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Maharaja Lawak Mega 2014

Semalam Amuh suruh record Maharaja Lawak Mega. Dia pi main futsal pukul 9 malam. Hmm biasalah abang aku kot tu. Lepas tu dengan confident aku tekan butang R.Sambil buat Probability punya tutorial, aku layan MLM. Semalam yang tak lawak semua kecuali Zero dan Shiro. Entahlah Virus dan Sepahtu tu, supposedly boleh lawak lagi tapi I don't think there's any chemistry between Zizan and Jambu, Sepahtu pulak macam....erm entoh.Lepas tu dah pukui 12 tengah malam. Ummi belum tido. So jenis parents aku ni tak boleh tengok anak bongsu dia yang comel lagi gorgeous lagi comellotte ni tidur lewat, lalu dikerah untuk tidur serta merta. Mula mula aku degil tak nak tidur lagi, tapi setelah beberapa saat kemudian, Amuh balik dan tukar channel, nak nengok bola. Lepas tu dia melalut apa entah sebab dah 3-0. Tak ingat apa lawan apa. Sorry, not a football person.I gathered up my things (yang berselerak depan tv) then masuk bilik. I put them on the floor and got ready to sleep. Eh. Main phone dulu. T…

Mak dan ayah.

Kerap kali kita tengok
Kita baca
Kita perhatiPasal merekaAda yang kita baca
Kisah ayah yang sanggup redah hujan naik motorsikal
Semata-mata nak bank-in duit untuk anak-anak
Walaupun baki belanja untuk dirinya hanya seringgit dua
Tapi biarlah, demi anak-anak
Ayah sanggup berlaparAda yang kita dengar
Perihal seorang mak ni
Tertunggu-tunggu anak-anak semua balik
Bila semua dah balik
Gembiranya hati mak
Mak masak sedap sedap
Anak-anak makan sampai kenyang riang
Kemudian mak kat dapur kemas kemas
Dan mak tengah makan kerak nasi
Biarlah mak makan kerak pun
Asal anak-anak mak tak lapar
Dapat makan mak masakBanyak lagi kita dengar
Mak dan ayah
Yang berkorban dari kita kecik sampai dah besar macam lori (ouch)
Tu baru kita seorang
Kalau adik-beradik ada 10?
Kalau ada 12?
24?Basuh berak kita
Pastu kita muntah atas diorang (-_-)
Nak ajar kita berjalan
Ajar kita bercakap
Nak didik kita jadi manusia
Haa tu lah
Baru kita seorang
Lagi 23 orang tu?
Mestilah mak ayah buat benda samaDulu pernah
Seorang …

This isn't right

This is not right. Second semester is starting tomorrow and I'm feeling so down.It's a matter of gaining knowledge, right? I should be happy. But I can't stand being far away from my mom and dad and my room, as childish as it sounds.Oh hey that's normal. The homesickness.But I'm not normal.My tutorial group is gone. I'm going to be in another tutorial group. Coping with and adapting myself to SH3 were long enough, but at least I'm comfortable with them.Being separated with Suzie is another thing. This sucks. Big time.Doubles up my sadness.....Well hey. On the bright side, I still have my roommates with me and I got a new roommate! I'll love them with all my heart.I also have my gang alongside me. They're not near but they are in my heart. On WhatsApp, literally. LolThere goes my happy mode. All gone in a blink of an eye.Because,My sem break has come to an end.Thank you.PASUM student, and I'm staying until Sem 2 is over. Stay positive.

So... Maleficent is good. What does Diaval have to do with it?


So now I've watched Maleficent thrice already. And it is very unusual for me to watch a movie more than once, unless that movie 1) is so good I have to watch it again 2) has certain actors/actresses that I really like 3) is from a book I enjoy reading, so with Maleficent, it is probably the former. Or maybe I just fancy watching shows with sorcerer/ss with his/her name starting with M -_-

I'm satisfied with the whole story plot, maybe because I am a female human being who likes heroines being portrayed as strong and bold and they don't need guys to save their asses or something. And also how guys suck every time. That Stefan boy. DOES ANYONE ELSE FEEL LIKE CHOPPING HIS UNGRATEFUL HEAD OFF

Uh but I'm not going to talk about Stefan. He was a jerk, a big one at that too.

Gonna talk about Diaval. Yep, the raven Maleficent made as her pet.

I wonder, what is exactly his role in this movie? I know he's Diaval, Maleficent's temporary wings whatsoever, …

5 Muslim gathering ~

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh!

Howdy peeps? Hohohoho been a while since I'm here, roiiiight? I'm currently on my sem break and um so far I get to do what I planned to do before, which is...finishing the unread books mwehehe. But, before that, lemme tell you a tale of memory-collecting that happened on Sunday, yep.


So, my ex-classmates of 5 Muslim decided to do a trip to the school (sesiapa yang available lah, mostly bebudak PASUM, PALAM and UIA), nak visit cikgu cikgu :3 So, Amey decided the time and so on (sort of), and we gathered around 11 am.

Kiteorang pun masuk bilik guru karpet merah (the carpet's red, hence the name hahahaha), the bilik guru where most of the teachers that taught us in 5 Muslim last year are in.

Everyone went scattered around the room, talking to different teachers, lalalalala, and then we finally lepak buat halaqah dekat tengah tengah bilik guru when our class teacher came in, face-shocked (plus touched), and then wordlessly …


"Aku menyedari telah jatuh cinta.."

"Dengan siapaaa?" tungkah sahabatku seorang.
"Namun aku tak bisa mengungkapkan..." sambungku nyanyi tanpa menjawab persoalannya.
Dia memandangku sinis, kali ini tidak pula menyampuk.
"Terasa bahagia mencintaimu... Walaupun kau belum mencintaiku.."
"No, Fifiey. Dia akan mencintai kau! Aku yakin!"
Tawa kami meledak pecah.



Tau tak kenapa aku rindu

Rindu 5 MuslimTau tak kenapa aku rindu?Sebab 5 Muslim jaga adab sopan.5 Muslim tak cakap kasar.Tak ada lah nak mencarut bagai.Tak ada nak "aleuto", "fuck", "shit" nyaTak ada.Tak ke serabut mata telinga apa semua tengok dengar baca perkataan tuOh dah masuk U, perkataan pun kena advance kalau tak guna aleuto tak up to dateBodohIngat mencarut tu hebatAku tengok bagai orang tak bertamadunBahasa dijahanamkanBangsa terus nak kemunduranOrang putih nak fuck their shits, biar mereka, mereka tiada agamaKita yang ada agama ni, yang pilih Islam sebagai adDin, sedar sikitRasulullah tak ajar,
Baginda ajar suruh guna perkataan baik-baik dan lembutJangan jadi tak bertamadun.

Selfie kita sebagai perempuan

Assalamualaikum pinn pinn!

Lama bebenor tak menulis kat sini. Yelah, bukan menulis pun, menaip. Ops, terhambar pulak. K. Soooooooo, now I'm spending my time at home for a while (it's eid Adha so yelah of course I take this chance to go home, no way I'm gonna beraya in KL without mah family) before staying put at KUAZ fer three weeks = one study week + two final (exam) weeks

because my request to spend my study week at home has been denied. By Ummi. I know if I asked Walid, I'd get what I want, but, hmm, malas la nak buat Ummi serba salah aherrherr because I always use Walid untuk dapatkan segala benda yang Ummi tak nak bagi mwahahaha okay jahat pulak bunyinya -_-

Ok mari kita ke topik kita

Lately I've been losing sleep aku ada baca kat blog Aiman al-Banna, Facebook dia, apa semua, pasal selfie. Aku macam ouchhhhh gitu la sikit, sebab aku pun banyak selfie tapi takde ah sampai ratu selfie, jangan melebih k. Tapi Banna bukan sentuh pasal selfie je, pasal gaya, lenggo…


Every week
Every weekend Every moment passes Those walks to lectures The climbs to classes The hours Left behind The tutorials that are sometimes hard sometimes bearable The stress of course Of studies Of friends Of quizzes and tests The question people keep asking "Isn't there anything easy in this world?" Nope, the answer is no The syllabus The time From eight to five Oh God it drives us crazy The pressure The practicals, especially Chemistry The Physics practicals suck sometimes The results reflect us Telling us in the face "wow dude you're dumb, the dumbest of them all" The weekend boring So plain boring So freaking mundane So we got away Go back home or hang out But still Everything still sucks
Maybe 'cause we don't know why are we doing this If for good results, and then what If not, then what Still the questions are there Some people don't have the answers Some do The environment doesn't help The place The state Not a good condition f…


Assalamualaikum ladiesBeautiful advices from Prof Dr Muhaya - Beautiful advices from Prof Dr MuhayaStay away from anger
It hurts only YOU and nobody else
If u are right, then there is no need to get angry
and if u are wrong then u don't have any right to get angryPatience with family is love
Patience with others is respect
Patience with self is confidence and
Patience with GOD is faithNever think hard about the past, it brings tears
Don't think more about the future, it brings fear
Live this moment with a smile, it brings cheerEvery test in our life makes us bitter or better
every problem comes to make us or break us
The choice is ours whether we become victims or victoriousSearch for a beautiful heart and not a beautiful face
Beautiful things are not always good but good things are always beautifulDo u know why God created gaps between fingers?
So that who is special to u
comes and fills those gaps by holding your hand foreverNever forget this advice....
Happiness keeps Us sw…

Why some people cry and some people don't

Hey there assalamualaikum

So today I just got my mid sem exam result waiting for a month. Alhamdulillah, though I know it's not a very good result, or a good one, but I'm still thankful. My other friends got way better results than me but they ARE. SO. FREAKIN'. DEVASTATED. Ada yang nangis. So, if they were to cry, what should I do, then? Aduhai. I don't know, I don't feel like feeling down because maybe I'm tired kot of asyik down je bila result tak okay. Or maybe I'm immune now? Result time aku form 5 dulu takdelah pernah gempak sangat, so bila dapat result kat asasi ni, I sort of know where I stand.

Aku pun sendiri tak tahu macamana aku boleh jadi warga PASUM. Serious talk.

It's not that bad, tapi teruk jugaklah sampai tahap aku nak gelak. Never in my life aku dapat result MATHS paling teruk wahahahahhaa gilo laaa. Okay, I'm not surprised with my Maths because masa exam hari tu memang aku rasa tak boleh jawab. To be exact, my result really reflec…

You fight, or you keep fighting -- you never give up

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah

When was the last time that I wrote something proper here? Hahahaha everything's so messed up around me (especially myself) that I tended to publish rubbish and nonsense as my previous entries, so, I apologize for the inconvenience (though I doubt that this blog has any readers left). I wish I had time for pictures and events and stories to post here, because this blog has been lacking excitement since I ENTERED PASUM. What have you done to me, PASUM? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT HAAAAAAAAVEEEEEEEEE YOU DONEEEEEEEEE

I'm glad I have my roommates, they cheer me up almost every day and all the time.

As for my classmates, I'm not sure what status are we in now. Say, we were happy a month ago, but now it's a really undefined situation. Everyone keeps having whiplashes and mood swings and I don't have the guts any more to joke or greet anyone except Suzie -_- I only do the unthinkable and crazy things with Wahidah, and that's only during lecture…

The Reality of Life.

Hey there! Haven't posted in here for a while. But things are getting out of hands these days. I'm having too much mood swings and I super hate these. Keep thinking of giving up but I know it's an incoherent thing to do because this is only just the beginning. Besides, I'm not going to waste my time, my parents' money and effort by giving it all in to the darkness.Thinking of going back home and settling myself just in Terengganu. There are too many pressure, affairs, scandals and other things that rips my heart opens, leading to frequent mood swings and one thing about me you should know that I don't react well to mood swings. I may be mad at something else, but someone will have to be the black sheep of my outburst.I miss my parents.I need them here with me.I desperately need to see their faces every day .I want to see my sisters' and brother's faces.I just need familiarity and love.I'm also at the point where I don't even know what's good…

SH3 -- Domino's!

My classmates here in PASUM. I sure do miss the havoc situation in 5 Muslim, but these people fill up the holes, though not perfectly, but I have come to make myself comfortable with them. They are loud, fun, happy-go-lucky, funny, naughty, and they are the best. My new family. 15 girls and 4 boys (though previously 17 girls and then 16 girls and now 15 girls).

Intan, Shikin, Maryam, Jihan (dah pergi KMK), Iffah, Sherry, Anis, Mun, Nana, Suzie, Yanie, Qiela, Shida, Insyi, Syera, Iqbal, Akmal, Ijan and Dani. Paling bising dan havoc dalam kelas dan group WhatsApp -- Qiela + Dani + Nana. Nanaaaaaaaaaaaaa Nana comell hahahahaha They make things bearable for me, huhu, alhamdulillah. Will try to love them as much as I love 5 Muslim :'))))

And here, my two side kicks who make my life happy every single day. Amal and Wahidah. Thank you, girls. Wahidah who laughs, plays around, studies, watches movies, jokes around with me. And Amal, our mother (she acts like a mother) who goes back home …

I miss my parents

Assalamualaikum.Aku rindu Ummi dan Walid aku. Kakngah and Amuh and Kakak. Ablong, Abcik dan Abang. Bila dah berjauhan ni, baru tahu erti rindu yang sebenar.Rindu Walid. Walid sakit. Rindu saat Walid sihat dulu. Amuh pun cakap dia rindu nak tengok kesihatan Walid. Walid dah 66 tahun. Dulu Walid berisi, tapi sejak Walid sakit jantung (dan ada beberapa lagi penyakit), Walid dah cekung. Tapi Walid masih buat kerja lagi. Basuh halaman rumah, bawak kereta, buat itu buat ini.I am Walid's daughter. I spent most of my childhood with him, sebab Walid pencen dulu sebelum Ummi so he had time for me. Dulu aku ingat kalau balik sekolah, Walid masak untuk aku, dan kami makan berdua. Walid hantar aku pergi dan balik sekolah dari darjah satu sampai tingkatan lima. Sekali je Walid pernah marah aku sebab aku selalu keluar lambat. Sekali je.Aku ingat lagi dulu, Amuh cerita, Walid selalu ajak Amuh pergi melawat kubur arwah mak dan ayah Walid. Walid memang anak yang baik. Amuh kata, Walid berharapan ti…


Mungkin aku lain sekarang.Mungkin, bila kau jumpa aku, aku bukan Fifiey yang kau kenal dulu.Nampak sama. Fifiey jua.Tapi perangai mungkin dah lain.Mungkin bila kau tegur aku, jawapan aku lain dengan yang jawapan aku dulu.Mungkin dulu aku yang mulakan bicara.Tapi sekarang mungkin kau yang perlu start dulu.Sebab macam aku kata, mungkin aku dah lain.Dulu selalu nampak muka.
Sekarang memang jarang.Dulu nampak aku terkinja-kinja nak perhatian dari seorang kawan, dari kau, tapi mungkin sekarang aku dah tak perlu.Sebab aku seorang je yang rasa begitu.Kalau orang tak nak cinta bertepuk sebelah tangan,Aku tak nak jugak rasa eksaited berkawan sebelah tangan.Mungkin kalau hubungan kita sekarang dingin, ada bocor kat mana-mana.Mungkin kalau aku yang dingin,Ada something yang stimulate rasa dingin tu,
Something dari masa kita berkawan dulu.Sedar. Aku sedar.Tak payah bagitahu.Friends come and go.Tapi ingat, walau dah lama kita tak bersapa, selama mana pun tak berjumpa,Aku ingat semua kawan aku dari…

Still feeling like missing home

Assalamualaikum. Life has been great, alhamdulillah. But tak sama macam dulu. If dulu terkawal dengan bi'ah sekolah agama, sekarang tak dah... Honestly I miss my 5 Muslim mates. I miss them. Mujurlah baru ni raya dapat beraya dengan diorang, tapi makin rindu jadinya.Bukan apa, aku rindu sebab diorang memang sangat sporting, caring, and very understanding. They know bila aku emo and bila aku emo, diorang faham. Payah ah nak terang. Because dengan diorang, I become myself totally. Bila kat sini, memang aku tak macam masa aku di sekolah. I'm a different person here. Huhu. Not that I blame the people here. Tapi mungkin sebab tak terbiasa lagi. Still I doubt it I'd be as comfortable as I was in 5 Muslim, here, in PASUM or specifically SH3.SH3 memang gempak. Tapi aku rasa kosong je /.\ Rasa rindu 5 Muslim sesangat. Mana nak cari lah diorang semua tu. Takde Wani, Sab, Aishah, Sarah N Sarah Siti, Aisyah Aqilah, Mirah, Dora, Nurul, Maiiii, Mekna, Kakmingg, Zati kakak tiri lol, Ada,…

Raya - Salam Aidilfitri semua.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah semua!

Dengan ini, aku, Fifiey Azmi ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri kepada semua insan yang rajin baca blog ini. Aku juga ingin meminta maaf kerana terlambat ucap yakni pada hari raya kedua, selain dah lama tak update blog ini. Maaf zahir dan batin. Salam kosong-kosong. Tapi kalau orang pergi beraya rumah awak jangan bagi air kosong je, ye. Jamulah juga teh atau mana-mana air manis yang enak supaya orang rasa nak beraya lagi ke rumah awak dan sebab air dah manis, duit raya boleh kurangkan #ehhhhhhhhhh

This year semua adik-beradik raya kat Terengganu. First day Syawal, as usual turun ke Besut. Ada buat BBQ, gotong-royong lah keluarga besar kami ni. Malamnya feasting together nyums. Seingat aku tahun ni antara raya yang stay rumah nenek sampai malam. Before ni memang usually balik petang, lepas dah beraya rumah tok-tok sedara semua. Tapi kali ni stay sebab BBQ tu lah. Ablong and family tidur sana terus. Aku dan yang lainnya balik before 12 mi…

Terkadang kita sendiri tak sedar

Assalamualaikum.Suddenly today aku teringat. Sementara tunggu baju tengah rendam, duduk depan kipas. Bersantai sikit, seharian. And then tetiba tengah merenung apa yang berlaku harini, about what bothers me today and mostly berkait dengan entry aku sebelum ni, pasal crush.So you see I'm going to be honestly honest, I do have a crush and it just started recently and I don't know whether it has exceeded a certain limit of affection or not (I hope not). I'd been trying to find a way to avoid having a crush but of course, nothing seemed to work because of my hangat hangat tahi ayam. And then there's that previous entry I found on the internet.The only sentence that rips my heart open, sentap nak mati, is, "Bukan ke Allah suruh tundukkan pandangan?" I do that, but maybe it's not enough. That brings me to my next point.Aku teringat. Dalam banyak-banyak perkara, aku teringat yang satu ni. Time aku Form 5, tengah bersantai dengan para pimpinan perempuan. I rememb…

Boleh ke ada crush? by Adnin Roslan


Dengan nama Allah saya mula. Juga selawat ke atas arrasul saw.
Insyallah, kali ini, saya akan hurai isu “crush” yang makin lama, makin hangat di perkatakan. Sampai, ada orang dengan bangganya tulis kat twitter dan FBnya:
“Dear crush. I hope you know that I love you very much…”
“Rindunya crush saya….”
Atau, ada juga yang sembang sesama kawan-kawannya:
“Eh, crush kau apa cerita? Kau dah luahkan ke belum?hehe…”
Lalu di jawab:
“Aku malu la…takut-takut dia tak suka aku.Huhu…”
Dan banyak lagi contoh. Benda ni banyak berlaku di kalangan remaja sekolah, juga universiti. Persoalannya, apakah boleh kita bercrush-crush ni? Apakah hukumnya dari sudut agama?Lantaran, ramai yang keliru akan perkara ini, lantas merasakan benda yang salah itu benar, akibat terpedaya dengan movie-movie atau drama cinta islamik yang akhirnya merosakkan mentality masyarakat secara tidak sedar.
Awal-awal saya kata, ini bukan pendapat saya. Saya akan cedok kata-kata ulama’-ulama’ zaman dahulu…