finally see someone that is living again.”

Was he stalking me? Screw that.

For a boy who I thought was lacked in communication skill, he seemed like a really good talker – an honest one at that, too. I couldn’t find my voice, and when he suddenly smiled I realized that I had been blushing. I took a glance at Sarah – who was covering her mouth at the moment – and she looked back at me. She gestured her hand toward the boy and went away, the Walcomp screen suddenly became her best interest.
“Amelisa Staunton. You can call me Emily or Lisa, but I prefer Emily,” I said with a welcoming smile. People had always called me Emily. Lisa was just a name that no one even bothered to call me with.

He nodded and extended his hand, “My name is Ethan Crawford. Is your friends’ list name full? If it's not, I would like to add my name on it.” When he said that (with a smile), I managed to look at Sarah who was grinning ridiculously. “We think the same, Lisa,” my heart leaped at the use of the familiar but unfamiliar name at the same time, “I know you despise our time of technology, the same goes to me. But let us not think of the negative things that are happening, in fact, let’s find something positive to live with. Like me, I found you – the talking girl with her laughing friend – and you have found a friend of your own. We can beseech other possible happy things around – perhaps some other talking people who are not obsessed with technology. Technology may have taken humanity out of us – them,” at this he gestured around the building, “– but as long there is a tiny piece of humanity in us, we can still be alive even though others are not.”

Sarah joined in at the last moment. “You are right, Mr. Crawford,” she giggled before she continued, “I want to be alive, living a real life, not a fully computer-based life. Others’ souls are reaped out by technology, but I don’t care as long as my best friend – and now her boyfriend – are here. Maybe some other time, we’ll find a way to restore those souls back to their original places.”

I gritted through my teeth. “He. Is. Not. My. Boyfriend.”

Sarah laughed her shrieking laugh. “Not yet. But I have a feeling he will be, soon. Just you wait and see, Miss Staunton,” she said at last.

I was about to reply when Ethan’s chuckle sent a melody through my heart. “You see? This is the talking girl and her laughing friend I was referring to.”

He was right. I was the only girl here in the building – or in this entire country – talking, to her friend who was laughing incredulously all the time. Being too keen with technology, people had forgotten to speak and talk – like Ethan and I did. It’s okay, I thought. As long as there are some people who haven’t forgotten how to produce audible pressure variations with their vocal cords at their throats, it is okay. Other people might forget, but not me.

I'm sorry I don't have the 'thing' to write Malay stories anymore (I did make some in the past) since I've stopped reading Malay books -_- I'm probably one of those 'robots' in my own story. I am socially awkward, I'm not at all good-natured friendly like my friends Sofiah, Syafiqah, 'Ainul and Kakti. They know how to 'berbasa-basi' with people, and me? Ohhhhh I suck at that, a lot. I may be better if compared to Alya hahahaha. But seriously, tho. Sometimes I just dunno how to react when people say anything. I just smiled and then the conversation went off. Zzzzt.

Let's hope I'll remain human. Lols.