That Phone Call of Smiles and Cute Things

Panda call | via Tumblr

Salam. My brother called me this evening, he thought he was remembering something to say to me. Well, I wasn't that surprised to hear him ask, "Semalam birthday Afi kan?" hahahahhaa. Yesterday was 14th December whereas my birthday is on 14th January. Don't worry, Amuh, it's not that far-strayed. Hihihi. But I didn't think that was the real reason he called me, there was another cause. My brother, who never expressed anything emotional to me, suddenly had the urge to tell me his feelings today ;^;

Our conversation was like,
Amuh : Afiiiiiiiiiiiii!
Me : yeahhh?
Amuh : Haaaa....semalam birthday Afi kan?
Aku : ....??!!... hei bukanlah!
Amuh : Oh ye ke...
Aku : Semalam 14 Disember. Birthday saye 14 Januari lah!
Amuh : Oh... Malunyeeeeeeeeeeee

Then I told Ummi about him calling me. Somehow I know he couldn't bother Kakngah to tell anything since she's departing for Palestine tomorrow. And there's only me, because we are the only three in the family that are not married. He was heartbroken since...since well I don't even remember. It has been far too long for anyone to bear, to hope for a miracle. Maybe Allah has another plan for him, for us. I'd hoped for it once, for a while, then I stopped because I couldn't feel that 'feeling' anymore.

Allah has other plans.

Well, that concludes things up pretty badly. I wouldn't consider it badly though, but maybe it's hard enough for my brother and my mom. The ones that hurt the most, them, not me. I'm invincible nowadays, pushing away all the weak feelings that refuse to let me carry on my life IF I let them overwhelm me. I don't feel as much as my bro and my mom have gone through, but I'll never forget. And sigh, huh, there's nothing else that can be done, what done is done okay.

And Amuh, I can assure you that if Allah wills, He will give you a perfect spouse, if not here, in Jannah al Firdausi. For as long as you keep being strong, there's always Allah for you. For us. For everyone. Don't lose up hope. There's no one else that can give you the strength and solace and serenity. Just...just keep strong.

Maybe that's just the way Terengganu people are, Amuh, so you see, all of our brothers married non-Terengganu wonderful ladies. I'll pray for you, my great brother, one day Allah will grant your wishes, give you happiness and you meet your Ainul Mardhiah. I love you more than you know, Amuh, maybe I don't show it that much (because I suck at showing emotions) but I love you and will always love you and be there for you no matter how far I am. (now I feel like I'm expressing my feelings to pb -_-) Family loves family, and you're family by blood, Mumushi. Have no worries, our family won't let you down.

Done. So much cute things. Snorts.