The Day I Finally Feel Old

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Salam. This entry's title is just so overrated, I'm so sorry. I feel old all the time, people! -_- because I am, I'm getting older and older each day and the same goes to everyone, no one grows younger every day -.- But maybe today's event is topping the list of the times I feel this way. Finally I'm going to learn to drive a freaking car (which I thought was easy years back aherr herr).

Yeah I took that law course KPP two weeks ago and was asked to decide a date to take the theory computer test. 'Ainul chose today's date, so did I. We are Buddyz, takkan terpisah lols.

The place to take the test is at Bukit Payung (or Payong, whichever you fancy). There's also another one in Kuala Terengganu area, but I preferred Bukit Payung because it's closer to my house. Soooooo, I went there this morning, before eight, wearing baju kurung and all, SANDALS. I almost forgot to bring my IC, until I'd decided to ask Ummi, "Ummi, kena bawak IC tak?" and she was like, "Of course lah!!!" She was freaking a bit hahaha. Then I ran back into the house and got my IC -.-

Upon arriving at the place, there were a dozen of people already, I guess. At the registration counter, I gave my IC to the officer, and he asked, "Pakai kasut tak?" and I was "Takkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Tak ingat!" and that was that. Luckily Ummi was still around and my parents went back to get my shoes. Aherrherrr. Several painful moments later, Ummi came with my lovely shoes. Thanks Ummi loveyou to the max xD

I waited with 'Ainul. Joked around with her. And I swear we were the only loud voices there -____-" Eksaited la katakan. Haha. 'Ainul went in to take the test first. There were only 10 PCs kot, so first come first serve lah. After a few moments, my name was called. I got PC no 6 (do I have to tell everything here? -_-) and then there was this darat moment where I picked PERMANENT RESIDENT as the category and there was a pop-up window screaming "No Kad Pengenalan tiada dalam rekod!".

A moment of panic.

Then did I have the feeling to glance around and I saw "UNTUK PEMEGANG KAD PENGENALAN MYCARD, SILA PILIH KATEGORI; ORANG AWAM". K. Lepas tu ada pegawai tu masuk, and he was checking other candidates saying "Pilih orang awam ye," and I had a feeling that somewhere on the computer he was working on outside, there was a system with "No Kad Pengenalan tiada dalam rekod", so I managed to click ORANG AWAM as the category before he looked at my monitor. Yay! XD

After 12 minutes of utter silence, I finished answering (despite the time given, 60 minutes). I was at first nervous, afraid that I'd somehow fail the colour blindness test hahahaha. So, I got my results and............

Alhamdulillah! Seriously I studied hard the day before. Okay, not quite true la. The night before. The day before I lenggang-lenggang je, study sambil tidur. Hehehe. I had a headache before going to sleep, because I focused so hard -_- Please note that I hadn't been studying since two weeks ago. I'd stopped studying anything because SPM was over. *grinning* And I'm still not going to study now. Hahahahahaha

I have a dozen books to finish. I had read The Iron Traitor and the ending was quite traitorous -___- Here's the list of the books;

  • The Fall of Five (Pittacus Lore)
  • The House of Hades (Rick Riordan)
  • Allegiant (Veronica Roth)
  • Unspoken (Sarah Rees Brennan)
  • Untold (Sarah Rees Brennan)
  • The Fiery Heart (Richelle Mead)
  • Deception (C.J. Redwine - seriously there's actually a person named after a WINE?! -_-)
  • Angel Fever (L.A. Weatherly)
  • Rapture (Lauren Kate) - I've been delaying to read this book since a year ago xD
  • Raven's Gate (Anthony Horowitz)
  • Evil Star (Anthony Horowitz)
  • Nightrise (Anthony Horowitz)
  • Necropolis (Anthony Horowitz)
  • Oblivion (Anthony Horowitz)

All were newly bought books, either online or at the store itself, excluding the last five (except Oblivion). Those are my nephew's books, I don't have any much money left to buy new ones, so better borrow them from him (oh please pray for him to get 8As in PMR, the results are on this Thursday, thanks!). Currently I'm reading The Fall of Five. I just started reading it after I got back from the computer test today haahha.

At first I thought it was Number Five's point of view, then I saw "SAMUEL". Woohoo! Haven't read about him since The Power of Six! :D



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